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    Thank you!!! That is very helpful @ShannonM816 ! 
    Haha, I definitely know if I eat something and it makes me feel better, it's not because of that new food but because my gut is feeling better. I'm not under any illusions that ice cream is "good" for my gut nor do I have emotional or physical attachments to really any foods (which is what made most of the 30 days pretty easy). It's really good to know that, done cautiously, I can do both at the same time.
    Those links are great! I've been looking at one ibsdiets.org but the graphic you provided is helpful in distinguishing the NO and YES with the CAUTION. I need to do some more research but I did hit up the grocery store today to get stocked and ready to prep more gut-friendly foods. 
    Good to know @Katie Caraway that it won't take but about the same time as reintroduction. 
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    I'm sorry no one replied to your other post. I'm not sure how long it would take you to notice a difference if you did cut out FODMAPS, I think some people do notice changes within a week.
    If you know a food bothers you -- any food, FODMAP or otherwise -- it makes sense to avoid it completely. It may be that just avoiding the ones that are the obvious culprits would be enough to make a noticeable difference, or it may not make much difference.
    The problem with reintroducing something while excluding new things is that you might reintroduce something and at the same time see improvement in your symptoms. So, was the improvement from leaving out something, or adding something back? You've done both, and even though the likelihood for most people would be that the thing you've left out made the difference, we all, as humans, sometimes see causation where there isn't any, so if you reintroduced something you love, like ice cream, and felt better, even if logically you knew it was probably the stuff you left out that really made you feel better, you might associate eating ice cream with feeling better. Alternately, you could do reintroductions and feel worse, and think that leaving out the FODMAPS wasn't making a difference, because you felt worse, when in fact it was making a positive difference but that difference was being hidden by the negative reaction you were having to something else.
    You won't necessarily have to give up all FODMAPS forever. A lot of times, it's about dosage -- you can have a little of something and be fine, but when you start having multiple servings of different FODMAPS over the course of the day, it builds up until you have a reaction, so if you figure out what your limit is, you can decide when it's worth it to you to have something and when it's not. You may also find that you react to some parts of the FODMAPS more than others -- so maybe the oligosaccharides are a problem for you, but polyols aren't as much.
    If you haven't found them yet, there's a couple of websites you should look at for reading more about FODMAPS. First, this one has a handy chart of red, yellow, and green -- avoid the stuff in the red column, focus on having the stuff in the green column, and limit the yellow as much as you can. Then there's Monash University's Low FODMAP site that has a lot of information.
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    I too have been dealing with the gas and bloating and digestive issues.  I feel the same in that regard as I did pre-W30.  I started looking into foods to avoid if you're trying to follow a low-FODMAP diet & come to find out, I've been eating them all on W30: avocado, brussel sprouts, apples, mangos, garlic, onions, etc.  I am day 25 and plan to reentry keeping no grains, dairy, legumes, plus eliminate foods when you try to follow low-FODMAP to try and see if I can identify what's triggering all this gas.
    Everything I've read about the low-FODMAP elimination is that it's for two weeks, so not another 30 days
    Good luck to you, I know it's frustrating.