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  1. RandiW

    What a yo yo this is!

    Hi @Fotoladyvb, have you checked out the "timeline?" Here it is: https://whole30.com/2013/08/revised-timeline/ Sounds like you're right on track! It's normal to feel tired and cranky early in a W30 - your body is withdrawing from sugar. Keep on keepin on, things will get better. Also, feel free to post some of your meals because some small adjustments might make a difference in how you're feeling!
  2. RandiW

    Am I doing this right?

    Hi Lindzzeys - Here's the link for the meal template: https://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-meal-planning.pdf Ideally you want a palm-sized piece of protein, 1-3 cups of veggies and a "serving of fat" - the serving sorta depends on what you're eating (check out the template), but generally a healthy spoonful. Breakfast bakes could be considered a SWYPO recipe even if it's technically compliant, but only you know if it's a trigger food for you. Also, be careful with the Lara bars that you're not using them to deal with sugar cravings. It actually looks like you're not eating enough fat! If you're hungry between meals, make sure both your protein and fat amounts are appropriate for you. With pre and post work out meals, make sure you're eating a little bit of fat with your protein in your pre meal and a little bit of vegetable-carb (potato, squash, beets) with your protein in your post meal. I'm sure a mod will come along and give you even more advice. Make sure to drink a TON of water. Thirst sometimes masquerades as hunger.
  3. RandiW


    Do you have a whole foods near you? Their 365 brand dijon is compliant and kosher.
  4. Hi friends - I've been gone a hot minute for my wedding and since then I've basically completely reverted back to pre-Whole 30 eating - I'm back to eating grain products with every meal. You might have guessed that I feel like crap and I've gotten sick twice in the last three months! Trying to mentally and actually prep for my 3rd January Whole30. I had been thinking I was going to do it even before I fell off the wagon so severely, but I have been having trouble feeling fully committed to the idea. I know that if I don't mentally commit, I'm likely to not make it through the 30 days. This will actually be my 4th W30 (Jan '17, Jan '18, May '18), and I also had an attempt between my 1st and 2nd that I crapped out on after 6 days. I only really want to do it if I know I can commit to really doing it, but the additional W30s are so much harder in certain ways. For those that have done multiple rounds, how do your mentally, and otherwise, prepare yourself?
  5. RandiW

    A Mess Off W30

    Thanks for the response, @snowflower. I'm in recovery myself, so I certainly understand the abstinence mindset. The 100 days no sugar is going ok so far. I'm not ready to make a life-long practice. I actually think I struggle more with coming off W30 than just being without sugar. I think I go into a deprivation mind-set with W30 and then eat to overcompensate when it ends. When I'm less drastic, I can avoid sugar without as much difficulty. We'll see where things go from here. I was planning on doing W30-compliant only from the day after my bridal shower (aug 12th) through the wedding (oct 7th). Though now I'm wondering I should just stay where I'm at now.
  6. RandiW

    What if I skip Saturated Fat?

    I highly recommend reading It Starts With Food if you're confused about why you definitely should and need to be eating fats.
  7. RandiW

    Whole 30 Day 23 - Help!

    Heya - I concur with racheleats, try another fat source besides nuts. Also, your meals seem to be lacking veg. Ideally you want 1-3 cups per meal and be aware that raw veggies can give your belly a hard time too.
  8. You've already had a mod weigh in, but you're only eating 2 eggs for breakfast, NO protein for lunch and not enough fat! No wonder you're exhausted! If you haven't checked out this yet, do : https://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-meal-planning.pdf
  9. Me too! I thought I'd never adjust to black coffee and I haven't had sweetener in my coffee now since Dec 30th 2016!
  10. Hey friends - I've done 3 Rounds of W30, starting with my first in Jan of 2017. After the first one, I ate W30 compliant most of the time. I was riding my bike, basically following FFF and feeling really good. We went on vacation in Oct '17 and I just ate whatever. I had a rough end of the year struggling with sugar and eating things for the sake of eating them. I did another W30 in Jan '18 and one in Mid May-Mid June '18 and I have not been able to stop myself from basically binging on sugar and non-compliant foods the second I finish the W30. I'm fine while on it, but then it feels like a free-for-all when I'm off. Maybe I need to do a longer W30? But I'm not sure I can manage it. Or maybe I don't want to manage it? I'm 100 days out from my wedding today and I'm pledging a 100 days of no sugar. I very rarely eat grains and when I do it's usually rice. I almost never eat cheese/dairy anymore. I'm hoping this 100 days of a non-whole 30 can help kick the sugar cravings. Anyone else struggle with this and come to any kind of conclusion about handling it?
  11. Heya - just reading your post, it sounds like you'd be more into a "slow roll" reintro. There are benefits to doing a structured reintro, but if you're planning on keeping your diet mostly W30 based and just occassionally adding some different things in, then slow roll might be a better fit for you. Yesterday should have been your Day 30 (and mine too for R3, ) Congrats!! The trick (for me, anyway) for after W30 is to continue to eat as is but not stress over the little things - yes, we can go out for indian and I can have some rice. Or adding a little cheese to something, or having a piece with veggies with dinner isn't the end of the world. A cookie at a special occasion or splitting a dessert with my love for our anniversary dinner isn't the end of the world. But most of the my meals, most of the time are W30 compliant. It's when non-compliant things start slipping into each meal and I start craving dessert after dinner every night that I know I need to do a W7 (or more) again. Hope this helps! Maybe re-read the slow roll reintro link again and see how you feel: https://whole30.com/2014/09/dear-melissa-slow-reintroduction-roll/
  12. RandiW

    What's for dinner?

    What's everyone having for dinner? I need some food inspiration! Low key meals are my priority for tonight...
  13. Did a JanW30 (R2) this year and went great after a failed 2nd W30 attempt in Nov. I didn't plan for reintros for this W30 since I already knew what was up from last time and basically living W30ish the whole year. But for whatever reason, since W30 ended a mere week ago, my cravings are back WITH A VENGEANCE. There are lots of "reasons" - I had some medical stuff happen last week, a TERRIBLE soul-wrenching work week, and my period, plus anemia and other small things that just felt awful. But a couple days after W30 I had a little ice cream. ok, no biggie. But then Friday we went out to a nice dinner, and while not junk food by any means, I ate pretty much every category of food we avoid in W30. I have some minor food allergies that I mostly tend to living W30ish, but sometimes you go for a nice meal and decide it's worth it to eat XYZ. I don't know if that meal just triggered my sugar/carb/legume/dairy demon or what, but then I had ice cream again the next day and half a pancake the day after (plus a coconut ice cream bar), and then today I had ramen (soy and gluten) for lunch and then another coconut ice cream bar. Since Friday I've been totally off the rails! In R1, I was terrified to go back to "regular" eating and basically wanted to stay W30 compliant almost ALL the time. Now I find myself dreaming endlessly of anything but W30. Help?!
  14. RandiW

    Starting Jan 24th!

    It's not exactly the most fun thing in the world, especially if you're not really doing it for you.. maybe make a list of why you did decide to support your friends or things you were hoping to get out of doing it and see if you can psych yourself up about the progress you/your friend is making. It's only 30 days, even if it's a once in a lifetime thing for you. It's a big accomplishment and you can say you did it and here's what you learned (if anything). It's really awesome of you to be doing something for a friend who needs the support! Keep up the good work!