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  1. CaseyLee

    pre-workout foods?

    Thanks so much!! That is very, very helpful!!!
  2. CaseyLee

    pre-workout foods?

    This is a great thread! I am in my first Whole30 - Day 8. I have not done pre-workout meal but reading this thread - I will! I do high intensity (cardio) and heavier weights workouts and today I am really dragging - but I was fine throughout the first week of Whole30 - I am shocked to feel so tired today! I assume that might be due to no pre-workout meal. My question is about the Post workout meal. For me that is breakfast. I come home from my workout and my family is ready for breakfast so we all eat right then. Lunch is 4 hours later and dinner is 6 hours after that. I am not sure if I should put in another meal - but I also wonder if my tiredness is from not have both a post-workout meal and a breakfast (or another meal) Any advice would be appreciated.