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  1. Uni_corndog0625

    Starting Jan 8

    Thanks! I’ll give it a try...oddly, it seems the cravings are only around the evening time and even before the Whole30, I was never really a dessert person. Good thing I love olives!
  2. Uni_corndog0625

    Starting Jan 8

    Wow, I’m surprised so many started up on the 8th like I did! Best of luck! I’ve quit drinking alcohol and I feel like I’m craving chocolate so bad that I want to put my head through a wall!! I’ve never craved chocolate so badly in my life, even the past times I’ve done the Whole30. Any tips for curbing something so strong? (I’ve been drinking a lot of water)
  3. Uni_corndog0625

    Adjusting to no alcohol

    Hey, I'm on day 7 and I was struggling hard on my way home today because I am the same person who drinks EVERY night after work and goes ballistic on the weekends. I started Whole30 so I would have all the bad stuff cut out at once, in addition to have something to focus my energy on. I was going nuts jonesing for a drink(a big one) but I kept mentally coaching myself to "just get home and make your tea as soon as you get in the door!!". Not drinking is my biggest struggle for staying compliant. However, I drink Passion Flower tea(Hispanic markets sell it in boxed tea bags called "Pasiflora"). If you look up on the benefits, you'll see it helps with that stress that comes with alcohol cravings and it will help you sleep sooo well the first time you drink it(so save it for pre-bedtime, or with dinner). I'm totally on your boat as to why I started whole30 and I'm glad you shared, I don't feel like I'm the only one in this journey/challenge. A few weeks in, the cravings died down(first time I tried to program) so I am trying to look forward to pushing through that barrier once more! You're already on the best path and I'm here for your support if you ever need it!
  4. Uni_corndog0625

    Bone Broth: How much? How often?

    I'm okay with waiting, I can jazz up a new batch with some different veggies and spices too-thanks for the input!
  5. Uni_corndog0625

    Bone Broth: How much? How often?

    Thanks! Do you think it's possible to add chicken feet or pig to the broth I've already made and cook it some more? Or would you recommend waiting for my next new batch?
  6. Uni_corndog0625

    Bone Broth: How much? How often?

    I've made a few batches of beef bone broth using oxtail (I think I'm on my fifth batch now) and I never seem to get mine to gel. I've tried to up the ratio of bone to water, roasting first, adding vinegar, slow stove-top cooking for 42 hrs or so...I've never been able to have mine gel! Don't get me wrong, I love the taste variations I get each time. Should I incorporate different bones like chicken bones?? I'd love some input because I really enjoy the project of making the broth in general, I just think I could yield a better product.