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  1. Bldst8mnt

    Hormonal Cravings

    Came on here for this EXACT reason, I'm so comforted to know I'm not the only one! I know y'all say eat more in general, does that mean it's more acceptable to snack during this time? I have been RAVENOUS yesterday and today and just realized I'm about a week out. The reason I ask about snacking specifically is that I am eating what I believe is my fill at meal times but getting super hungry in between. I can't eat anymore during meal times- I'm already full. And I've added a mini meal and I'm still getting snacky (but hungry enough for my basic protein and veggie snack, not a craving.)
  2. Bldst8mnt

    Messed up

    I am on day 6 of my first whole 30. I went BY THE BOOK 110% everyday..or so I thought. I just realized my chicken broth (that I've used 32 oz of in the past 6 days) has cane sugar. I'm starting over Monday (going to eat almost compliant tomorrow but finish off the last of the soup made from noncompliant broth.) I don't have a question, I'm just so disappointed. I worked my butt off reading labels and still missed this. It's so discouraging. I also rechecked all my labels and found that my unsalted cashews have vegetable oil that contains soybean (SERIOUSLY?) Just came on here to vent and declare that I can't trust my own reading skills to the world.