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    Nan67 reacted to CC22 in Who's doing the #JanuaryWhole30?   
    I am starting this program January 2nd. I am looking forward cleaning out my system getting in touch with how my body and mind react to food. Feeling better and having more energy is a big draw too. I need to get a plan for my first week of food. Good luck to all.
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    Nan67 reacted to whole30_patricia in Who's doing the #JanuaryWhole30?   
    I'll be using meditation to get through this, I'm sure. Until the "feel good" part kicks in. 
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    Nan67 got a reaction from vozelle in January 2nd start date   
    1/2/17.... ready to go!
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    Nan67 reacted to AmyNellBrown in First time January start...   
    First time for me!  Starting on Monday (the 2nd). 
    Love the idea of a support group.....will need it for sure. I'm doing this Whole30 to feel better. I want to feel energized and light on my feet again. No more arthritic pain because I weigh too much!  I want to get my priorities in for fuel not for comfort!  I have my first granddaughter and I want to feel well enough to get in the floor (mainly get up from the and play with her. 
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    Nan67 reacted to Ana Monica in New to Whole30. I want a buddy! Any takers??   
    Wow! You have everything planned!  Great!
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    Nan67 reacted to Becka in Addis in First time January start...   
    Hi, I am doing the Whole 30 for the first time on January first. I would love to find a small group of people who want to share experiences with and hold each other accountable.
    I want to do the whole 30 to learn to manage my cravings for sugar and carbs and to increase energy and decrease mood swings. I want to prove to myself I can do it.
    I live in a place where I have access to cheap fresh produce! Now is the time to do this!
    Excited to join this community!!