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  1. Mary Stovall

    June 1 Reset Start - Let's do this (again)!!

    Didn't know that about Cacao either! Thank-you
  2. Mary Stovall

    June 1 Reset Start - Let's do this (again)!!

    And carrageenan. Took me forever to figure that out...
  3. Mary Stovall

    June 1 Reset Start - Let's do this (again)!!

    ooops! Sorry, didn't mean to mislead. Just goes to show, you learn something new every time. Thanks for the correction @SugarcubeOD
  4. Mary Stovall

    June 1 Reset Start - Let's do this (again)!!

    @KofeKat all the other suggestions are awesome! I usually work out 5-6 days a week, and once in a while have an all day or late meeting and Chomps sticks have been a lifesaver. I keep a mixture of almonds, coconut, cacao nibs and a little compliant dried fruit (this is really hard to find - be careful) in a jar ready to grab and go. I had to make a rule to only eat those items as a snack or to tide me over, they are pretty yummy and could be a Food Without Brakes item if I'm not careful. And, I keep the small bottles of Trader Joe's sparkling water in my car, and the big bottles at home. Mostly because they make me happy :-). At home, I keep fresh veggies and homemade mayo on hand.
  5. Mary Stovall

    June 1 Reset Start - Let's do this (again)!!

    @iteach hang in there! I've been compliant but had a headache all day. Not sure if it's withdrawals, or the wind floating pollen around, or not enough water, or not enough exercise. Oh, and I did want to buy a big bag of sour gummy worms at Michael's today. That for certain is because I was hungry and I had a tiny bag last weekend because I knew I was starting back up. Calling it for what it is, and going to bed. Sleep well. Tomorrow is a brand new day!
  6. Mary Stovall

    June 1 Reset Start - Let's do this (again)!!

    I'd love to join and support you all. This will be my 2nd Whole 30. I completed my first in January. I thought about starting another in March but it was just too soon. I've really slipped, more so in not sticking to the meal plans, but in the last week, I've eaten more sugar than I've had in a year. I've read It Starts With Food and have the Food Freedom Forever Book. I'm going to work on that more this time around. Congratulations to you all! Looking forward to a new start with an awesome group!
  7. Mary Stovall

    Starting March 1st

    Yay! Great to see all the March 1st & Lent Whole 30'ers. I finished my first Whole 30 in January and reintroduced most things. And then yesterday, after almost a year of no sugar, I ate several pieces of milk chocolate toffee that was sitting on the counter. The toffee part was good. :). I never quite felt the consistent tiger blood, and I'm hoping that doing it again through Lent will get me there. One thing that worked for me during my 1st time around is prepping food on Sunday. Baking a few sweet potatoes, frying up some ground turkey with spices in it, slicing up veggies. Oh, and making homemade mayo. The Whole 30 recipe is the best!
  8. Mary Stovall

    legumes and insomnia

    I reintroduced garbanzo beans yesterday. It hasn't gone well. I've had sneezing attacks, achiness, stomach pain, felt really, really tired and now the typical uncomfortableness of legumes. I also noticed I was really crabby later in the day. I haven't had these issues in at least a week. I feel like I got thrown back to day 11 of the Whole 30. Legumes are definitely off the menu for me! I'm not even sure I'm going to try dairy or grains. I've been without them for about nine months now and haven't missed either. I will try honey on Saturday - because I got some really nice honey for Christmas. Oh and I roasted them in olive oil and added garlic powder, salt and pepper. Everything else was compliant - eggs, compliant chicken sausage, cabbage, an apple, yukon potatoes. nothing different from what I eat daily. Hope you feel better soon!
  9. Mary Stovall

    3 giant fennel bulbs

    Wow! This is a fabulous recipe. I saved about an inch off of each bulb and chopped it up with an apple for salad. Thank-you!
  10. Mary Stovall


    Hi Cianna - That's kind of how it went for me - I'm finally back to a more normal schedule with early morning workouts. I was tired today for some reason. My sleep is way better than it's ever been. That's a great thing :D. I've also been completing a nightly ritual with quiet time, a diffuser and meditation. Good luck on the rest of your 30 days. Can't wait for that TigerBlood to kick in!
  11. Mary Stovall


    Started feeling less tired on about day 15. Definitely feeling better today (Day 18), still took a nap this afternoon. Hitting all the other milestones: Like dreaming had to start my Whole 30 over because I mindlessly ate some kind of food wrapped in donut batter. Huh? And driving by Taco Bell thinking a Burrito Supreme would be good. I haven't eaten Taco Bell in at least a decade! Not really craving anything non-compliant, aside from craving an extra Americano, sometimes two. Not sure what that is about, usually one suits me fine. I'm trying decaf in the afternoon. And tea.
  12. Mary Stovall


    Thank-you @kruddock! I realized today it might be my water intake also. I switched from a large glass with a straw to a stainless steel tumbler. I drink a lot more water if I have a straw. I think my food intake is o.k., I'm following the template, and I always add olive oil or clarified butter. I'm also eating pre and post WO snacks. Timing could probably be better since I've been off my normal early morning schedule today. Going to bed early tonight. Tomorrow is a brand new day! Maybe I'll wake up with Tiger Blood :-). Congratulations on Day 10 !
  13. Mary Stovall


    Just finished reading today's blog post. I've been thinking about this a lot since I originally started this thread. The reality is I'm tired for a lot of reasons (not just Whole 30). 2016 was a great year, full of surprises and great things. I worked really hard at my business I had a couple of family life events that took an emotional toll, that I didn't really full realize until now. I really didn't take any time for myself during the year. I started at a new gym that I love, and competed in a team contest for the last two months of the year. We won. Yay!. But I also contributed about double my normal workout schedule. So, I've decided to weather this out. And sleep early if I need to or schedule meetings later in the day. And, of course continue my Whole 30 regimen. I'm in already for 11 days. Can't go back now, and I don't want to start over! I hope all who are struggling with this will stick with me. And take extra kind care of yourselves. {{ Big Hugs }} Mary
  14. Mary Stovall


    Hi all! This is my first 'complete' Whole30. I'd eliminated most things (except alcohol) prior and for the most part, it's been relatively simple. Yet, I'm on day 9 and I'm still really tired. I do o.k. once I'm up and moving - I usually go to the gym first thing. Yesterday I went to they gym and had to take a nap before 10:00 a.m. Today, I had a really hard time getting up. Weirdly enough I had what I think might be a Tiger Blood day on Day 3. I hope that comes back soon! Thanks for your support! Mary
  15. Mary Stovall

    Compliant Breakfast Sausage?

    I've been making my own... ground turkey with lots of sage, maybe a little red pepper and salt. It's pretty yummy.