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    AmberRayAnn got a reaction from Orsetta in Whole30 & Trying To Conceive   
    Best of luck with your journey! I did the Whole30 in January 2017 for the first time. It started to regulate my hormones but of course I didn't stick with it! My husband and I have been TTC for 5 months but I just found out I'm not ovulating regularly. Now we are going back to the drawing board! I'm going to start another round so I can regulate these silly hormones! 
    We are here for support, we're all in this together!! Good luck
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    AmberRayAnn reacted to Ash in the Mountains in Whole30 & Trying To Conceive   
    Hey ladies, I just wanted to update you all to say that Whole30 worked for me! I actually did a Whole60, as I thought it would take me more than the one cycle to get my hormones regulated. Only 3 days after finishing, I conceived! I definitely think Whole30 worked. I had been charting cervical fluid, basal body temperature, OPKs, the works. I was concerned that I was seeing very little fertile cervical fluid, and my temperatures seemed very low (mid 96's). The cycle during the second half of my Whole60 I had classic fertile cervical fluid for the first time. I also lost 13 pounds, so I am starting this pregnancy at a better weight than I would have without Whole30  Feeling happy!
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    AmberRayAnn reacted to MarcellaC in January 2nd start date   
    I'm still finding loads of energy on Day 24!  I am waking around 10 minutes before my alarm is set to go off for the gym every weekday morning, which is a tad annoying since I get up at 4:45 as it is.  This is new for me, I am notorious for sleeping through my alarm and am used to having lots of problems falling asleep at night.  Although I didn't "feel" tired I still fell asleep without issue and according to my fitbit I am getting more hours in where I'm not moving at all while I'm sleeping.  There have been nights that I've tossed and turned so many times and been up and down that I'm exhausted when I get out of bed, I truly hope that's a thing of the past for me.
    My coworkers have actually been extremely accommodating during this journey.  They no longer parade donuts around my cubicle or snicker as they ask me what weird food I'm having for lunch.  I think they know I mean business and have an objective to change my lifestyle and relationship with food in general.  Over the past few years I have done what some of them think are outlandish, like cutting out red meat and pork (haven't eaten it since 2014), stopped drinking soda (I can count on one hand the sodas I've drank since 2013), my husband and I tried vegan.  My coworkers used to really hassle me about these things, but they've watched me change both mentally and physically over the past year as I have been slowly becoming the best me I can be.  I know that totally sounds corny and obnoxious, but all we can do is be the best version of ourselves and every day at the gym our coaches help instill that mentality.  I'm there to beat myself, get better, stronger, faster and to be honest, it's helped boost my confidence and I'm more outgoing.
    Changing my relationship with food is the last step.  I have my ducks in a row when it comes to exercise, but before I started W30 I was eating things that weren't doing me any favors.  I didn't know I didn't need  pre-workout drinks or post workout proteins shakes.  I also didn't think I could make it through a whole day without snacking, yet for 23 days I have done it.  Whole30 is a game changer for me, I can tell when I look in the mirror that I'm smaller, and it helps to confirm that when my friends, gym buddies and coworkers point it out, not so much the comments like "you don't need to lose any more," or "you're looking a little too thin."    I know my body and no, I am not looking too thin, I want to tone and actually be able to see these muscles I've been working!  I do my best to share what I'm doing with everyone that asks but like I said before, it's hard to get people to change, especially when they're not open-minded to thinking outside the box.  I will just continue setting the example and stay hopeful that others will follow suit.  Whole30 isn't a fad diet, and I'm well on my way to proving it's my new way of life.
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    AmberRayAnn reacted to Anissa in January 2nd start date   
    Today is my birthday and we went out for dinner. There was fresh baked bread and butter on the table, I passed. I had a wonderful lobster tail plain with asparagus. They knew it was my birthday and brought out raspberry sherbet (my fav) with raspberries and blackberries. I ate the berries and brought the sherbet home for the kids. I drank club soda. Made it through. 
    Hang in there everyone, we are getter close. If you have slipped get back in there. This 30 day plan is a kickstart to a changed lifestyle. This is a marathon not a sprint. 
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    AmberRayAnn reacted to Julzology in January 2nd start date   
    @StrivingToBeSteadfast and @JenHZ Please don't beat yourself up.  Even though you had a slip look at how far you came on this journey?  20 days what when I bailed last time.  I still learned a lot but it took me 2 more false starts and 2 years (and 10 more lbs) to get me back here.  Progress not perfection.  There is value in sticking with it, in starting over, in figuring out why it happened and then taking steps to avoid those pit falls in the future.  Good luck to you both. 
    Day #21 I made ghee, mayonnaise and a breakfast casserole today to get ready for my week.  I've been a bad breakfast eater so far, not eating the right ratios of protein and fat and not eating soon enough.  The breakfast casserole should resolve that problem.  I still need to tweak my pre and post workout meals not to mention pre workout water intake.  
    I feel like now that I made it past 20 days I'm almost home but that thought process is a slippery slope for me.  I have to stay vigilant.  On the one hand I say to myself "only 9 more days, you can't give up now when you're so close"  on the other hand " you made it 21 days, that's enough, right?"  Like I have an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other like in the old cartoons.  I honestly thinking working out is helping quiet the devil.  How will I find out if this is really life changing if I don't see it through to the end?
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    AmberRayAnn reacted to StrivingToBeSteadfast in January 2nd start date   
    Thanks so much for your thoughts @JenHZ!!
    Friends! Huge NSV today!! I was super tired and (really) feeling like giving up. Went to the gym anyways- felt better, but even after a shower & P.W. food I still was dying for sweets/just wanted to give up. Paced a ton, and tried to get it off my mind. Meanwhile, I scrolled through pinterest to find a recipie for tomorrow (have to make some baked goods for a bake auction... planning on not even tasting it!), which just made it worse. I was pretty much moaping for awhile, then I decided: Look. If you don't get up & meal prep or cook something good to eat, you're going to continue to live like this forever. Lusting for future comfort & wanting something, but not having it due to sheer laziness.
    So I made a groccery list, went to the groccery store, came home & made an amazing *for real** sweet potato breakfast casserole (if you guys want to check it out, it's totally worth it & prob. a week's worth of breakfasts-- and ate some of that when it was done (already had dinner, but literally couldnt resist it looked so good. Something I havent really experienced with my meals thus far).
    Tomorrow more prep... and baking. Wish me luck & willpower!! Grateful for you all- it's one of the highlights of my day to read your progress!
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    AmberRayAnn reacted to PhysicsHippie in January 2nd start date   
    Life has been super crazy this week (and money is SUPER tight), so this week has been a lot of slow cooker meals catered to what we have available in the freezer. Tonight is slow-cooker curried chicken breasts with cauliflower rice and diced sweet potatoes  
    Probably having a simple fish, potato, and steamed broccoli dinner tomorrow since we have SO MUCH fish in the freezer.
    Anyone else run into issues involving money and sticking to the plan? I shop pretty frugally (I only spent $50 last week on groceries cuz I had a lot of meat stocked in the freezer), but I feel like being young, it's tough to maintain this diet with limited resources. Luckily, a couple weeks ago, my local Aldi store had 1/2 off and $1 off meats and I stocked up.
    Anyone have any other tricks to saving some money? This week, I'm going through weekly adds and catering my list off of what's on special. That and selecting recipes with limited ingredients (none of that 20 ingredient BS). I even make sure to bring reusable bags to save the $0.20 my grocery store reimburses haha. Oh! And I'm going to the other grocery store tonight because they provide 10% off on HealthMarket items (such as my kombucha, organic produce, and EPIC bars!)
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    AmberRayAnn reacted to DrewB in Day 11 - Feeling down   
    I didn't eat it. I made some bengal spice tea and we are watching tv. Pretty soon I'll go to bed. Tomorrow is a new day! 
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    AmberRayAnn got a reaction from Julzology in January 2nd start date   
    Good luck with your class!! You've got this! 
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    AmberRayAnn got a reaction from vozelle in January 2nd start date   
    This community is seriously so great! I look forward to reading all the posts for the day and I feel encouraged just from all the positivity. 
    Tonight was a really big milestone for me because after I finished dinner I didn't think about food once! I didn't imagine dessert or a snack and I walked right through the the kitchen to my room without even a glimpse at the fridge! I haven't felt many of the side effects or benefits from the reset (yet) but this progress is so uplifting. 
    I'm already worried about how my life will be afterwords, if I will fall back into my old habits or just feel lost! 
    Good luck with the rest of this journey. You are great!
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    AmberRayAnn reacted to Julzology in January 2nd start date   
    I'm looking forward to this weekend.  My husband has a gig in the city on Saturday.  Lately, with the QMT closed the drive takes about 10 times longer (that is no exaggeration, last time we went what should have been a 35 minute drive took 3.5 hours) than it normally does so we're going to have to leave mid afternoon to get to a 6:00 gig.  I have agreed to go with him and normally I would be having a few glasses of wine but I know they have a very nice herbal tea selection so I'm looking forward to that and wondering what's on the menu that I can eat.  It's a tiny little place in the village with a limited menu, mostly french.  I should be able to navigate that. 
    I did well yesterday eating.  On to Day #9.  I meditated this morning and my boss is off today so I think it's going to be a more emotionally calm day for me which is good. 
    I have signed up for a 6:45 am exercise class tomorrow.  That should be interesting.  
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    AmberRayAnn reacted to kellygirl in January 2nd start date   
    No snow here but lots of rain.  I think I'll make some soup and mayo and plan menus for the next week.
    Day 7 for me ( started on the 1st).  Pants are feeling a bit looser and my energy is pretty good however, I made the mistake of trying on clothes at Anthropologie yesterday.  It was almost as bad as weighing myself (scale is in storage for the month) from the perspective of being potentially discouraging.  Not sure what I was expecting after merely 6 days but whatever it was, it wasn't there and the body I had when I started was.   I had remind myself that W30 has worked for me in the past, I am not looking for the quick and temporary fix that calorie restriction will bring and regardless of that fact that I look the same, I truly feel better already.  I guess my message to myself and anyone else who is feeling a tad discouraged is...  just stay the course.  W30 works... just stay the course and stay out of Anthropologie for a while!
    Have a great weekend everyone.
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    AmberRayAnn got a reaction from ctabz58 in January 2nd start date   
    That attack sounds really scary! Hopefully you're able to recover quickly and take on the rest of the challenge. Let us know how you improve! 
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    AmberRayAnn reacted to SugarcubeOD in Day 4 and I haven't felt hungry since before I started?   
    Not wanting to eat your breakfast until 11am is a sure sign that your  hormones are unbalanced. Eating within an hour of waking is key! The way to fix this is to plate up that meal, eat as much as you can from it (evenly of protein, fat, veg) and then take it with you and as soon as you feel you could stomach more, eat more... don't wait to be hungry.
    It wouldn't be 'horrible' to eat a piece of fruit for breakfast but it would not be our recommendation and it would not help the hormones get rebalanced or set you up for a good food day... fruit is high in sugar, it will cause a spike and then a crash and it's almost no fuel to go on until lunch.  Keep trying with your fritatta.. even if it has no appeal, eat it anyway... tough love: sometimes we have to do things that we don't want to do, just to get over the bump... this is one of those... eat a template breakfast within an hour of waking!
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    AmberRayAnn got a reaction from vozelle in January 2nd start date   
    Thank you for the tip about the tea! I've been looking for things to take my mind off the cookies and milk my husband has before bed. What are some of your favorite tea combinations? I'm thinking of getting some cute mugs to drink it out of too, just trying to keep things fun. 
    Good luck with everything! 
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    AmberRayAnn got a reaction from ctabz58 in January 2nd start date   
    That attack sounds really scary! Hopefully you're able to recover quickly and take on the rest of the challenge. Let us know how you improve! 
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    AmberRayAnn got a reaction from ctabz58 in January 2nd start date   
    That attack sounds really scary! Hopefully you're able to recover quickly and take on the rest of the challenge. Let us know how you improve! 
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    AmberRayAnn reacted to emily_suki in Whole30 & Trying To Conceive   
    HI everyone. I am doing this whole30 starting on 5th January to try to help me conceive. We have been trying for 16 cycles now, one failed IUI. Next cycle will be our second IUI attempt and my whole30 should start a few days before the beginning of that cycle. I've heard of a few ladies getting pregnant the month of or soon after doing the whole30 so hoping it will do the trick. If not then hopefully at least I will be healthier and my stress levels will reduce. 
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    AmberRayAnn reacted to LadyHennekey in I started on Jan 2 and this doesn't suck.   
    Hi everyone! I'm in the same boat, I'm on day 4 and I feel great! Really also just tweaking my normal go to meals like Ash in the mountains. I was pretty groggy and bleh on day two, but that was my only issue. Good luck everyone!
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    AmberRayAnn reacted to Janet.M in Cliche' but starting Jan. 1st   
    I just told my family and I was greeted with eye rolls. Pissed. I'm going to prove them wrong.
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    AmberRayAnn reacted to Pamela Overly in Cliche' but starting Jan. 1st   
    My husband and I also plan on starting January 1. This will be our second round of Whole30. We are moving to another state this weekend and plan on making lots of lifestyle changes in our new place. I would love to have the support of others on this thread and I would love to do the same for you! It is always easier when you troubleshoot with others!
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    AmberRayAnn reacted to kruddock in Yeast Extract in organic chicken stock?   
    I have never found compliant chicken broth (I'm in Canada), so if I don't have time to make my own, I can always find compliant vegetable broth and then I add my chicken to it and everything else. Not sure what your making though.
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    AmberRayAnn reacted to PhysicsHippie in January 2nd start date   
    I'm pretty obsessed with this Turmeric with Meadowsweet & Ginger tea that Traditional Medicinals sells (it's in the health food section at my grocery store). I also like their chamomile and raspberry leaf tea. I just noticed that they have a "Weightless Cranberry" that I now want to try actually... mmm
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    AmberRayAnn reacted to phantommeb in January 2nd start date   
    First of all, I am feeling way better today!! Slept great and woke up with no nausea...thank god!!  
    I have a great recipe to share with you: Bone broth breakfast soup! 
    It's easy - just take 1 to 2 cups of bone broth and heat up on the stove to boiling. Whisk 2 eggs in a bowl. Then, with a spoon swirl the broth and slowly stream in the eggs. This is the same process that egg drop soup is made. Make sure to salt and pepper to taste, and hot sauce is good too! Optional: Add bacon, veggies or meats of choice. 
    Obviously this can be catered if you eat more, just add more broth and eggs! 

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    AmberRayAnn reacted to cescaw in January 2nd start date   
    Starting day 4 of my first W30.  My husband is mostly playing along which helps a lot.  So far I have really enjoyed the intellectual challenge of planning new (and delicious!) meals.  I had a challenge yesterday in my first restaurant meal which was during an offsite work meeting. I reviewed the menu online in advance and determined I could make the spinach salad work if they left off the bacon and cheese and added chicken breast.  The salad dressing was their house made roasted tomato vinaigrette (which sounded delicious!) but at the restaurant I found out from the server that they made it with sugar so I skipped it. It felt good to navigate that successfully!  I'm enjoying being able to tap in to community support and wisdom on these forums.  Thank you!