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  1. Start date Mon. Feb 12th 2018

    @Sunshine2020 Not giving up just having a harder time today. I do deal with some depression and when it come on it makes me not want to do anything I should be doing. I can usually push thru the things I really have to get done, but at the same time try not to be too hard on myself. So probably bored isn't quite the right word.
  2. Start date Mon. Feb 12th 2018

    I am totally at the boredom stage! I really am one of the lucky ones and do this out of choice to make better food choices in my life rather than medical need. But, I don't notice big changes in feeling better (though I did notice feeling horrible in giving up the diet coke and sugar for a couple of days but feel about the same now as before the program). So I start thinking I really don't need to deprive myself of all my favorite things (some of which are healthy), I can eat them in moderation (ha!) Anyways I continue on, but missing my beer (maybe 1 or 2 a week).
  3. Start date Mon. Feb 12th 2018

    Eating a wonderful simple breakfast of scrambled eggs with Avocado and Pico de Gallo (tomatoes, jalapenos, onion and cilantro) all very easy to do in my office kitchen which consists of a refrigerator, sink and microwave but at least it is something. I was surprised at how easy the weekend was, even met a friend for a "beer" which I had ice tea -yay me! I am getting kind of bored and want somethings like chips, not because I am craving them, but because i like them. I really admire all of you who are doing this with families and still providing them with their "normal" meals, treats, etc.
  4. Start date Mon. Feb 12th 2018

    Just made this salad - I did the coconut dressing option - one of the best salads I have ever made! I did put a little more of the spice on the chicken when I cooked it.
  5. Start date Mon. Feb 12th 2018

    It is actually going pretty well today, ran with my group, a little bit tough, then walked with some other friends that included a stop for breakfast which was sweet potato hash with a couple eggs. What is really surprising to me is I am not just pacing around the house trying not to eat, which is pretty typical of Saturdays. I am just comfortable and good with just my meals. I will savor this moment!
  6. Start date Mon. Feb 12th 2018

    @SalW hope you feel better soon, good job making it work. @Sunshine2020 sounds like a challenge conquered! Try to figure our where and what to eat tomorrow after my group run, these kind of things are where it gets hard for me
  7. Start date Mon. Feb 12th 2018

    Oh my gosh having a really big snack attack and have nothing compliant to eat at work! Not necessarily craving some thing off program, but just anything. Writing this mostly to try and talk myself down. Otherwise day is going well. Anyone got any great plans for the weekend?
  8. Day 5 - am I doing the program right?

    There is a pretty strong string going under "Start date Mon. Feb 12 2018" not sure how to link you to it. Which was probably your start date. It has been supportive to me.
  9. Start date Mon. Feb 12th 2018

    @Sunshine2020 to put names in messages put the @ sign and then start typing the person's handle and it should show up and select that
  10. Start date Mon. Feb 12th 2018

    Had some Poke Poke last night with a friend, it was quite humorous to listen to us talk with the "cook" (not sure of the term to use since it is raw tuna) ended up being compliant when we got down to the coconut amino acids instead of the soy sauce and we got the avocado, cucumber, and tomato salad instead of the rice. My Run yesterday was really hard (very hilly) and I felt like I had no energy in my legs, but got done what I wanted to - just slower. No headache today or body aches - yay, but still tired an lacking motivation and focus on my work tasks. (Did have to run from the room after our meeting since they brought breakfast tacos which are much harder for me to turn down than a doughnut)
  11. Start date Mon. Feb 12th 2018

    I feel much better physically today - Mentally having a hard time not being able to comfort eat base on my anger on some of the events happening in the world my views of changes needed that are not appropriate to discuss here... anyways.. @Shelly :) - Instant pot is a do everything - ie last night made gumbo. - sauted the sausage, added the other ingredients - pressure setting for 5 minutes (plus warm up) - then back to saute (for an open cook) to add in the shrimp to just cook a little bit - all in the same pot, super fast, super easy. Even cooks hard boiled eggs really well. Also slow cooks. @Sunshine2020 why no mashed potatoes?? I made some super yummy ones that had full fat coconut milk and Ghee - so beyond my expectations.
  12. Start date Mon. Feb 12th 2018

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my instant pot.
  13. Start date Mon. Feb 12th 2018

    The first time (about a year ago) I did not have symptoms either - I think that is why this time I am being such a big baby.
  14. Start date Mon. Feb 12th 2018

    Hope you feel better soon @SalW my mood is slightly better as the day goes on, I still feel like I have run a marathon and then been beaten with a board - just kidding, but my body is tired and achy. This too shall pass... Right?
  15. Start date Mon. Feb 12th 2018

    Day 2 was ok, not as bad as Day 1, but Day 3 is setting up to be a dozey. My whole body hurts, I didn't set my alarm, but luckily only woke up 15 min late, still managed to cook breakfast (already tired of eggs and sausage) and grabbed some lunch, but I can tell today it is going to be tough (especially with the chocolate sitting next to me from some co-workers which I will share with some other people a little later, just another thing to deal with. I may be on here bitching a lot today - please forgive me.