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  1. Hi Whole30ers. I'm doing my second attempt at R4 after giving up on Day 10 (shame!) back in February. How come I eat a W30 compliant dinner 4 nights a week or more, and then when I'm actually doing a W30, I can never think of dinner ideas that are not complicated and require my slow cooker? Anyone else have this problem? Is it anxiety? How many whole30 breakfasts have I made in the last 2.5 years? A MILLION! But day 1 of a W30 and I forget what to eat... It's cold and rainy here in Philly - what's everyone eating for dinner?
  2. Kicking the sugar habit is hard! Just as hard as other addictions (speaking from personal experience too!). Sounds like you're over the hump, but knowing it's gonna suck helped me. Telling myself I've been through hard shit and just keep putting one stupid foot in front of the other and that it WILL get better helped some. It didn't stop me wanting to eat sugar, candy, pastries, chocolate, etc. But I'm stubborn and I just kept eating my template and a week later it was easier. Every day got easier. The longer I was away from sugar, the less I wanted it. Hope you're feeling better, @Pandora Black
  3. RandiW

    Day 1 takeaways

    Sounds great! Just remember that bacon counts as a fat and not a protein. I had trouble initially with veggies at bfast too, but I found if I made a veggie hash that included potato along with other things, that it seemed more like bfast to me. I also became a brussel sprout nut. I made a lot of shaved brussel sprout salad with a mayo-based dressing and it became my go-to bfast veggie. I honestly ate it every day with bfast for over a year! Now I'm a little burned out and looking for new bfast veggie ideas. If you're eating eggs for bfast, try cooking up some tomatoes/onions/spinach/whatever-you-like in the pan before putting in the eggs. Omelets are an easy way to get the veg in.
  4. RandiW

    Day 3

    I wonder how you're feeling today, @Sambux89. Are you getting enough food? Enough fat? Enough protein? Is it possible you were experiencing allergies or a cold?
  5. Me too! I thought I'd never adjust to black coffee and I haven't had sweetener in my coffee now since Dec 30th 2016!
  6. RandiW

    What's for dinner?

    What's everyone having for dinner? I need some food inspiration! Low key meals are my priority for tonight...
  7. RandiW

    Let's talk (non-traditional) breakfasts

    I ate eggs over roasted broccoli this am with coconut cream in my coffee. but a lot of mornings (because I work afternoons/evenings) I make veggie fritters of some kind - cauliflower, zucchini, potato, with an egg and coconut shreds to bind. Usually make a larger batch and have some for work too. Also I sometimes make a big batch of soup for dinner and I find a really like eating soup in the am with usually some additional veg or avocado on the side.