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  1. What's for dinner?

    What's everyone having for dinner? I need some food inspiration! Low key meals are my priority for tonight...
  2. Did a JanW30 (R2) this year and went great after a failed 2nd W30 attempt in Nov. I didn't plan for reintros for this W30 since I already knew what was up from last time and basically living W30ish the whole year. But for whatever reason, since W30 ended a mere week ago, my cravings are back WITH A VENGEANCE. There are lots of "reasons" - I had some medical stuff happen last week, a TERRIBLE soul-wrenching work week, and my period, plus anemia and other small things that just felt awful. But a couple days after W30 I had a little ice cream. ok, no biggie. But then Friday we went out to a nice dinner, and while not junk food by any means, I ate pretty much every category of food we avoid in W30. I have some minor food allergies that I mostly tend to living W30ish, but sometimes you go for a nice meal and decide it's worth it to eat XYZ. I don't know if that meal just triggered my sugar/carb/legume/dairy demon or what, but then I had ice cream again the next day and half a pancake the day after (plus a coconut ice cream bar), and then today I had ramen (soy and gluten) for lunch and then another coconut ice cream bar. Since Friday I've been totally off the rails! In R1, I was terrified to go back to "regular" eating and basically wanted to stay W30 compliant almost ALL the time. Now I find myself dreaming endlessly of anything but W30. Help?!
  3. Starting Jan 24th!

    It's not exactly the most fun thing in the world, especially if you're not really doing it for you.. maybe make a list of why you did decide to support your friends or things you were hoping to get out of doing it and see if you can psych yourself up about the progress you/your friend is making. It's only 30 days, even if it's a once in a lifetime thing for you. It's a big accomplishment and you can say you did it and here's what you learned (if anything). It's really awesome of you to be doing something for a friend who needs the support! Keep up the good work!
  4. Digestive Issues

    You might have to experiment, but I'd bet if you'd ate another meal or something cooked instead of a smoothie at lunch your bowels would do better.
  5. High Cholesterol on Whole30

    My cholesterol went down on W30.. have you ever had lipid blood work done before this?
  6. Day 17 success

    Wow, CaseyD, that's intense! Props to you for sticking with it even in the midst of some extreme illness! Hope you're doing much better now.
  7. DAY 30 and TIGERBLOOD shows up!

    That's awesome! I got sick during this W30 also and it's a total bummer! I knew I had tiger blood because I almost fought off the sick and recovered more quickly than I usually do when I get ill, but my prime tiger blood week was consumed with a heavy cold. Maybe now that you're feeling better postpone reintros for a bit to hold on to the TB?
  8. Hi hannigan - my apologies if my post frustrated you. You were asking for a possible explanation for why W30 would have effected your digestion and I gave a possible one. It may not have been the case for you. I am obviously not an expert on you, your body or your life. :::shrug::: I hope you discover that beans and rice are great for your gut and you do better once you add them back in! Best wishes.
  9. So I think ISWF talks about this, but maybe not. That said, your gut and it's flora/microbs are a product of your diet. If you ate poorly for most of your life, your gut flora has "evolved" or adapted to your crap diet. It knows how to digest those things (And while that might sound good, usually the bacteria that digest crap are less healthyful for your body in other ways and often there are less types and more types generally equals more healthful gut and body). When you change it up and cut out those things or eat new things, your gut flora has to adapt. That can take time, as it wasn't developed over night. It doesn't mean you can't get what you need from food, but it might be more comfortable to speed things up with probiotics or magnesium for a little while and then come off of then and see how your guts are doing.
  10. R2D29 - STARVING

    Oh sorry, I cooked it with a heafty portion of potatoes and carrots, and it has balsamic and tomato paste in it (all compliant, but tend to be on the sweeter side). I will eat a second lunch before going out tonight because dinner will be a bit later than usual and eat something carby again with dinner and see how I do.
  11. Hi friends, I started my period yesterday and I find no matter how much protein or fat I eat (and adding in a bit of extra carbs), I'M SO HUNGRY. I know it's just hormones and it'll fade, but it's ramping up my sugar cravings too. Which I think I didn't help because I made pot roast the other night and it was pretty carb dense - I had it for dinner, then lunch and dinner the next day and I feel like it might have played a little havoc with my blood sugar. I was debating pushing back reintros (even though I'm thinking slow roll for this round) and doing another strict few days because right now I was ice cream SO badly. I'm sure being 1 day away is also screwing with me right now. Words of advice? Thoughts on extra days? Ways to kick period cravings?
  12. Can I have kettle cooked chips

    Another crunchy thing that's definitely not SWYPO is raw shredded brussel sprouts. Delicious, easy to eat a nice 1-2 cups of with homemade mayo-based cesar dressing. crunch crunch crunch
  13. Can I have kettle cooked chips

    This is from march, so probably useless now, but for anyone reading this who's looking for something crunchy (although, is that your sweet? do you have a crunchy tooth? maybe staying away from chip-like things is best for you.. but if not!) homemade tostones are great, and you can make your own oven chips to add to a compliant meal. If you're using them as a snack food though, probably is really a not-so-secret SWYPO.
  14. Starting Jan 24th!

    Great catching that so quickly! It took me a little longer than I'd care to admit in R1 that almond butter and fruit was actually dessert for me on W30. It was like my treat. No bueno. This W30 I cut out dried fruits too, as those were too easy to fall back on in a pinch.
  15. I want to quit or cry or both

    Maybe you're coming down with something? There's a lot of something going around and right before I got a cold I was moody and crazy fatigued. Hoping you're feeling better! Meals look awesome and tasty, btw