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  1. DOH!

    Bummer! But, better on Day 1 than on Day 15.. That and it's never a bad idea to start eating compliant meals before you're even counting days. Consider it a good start and do day 1 tomorrow! You've saved yourself a pitfall down the way and you can be fully prepared for a strong start when you're electrical problems are resolved. Good luck!
  2. Hi @Leonora! Have you read It Starts With Food? I think a lot of people are scared of fats and carbs! It's what we've been told for ages. I think it's why you'll see that when people are struggling and they post their meals, they're often not eating enough and not eating enough fat! I read ISWF before I started my W30 and it made a lot of sense to me. I had already thought that sugar was the devil, but ISWF honed in on the science behind fats and sugar. I also did an experiment that really convinced me - I went to my dr and had blood drawn (CBC and lipid panel) before I started W30 and then on day 30. My lipid panel changed DRASTICALLY. And I ate tons of fats and no sugar! My trigylcerides dropped ~30 points, my HDL ("good" cholesterol) went up ~25 points, my LDL ("bad" cholesterol) went down over 20 points. I'm chronically anemic from a health issue and even though I'm still anemic, my counts (hemoglobin, iron) were slightly up (as opposed to down, which would be typical) at the end of the 30 days! Plus I lost 5 lbs (not even working out) in those 30 days - and much more since. All that convinced me for certain that dairy, grain and sugar are not my friends. But that delicious fat and even potatoes(!) could be good for me. Don't panic about weight gain. Try it for 30 days, you can always go back to whatever other diet you've done. And like I said, I lost 5 without doing anything (I'm not a weight fluctuator, so it wasn't just a regular fluctuation) and then keeping up whole30-type eating most of the time, I dropped another 15 over 6 months. I can't believe I'm a little away from my weight goals without working out more than walking. Hope this gives you some motivation and faith enough to trust, just for the W30..
  3. A Little Help Simplifying?

    Only thing I'll say is make sure you're getting enough fat. Avocado for lunch is great, you need something with bfast and dinner too. If avocado is easiest for you, maybe do a whole in the am, and half at lunch and dinner.
  4. Day 27...I need some help

    Regarding PWO - have you read this download? https://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-meal-planning.pdf
  5. I did my first W30 in Jan 2017 and it changed my life. I found what worked and what didn't work for me, I mostly did slow roll reintros. I got sick a few times and got completely knocked off the wagon eating bread (my problem food), etc. But always found my way back to mostly eating W30. My fiance and I were on a big vacation in October for two weeks to a place with a mjor language barrier. I didn't even attempt to moderate my eating and it included many foods, every day, that I don't usually eat. And when I got home, there was a sort of, "well, I'm fully off the wagon, let's eat pizza!" attitude. That lasted a few days and then I felt awful. I decided to do a R2, but only stuck it out for 7 days before caving to sugar cravings. Since then I've been back and forth. I cleaned up my diet a lot (dropped the dairy,grains,legumes) but the sugar cravings are really getting to me. Each night I eat a little something that I know is going to make my PMS worse, make me constipated, make me bloat, make my sleep restless... I wrote myself a list of reasons why I don't eat sugar, but it's like my sugar dragon is 10x the size it was before I ever did W30. My birthday is next week and then the holidays, so I'm holding off trying for another R2 until January again, but I'm scared. I had very strong resolve doing my first round and while there were times I wavered, I never quit. My fear is quitting again and again with a R2 and not being able to fully shake sugar again. Help?
  6. HELP: Whole30 Lifestyle

    I may be confused, but it sounds like you did a W30, then were "riding your bike" and eating whole30-is, and now you've decided to do another W30 for November (which btw, is exactly the same boat I'm in ). As you know, W30 is a strict set of guidelines. There's no deciding something non-compliant is worth it during a W30. Ask yourself why you decided to do a "Whole 30 reset" - because if you had decided to do a W30 again there's probably good reasons for it! Maybe it's because worth it items are slipping in more and more? Or other things I can't possibly imagine. There's a whole bunch of articles on the site about doing a Round 2 that are helpful to read (or at least were for me) - I'm sure a mod will come along and post them for you. Here's one of them (and there are links in that one that are good too): https://whole30.com/2015/02/second-whole30/ My 2 cents is to start over. If I decided to do another W30 and then on day 2 decided to eat chocolate, for me, I'd know I really needed that second round. Good luck!
  7. Second Whole30

    Hi @Annayllop, I just started my R2 also - today is day 3 for me. I did my first W30 in Jan 17 and things had been great after "riding my bike." But We just went on a long vacation and I didn't even bother trying to eat responsibly. And I paid for it. Now I'm constipated, PMS-ing, can't sleep, feel like crap, etc. So even though we have a boat-load of delicious candy and snacks we brought back from our trip - some I didn't even try yet - on Monday I put my foot down and said, "Today is Day 1!" I even had a dream about eating cake that first night, which never happened to me during my first round. Lol. And I get where you're coming from. One grain I found I can tolerate without issue is rice - so I ate rice maybe 2-3x/month while I was "riding my bike" and very very rarely would have cheese on my bun-less burger. It's hard going strict W30 when I've been "safely" incorporating those rare items into my diet. For me, I had to think about why I wanted to do an actual W30 and not just clean up my diet for a week to get back on track. And here's the list: -My sugar addiction is back in full swing - I'm eating dessert items (even if they're small) multiple times a day. I feel out of control around sugar. -I'm back to doctoring my coffee with sugar and milk- which was the easiest thing for me to give up - how absurd! -I feel like crap - I'm tired mid-day, groggy, unfocused. -I'm gaining weight and bloat back! (Grrrrr) -My menstrual cycle was way more problematic off diet. -I need a reset, not just a clean up. This last one was the biggie - Other times after holidays or special occasions when I've indulged in a piece of cake or whatever, had a glass of soda (gasp!), I feel icky. But I know I'm not really too far off base. I clean it up strictly for a week - a whole 7 or whatnot and then that usually puts me back on track. But I'm WAY off base now. And that tells me my dietary hormones are a mess. And it's only 30 days. So if I want to eat rice or an occasional bite of cheese again in the future, I certainly can! Best of luck to you, whatever you decide
  8. What's wrong?? Day 10

    I wouldn't overthink this one, @lizitapola. Many things over than W30 can impact your sleep. It can be hard if you've got great results regarding sleep and then to have it shift in week 2. It doesn't mean you ate something non-compliant, or that it was working for the first week but not working now... You're still early in the process. It takes time for your body to sort this shift out - that's why it's 30 days and not 10 days. If by the time you hit 30 days you're not sleeping better generally, then maybe look at other factors besides hormonal eating patterns. Good luck and better sleep!
  9. Unless you don't eat pork - then try it with chicken. so good.
  10. @Jewels_V - sounds like you're doing great! Quick side note, but definitely try the posole from the W30 cookbook, it's my favorite recipe in there and so easy!!
  11. Red Meat - reactions

    A couple things jumped out at me - maybe the steak wasn't the best quality? Maybe you were more sensitive to the diet of the cow than the steak itself? The other thing was maybe your friends used vegetable oil on other non-compliant item in the meal and you didn't know? A rub on the steak, perhaps? I'm very sensitive to soybean oil and it makes eating out tricky - if i get bloated after a supposedly compliant meal out then i know some oil that was likely rancid got used on what i was eating. And I found certain spices give me trouble - not sure if it's the actual spice or some preservative in it, but regardless. Also, you didn't say what kind of veg you were eating - was it different than what you had been mostly eating? Some people are sensitive to nightshades and others get lots of bloating and gas from brassicas veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, kale, etc). You may not love this, but you might wait an extra 3 days (whoops, just saw you posted on June 20th.. oh well) to clear out this reaction before starting reintros - to give yourself a clean slate. And you'll have a chance to test steak/beef separately again toward the end of reintro to see how it goes. So how are reintros going?
  12. Not a mod, but in all honesty it looks like your sugar dragon is fruit based. I was sorta shocked when I saw you were eating 6-8 servings of fruit a day - that's a lot of sugar! Waking up in the middle of the night and eating fruit - sounds like someone else's version of waking up and eating ice cream to me. If you really really want food freedom, you might avoid fruit during the rest of your W30. Of course you're tired and irritable if your blood sugar is up and down all day with the fruit. If you're not feeling full enough between meals then you probably need more food, and definitely more fat. The meal template is a minimum and some people need more. Also, looks like you're doing a fair bit of working out and there's no Pre and Post workout meals in there.. that could be a big source of not feeling satisfied. looks like you could use an egg or nuts before working out and then add a potato to protein after working out, or at the very least with M1. The big difference I noticed doing a W30 (of many) is that hunger feels very different. I don't feel hungry anymore - not the way I did before. I don't feel the need to eat anything specific, but when it's time to eat I feel like I need nourishment. As I get close to meal time I feel a little more tired, ready to eat - but not the hungry feeling I used to get. And I don't mean cravings - I mean I used to feel hungry and now I just mostly feel ready to eat. It's hard to qualify but it's really different. I can tell when I've gone off base with eating when I start to get that hungry feeling. I know for me it means I've eaten sugar recently or too much fruit. Sounds like you really need to be eating more food (and more fat) and maybe less fruit. Just my two cents.
  13. What counts as high intensity?

    Thanks for the response, @ThyPeace. It's too soon to gauge how it's going since I just started back at the gym on Friday. I'm adding the gym in part because I feel like I've plateaued to a small degree in my weight loss/tightening up. I lost a pant size and 5 pounds with the W30 and only another 3 pounds since then (Feb). I don't have a ton to lose to begin with and my scale says my body fat is declining even though my weight is much slower to drop. I never took measurements, but I think my limbs are slimming down too. That said, I feel like I can do better. After I posted I read through a bunch of other posts and decided that perhaps I'm not someone who needs Pre and post workout meals, as I read not everyone does. I'll see how I feel not adding them in but maybe keeping an extra starch on workout days? I'm not quite sure what the best approach is.. I feel like starting out on the low/no end of the scale and then adding in if I feel like I need it is a good approach... maybe?
  14. Hi everyone, About a year ago I used to be a very active gym-goer, but last summer I got sick and then fell off the wagon completely, so I haven't been to the gym consistently since Aug '16. I completed my W30 at the beginning of February '17 and am now getting back into a gym routine again. I still follow W30 90% of time. I'm happily "riding my bike," sometimes more strictly W30 compliant and other times less. I primarily keep up with the W30 meal template to structure my meals and I'm struggling with the pre and post workout meals. Firstly, I have the kindle version of ISWF and the carb curve is damn near impossible to read - and then my real question is: what qualifies as a high intensity work out? I'm concerned about adding in too many carby vegetables and either moving out of fat burning or defeating myself but carb-loading. Right now I eat one carb heavy veg a day whether I've worked out or not - either a yukon gold potato, a sweet potato or a plantain. Today for instance I had M1: Half a potato frittata (2.5 eggs) and an arugula salad with homemade mayo. Small handful of blackberries. PreWO: 1 egg, handful of nuts PoWO (also counted as M2 - which I know is not what you're supposed to do): coconut chicken tenders, pan fried plantain, small salad. M3 (will be): Posole from W30 cookbook. Large salad, Roasted broccoli So I will have had a potato with M1 and then the plantain with PoWO/M2. I can't tell if this is too much? I work out fairly hard at the gym - I'll do 20-30 min of elliptical where I'm pushing hard and fast with some resistance for about 30-60 seconds for every 2-3 minutes. Then I tend to do some treadmill - usually fast walking for about half a mile, then I'll run all out for a quarter mile and then walk to cool down for the last quarter mile. Then I'll do some weights type exercise - either free weights or machines or things like crunches/planking. But I'm not sure this qualifies as "high intensity" because I'm doing high intensity bursts for short periods of time - I'm still working when it's not the bursts - sweating the whole time, but it's not like I'm taking a burn class or doing HI internal training. Help? TIA