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    Annabee03 got a reaction from MISSY-illinois in Feb 15th start date   
    Hi all!! This is great! What do you think would work best for this group as far as communication,  email or What's App? Please let me know what everyone prefers!
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    Annabee03 reacted to Fernsk in Feb 15th start date   
    I’m starting my first Whole30 on February 15, I’d love to join this group
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    Annabee03 reacted to pseudoscientist in Feb 15th start date   
    Hey, ladies! I'm looking to start the 15th as well, along with a group of colleagues and my sister. I'll see if I can encourage them to join this group, too   This will be my second Whole30, and I'm looking forward at applying some of what I learned my first round to make this second one more successful and (more importantly) enjoyable. My main focus will be leaning on more ready made/convenience foods and services to minimize my kitchen time. Any insights from past Whole30s you'd care to offer are welcome! 
    - Ashley
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    Annabee03 reacted to Elizabeth22 in Feb 15th start date   
    I'm starting on February 14th for my second round. My first whole 30 was about a year ago.
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    Good afternoon!
    I started today on my whole 30 adventure so I would love to join the Feb 15 group! I've done the whole 30 a few times but it's been at least 2 years since my last one.  
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    Annabee03 reacted to GFChris in Whole30 Sample Reintroduction Schedule   
    FWIW, this is similar to the reintroduction protocol my registered dietitian used when I did an elimination diet through my doctor's office back in 2006 after food allergy testing. As I recall, the rationale for having the food in question at all three meals was to be sure you ingested enough of the food group to conduct a sufficient test for sensitivity.  If you feel crummy after 1 serving, that might be enough to stop. If you feel fine after one serving or you're not sure, it's another good reason to have the item in question at all three meals (or, if you have unclear results after 1 day, add another day of testing said food group).
    EDIT: the order in which you reintroduce food groups doesn't matter. The Whole30 reintroduction schedule is a sample of one possible order.