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  1. arkangelsmom

    Mayo Fail :( Discouraged, please help!

    Crastney! I fixed my fail! instead of dumping it out. I just added the egg on top of the fail and bought a cheapie immersion blender and blended as you said to do. It was awesome and exciting! I fixed my fail and have awesome ranch dressing to boot! Plus I had success on my second attempt at homemade mayo, which was delicious! You guys all rock!! thank you!!
  2. arkangelsmom

    Mayo Fail :( Discouraged, please help!

    it just says, contains sulfites (spelled just like that on the bottle). the ingredients list says: Aged Red Wine Vinegar (and that's all). I bought an immersion blender and and fixed my failed batch! it was awesome!! thank you so much!!
  3. arkangelsmom

    Basic mayo

    Sara, I had failed mayo too, but then retried the recipe using a regular blender and followed the recipe differently and eureka!, Mayo!! Crazy, delicious mayo I might add. Scroll down on the whole30 basic mayo recipe to the one that says chipotle mayo. I cut the oil back to 3/4 cup and did not use the chipotle (cause I didn't have any) and followed that recipe. The difference was no oil in the beginning, and then slow, snail stream oil and viol! Yummy Mayo!!! I did take a slight mayo shower as it all was mixing but I was so excited. Then I followed a tip from someone who told me how to fix my failed mayo and viola! wonderful ranch dressing!!! I feel empowered and like a pro!!! Oh, and if you don't have an immersion blender, get one! I bought a cheapie one for 10 bucks at Walmart. I LOVE it!!! good luck!!
  4. arkangelsmom

    Mayo Fail :( Discouraged, please help!

    Creativenikki, I will take you up on that advice! I can see where this will come in handy for more than mayo!
  5. arkangelsmom

    Mayo Fail :( Discouraged, please help!

    LOL! Yes! I had everything at room temp. but I added some oil in first like the recipe said. I used a blender because I dont own an immersion one. but I posted again, that the second time around was a complete success! I used less oil too! I'm sooo excited! Thank you so much for helping! I so appreciate it!!
  6. I tried my hand at the mayo recipe and had a big fail! I used a blender, and tried my best to pour the oil in slowly. It came out ugly, runny and oily So I followed the whole30 ranch recipe to turn it into ranch dressing. I read the label and the vinegar said made from 100% red grapes. AFTER putting in the red wine vinegar it calls for, I got to thinking about sulfites. So I checked the label again and sure enough sulfites! So I know wine is a no, no and because it has sulfites, so what about the red wine vinegar? I so feel like im failing big time at this!!! I'm on day 16 and my clothes still fit the same, I still have food cravings, have raging skin hives, no energy and so feel like chuncking this thing in!! Please help!
  7. arkangelsmom

    Kombucha Delimma, Please help!

    Hi ShannonM816, yes, my first whole30. I'm determined to make it work! Thank you for the downloads, I'll read them all!
  8. arkangelsmom

    Kombucha Delimma, Please help!

    Thank you ladyshanny!! i didn't see the article link though, I'm new to all this so i could have missed it easily!
  9. I am "attempting" my very first Whole30, being wholly compliant, at least I hope so :-/ Here's my delimma...I'm making my way through my Whole30 book and just read about Kombucha which floored me! I don't know why I thought any Kombucha was okay but...I did. I realized that on both day 1 and day 2, I drank a more "affordable" brand (a Central Market brand) that listed organic cane sugar on the label. I didn't think anything of it until I read my Whole30 book. Here's my question...does this mean I have to start over???? Please say no, Please say no, PALEEEASE say no!!! If you only knew how many attempts I've made to do a whole30 :-(
  10. arkangelsmom

    January 2nd start date

    Hi all! I'm a newbie to this forum. I've "attempted" a Whole30 for a year! Yes, i said a year! I kept failing due to sugar cravings but everyday I'd "start over"! I called it my "Groundhog Day" In the last 3 months I have totally eaten whatever I wanted and I'm paying for it via weight gain, rashes, and other allergic symptoms from eating bad again. My goal is to do this thing right. Day 1 to Day 30!! and due to health issues, hopefully make permanent changes for the rest of my life! Here's to all of us!!
  11. arkangelsmom

    Thyroid Condition

    Mandrew, I'm new here and about to commit to my first Whole30. I've attempted one several times but kept getting sidelined by sugar Anyway, I too have a Thyroid disease, Graves/Hashimoto's and I admire the fact that you drink a liter of water first thing and not coffee!! I'm a coffee fend in the morning, I hope to change that among many other bad habits. Anyway, I wanted to share with you what I've done in my Whole30 attempts which worked really well for me. Load up on Epic food bars and LARA bars. I kept these in my car, in my backpack and in my house, because when I would get hungry if I couldn't eat right away I'd get really sick. Often I'd get hungry late at night and needed something to snack on. Prior to Whole30, I would eat yogurt or cheese late at night, or really crave sugar and these items were so helpful. I don't know what's in match tea but you may have to revamp your greens drink to a more Whole30 compliant one (which is easy to do) and use that as well during the day. Anyway, I hope this helps you and good luck to both of us!!