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    keamn got a reaction from BeeZee in Allergic to Coconut and Nuts   
    My friend is wanting to do Whole30 with me in January, however is feeling concerned about how to do this with her allergies to nuts and coconut, as well as sensitivity to eggs. 
    I rely on eggs, nuts, coconut milk and almond butter for much of my whole30 recipes and snacks. Any recommendations on snacks and meal recipes - especially that get you the fat and non-meat protein?? 
    Also, I known it's not compliant, but what are thoughts on using soy milk occasionally, since coconut and almond milk are out for her?
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    keamn got a reaction from ladyshanny in Allergic to Coconut and Nuts   
    Thanks! Olives would be a great alternative to nuts for some fat (not considering them a protein).
    I'll have her look at the book too, if she hasn't already. It's been a while since I've read it. So many of my go-to recipes include the foods that she can't have, but great point that all she really needs to do is look at what she eats today and modify from that menu rather than introducing all new meal ideas. 
    Thanks again!
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    keamn reacted to slc_melissa in Allergic to Coconut and Nuts   
    I also eat very few nuts, so I feel like those are easy to leave out. Anytime coconut oil comes up, just use a different cooking fat. I regularly eat cans of olives for a fat source.
    There are plenty of soups and stews that would be easy and delicious to make. Meatballs and roasted veggies. Salads with a side of protein. What does your friend eat now? Eat more of the same veggies and meat that they already eat.
    Are you actually looking for "non-meat protein?" Or were you considering nuts as a protein source? (They are generally considered more of a fat in this context.)
    A quick glance at the whole 30 book (not the cookbook) yields 5/5 of the red meat recipes, 4/5 of the seafood recipes, 3/5 of the pork recipes, and 13/20 side dishes don't have any eggs, nuts, or coconut in them as they are written. Several of the others have cashews or almonds in them that would be easy to leave out.