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  1. Took 7 pieces of talapia and seasoned them, wrapped in foil, marked on the outside what it was and how to cook it, froze it. Boom! Took 2 pounds of chicken, seasoned it, cooked it, added peppers, mushrooms, and onions that had been sauted. Separated into 5 different servings. Froze. Lunches. Boom! Took 2 pounds of chicken, seasoned it, cooked. Ready for salads or whatever! Boom! Made 2 pounds of homemade sausage, made patties, cooked it, froze it. Ready for whatever. Boom! Prepared 2 heads of cauliflower into "rice". Boom! Took peppers, onions, mushrooms, cooked them down to add to whatever, whenever. Boom! Did it all today! That was an awesome good choice for today. I feel kinda' empowered right now! and tired!!
  2. Round 1- July 5/Aug 2016. Round 2 - Jan 2 this year. Between those times, gained maybe 5 pounds but that's not really fair because at times, I showed more than my original 26 pounds lost. I tried to weigh every week or so but no more. I didn't do it for the weight loss but to get ahold of my out of control life. I do feel so much more in control of my eating world and want to reinforce lessons learned the first time around. Whether this is your first or fifth time around, go with it and learn and enjoy the journey!!
  3. Gam26

    January 2nd start date

    Well, week one is almost in the books! Was amazed at how easy this time around has been (this is my second, first time last July). Meal planning (planned for 8 days then was able to wiggle and adjust according to how I felt each day. Found an awesome creamy roasted cauliflower soup last week and almost cried (if you know me, you know that I've always turned up my nose at cauliflower!) Still thinking a bunch about food, not necessarily at what I can't have, just way to focussed on food in general. I've been 100% compliant (except for the piece of beef jerky that the maker assured me had no sugar in it.....he told me later that it had honey). Have been faced with a bunch of challenges this past weekend (grandchild's birthday party!) and came out strong!! Bring on week 2! Feeling like a million bucks! Hope everyone is doing well too!!
  4. Gam26

    January 2nd start date

    I too was worried when I did my first round. I was worried that if I "failed" at this, there was no hope left. I was so sick of dieting and diet programs. The first few days, I was so tired all the time from taking sugar completely out of my diet. I would wear out during a meal. I would have to go lie down on the couch and rest then 10 minutes later, get up and come back to the table and finish the meal. Sugar had such a powerfully strong hold on me. After a week or so, that passed and I did fine. How scary is it that sugar can have such a powerful hold on us!!! I will not let myself get there again. I lost my taste for sweets although if I feel a real need (like pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving) I made it the same decadent was I always have and ate a very thin slice and gave the rest away. Planning, planning, planning. It cannot be stressed enough. You will do this if you set your mind to it and reach out. Let's take this journey together!! Hang in there and looking forward to it!!
  5. Gam26

    January 2nd start date

    Oh My!! I'm so excited to find you guys! I completed my first round of Whole 30 in August but went on vacation about a week later and we didn't reintroduce correctly. In fact, we failed miserably. We totally compliant though with the first 30 days and felt awesome after the initial shock to my body passed. While this is not a diet, I get that, I did manage to lose 26 pounds, lost my cravings for sweets, bread, and cheese. I'm just not doing very well at planning and feeling a bit lazy.... Excited to have others to go on this journey with!!!