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  1. Good point re: snacking. I definitely include snacks. Sometime it's an hard boiled egg, nuts, banana, larabar. The larabar is the only *new* thing I added since starting Whole 30 since I never tried them before (i used to snack on protein bars and a few other non-compliant options that I don't do now). The only other option is dropping the larabar (but it's so dang convenient for meetings to keep in my purse), but would you suggest skipping the banana too (since it's too snack-like) so just try eating larger meals?
  2. The headache thing is very much a conundrum. I feel good otherwise. I think I eat plenty of fat and salt. I'm not afraid of either . Water consumption same as pre-Whole 30. The only thing I'm eating more is egg and sweet potato and some new veggies like kale and beets (which I just discovered are pretty darn awesome). And I snack probably 1x day on a compliant Larabar. The headache is a constant. It started day 2 and has not let up (on day 20). Some days its in the background only. Some days its pretty bad where I just have to push myself to try to have a
  3. I am also suffering from headache where I never had headache before (Whole 30). I am on day 15. Dull headache always there (started day 3) and it spikes to pretty miserable. I thought it was the sugar (lack of) at first based on the description of "the hangover" in Whole 30 Guide. Now thinking... it's something MISSING from my diet. Could that be?? Other than that - I'm loving the food, not feeling deprived, no need for snacking (unless I plan it pre- post- workout). I looked at what lhowe wrote for food - I'm similar with food (breakfast usuall