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  1. Baby Bear, I *love* the chicken and apple sausage! Actually, I love all Aidell's stuff, but IIRC the chicken and apple is the only one that is W30-compliant, or at least it was the last time I looked at their product labels. Day 2. Digestion has settled down (wasn't having any major problems, just some grumbles here and there). M1/2: Three egg omelet, spinach, scallions, guacamole. Until I was typing this out, I hadn't realized that I didn't eat lunch today. Breakfast was a little late because I slept late, then I got busy in the afternoon and forgot to eat.
  2. Day 1 of the W30, Day 10 without junk food or Diet Coke. Mood is good, no cravings, not tired, and I'm happy to be back on track. M1: Two hard boiled eggs. We were running an errand and I needed something fast to eat in the car. M2: WFW's Tex Mex Skillet with salsa and guacamole. M3: Aidell's chicken and apple sausage with peppers, onions, kale, and tomatoes. We had no leftovers, everybody in the family scarfed it down. I need to do some meal planning tomorrow and some cooking too, so I can stay on track this week. I do have to travel a bit for work
  3. Day 9, but I'm going to have to reset tomorrow. M1: Three egg omelet with smoked salmon and spinach, one banana M2: Leftover chicken with potatoes and parsnips. M3: Dinner out with family involving heartfelt discussion of difficult family issue that suddenly came up today. (Nothing OMG-we're-doomed, just....stuff to talk about.) Restaurant was excellent, I picked food that was probably pretty much compliant, but I also wound up having some wine (was thinking about sparkling water on the way over but the wine was on the table when I arrived and it was good), so, yeah
  4. Day 8. No idea if my pants are tighter or not, today I wore a knit dress specifically to avoid considering this issue, and tomorrow I am wearing leggings, so there. M1: Two HB eggs, one banana. M2: A giant bowl of more leftover chicken with potatoes and parsnips. Still not tired of it, which is good, because I still have a serving left. M3: Another late day at work, so dinner was Instant Pot salmon filet with a little (compliant) brown mustard and a side of sauteed spinach. Simple, fast, good. This is the kind of habit I need to be getting myself into - as fun
  5. Day 7. I still need a nap. M1: Compliant smoked salmon, homemade mayo, capers. Capers are a vegetable, right? M2: Leftover chicken with potatoes and parsnips. Snack: Almonds again, but not so many as yesterday... M3: Not very hungry tonight, so I made myself some more cauliflower and sweet potato pilaf, and had it with a hardboiled egg and some sparkling water. One week down, go me. I seriously may go to bed early tonight, I'm just wiped.
  6. The absence of alcohol might be relevant for me, as well, because I do love wine even though I know it's not really good for me. Although last time when I was doing W30 reintroductions I noticed that my heart rate jumped up noticeably after I added dairy back into my diet, so I suppose it could be anything. (Stalking my health signals on Fitbit is just so mesmerizing, for some odd reason.)
  7. ...also, I really like your cardinal salt-and-pepper shakers.
  8. Re the pictures: do you log into the forum from your phone to upload them? I love looking at pictures and it seems only fair that I use some, but I'm kinda techno-challenged...
  9. Day 6! (And I do need a nap, even though my Fitbit is giving me great grades on my sleeping patterns) M1: Two hardboiled eggs. Which I cracked open on my car's gear shift and ate in the convenience store parking lot while my car was gassing up, stashing the shells in a sandwich bag, because I'm classy like that. M2: Leftover pork roast chopped up and mixed in with the leftover butternut squash. M3: Chicken Thighs with Parsnips and Potatoes, in the Instant Pot. Again, these came out really nicely (I have yet to have a bad recipe from the Whole 30 Slow Cooker!)
  10. I have noticed similar drops in my Fitbit heart rate when I do the W30. Not sure if it's the lower carbs or what, but it's kinda freaky to consider that what I eat can affect how rapidly my heart beats.
  11. You are absolutely right. I am getting so much more done - not so much of that "oh crap I just wasted a whole evening doing nothing" feeling - and I'm going to bed earlier, which is making a huge difference, although I'm still not getting up as early as I'd like. Baby steps.... Day 5 (so I'm on the safe side of the thing-killing; rest assured that no things were killed in the making of this post) M1: Three hard-boiled eggs and a handful of almonds. I definitely need to raise my breakfast game, but you know what, as long as I'm putting W30-compliant stuff in my face in the morn
  12. Day 4. (Spoiler: I did not kill any of the things. I did not even want to kill anything.) M1: Three egg omelet with some compliant smoked salmon, spinach, the leftover scallions from last night, and a dab of my homemade mayo (an impulse add). Not sure mayo and omelets really go together, but mayo and smoked salmon does, and I was hungry, so I ate all of it. M2: Leftover Blue Ribbon Country Captain Chicken with leftover cauliflower rice pilaf. My husband also had this for lunch, he liked it so much, so I'm thinking I probably need to add the recipe to our weekly househ
  13. Oh, great, I just looked up the timeline and Kill All The Things starts tomorrow. (I know, I know, the timeline isn't gospel, but....) I can get through this, she said brightly to herself.
  14. Day 3. M1: Another three-egg omelet with spinach, mushrooms, tomato, and guacamole. (I'm one of those people who can eat the same thing day after day after day. It takes me a long time to get bored with a meal that's working for me.) I also had some leftover roast potatoes from New Year's Day. Snack: Some almonds and dried apricots. M2: WFW's Tex Mex Skillet again, with salsa. I still have another lunch-sized serving of this in the freezer that is going to be a work lunch some time this week. (I almost forgot to eat lunch today! It was 1:30 and I wasn't fee