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    RandiW reacted to CDog in Headaches   
    Snacking on this food is NOT contributing to the headache. That is a thoughtless/brainwashed statement. What your body needs is nutrition and a balanced diet.... It's time to stop listening to people and start listening to our bodies. This "non-diet" diet does not work for most people. That's why it was rated as the worst fad diet of the year by health experts!!
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    RandiW reacted to SugarcubeOD in Headaches   
    Fruit, nuts, nut butters and larabars are not appropriate everyday snacking foods.  They can be food without brakes, they spike your blood sugar and they're just fodder for a sugar dragon.  If you need to snack while working on making your meals last you 4-5 hours, have a mini meal of protein and fat and ideally veggies.
    Are you actually hungry for the larabar during meetings or is it boredom eating? Or jealousy eating because other people are having danishes etc?  If you're eating three meals a day that last you 4-5 hours, then you shouldn't need meeting snack...
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    RandiW reacted to ladyshanny in PSA: Don't Get Lost!   
    Public Service Announcement: 
    The group threads in this section of the forum can be extremely fast moving and as such, the volunteer moderators have a hard time keeping up with reading the hundreds of posts that go whizzing by.
    That said, if you are struggling or something doesn't seem right or you need some specific help, please create a new post in the Troubleshooting Your Whole30 portion of the forum. Make the title of your post as specific as possible to assist in getting a response sooner. For example, titling your post "Can't Break the 3pm Slump!" rather than just "Someone Please Help!" makes it quicker for the moderators to understand and assist you. 
    The moderators try to get to everything and we appreciate your patience but members following this outline is one of the ways that you can help us to help you!
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    RandiW reacted to SugarcubeOD in Headaches   
    Salt is an essential part of your body's functioning and when we remove processed, packaged, bagged, boxed and fast food from our diets we remove about 90% of the sodium... that does need to be replaced.  You should be salting your food always.
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    RandiW reacted to laura_juggles in Headaches   
    Also, dude, that list of "worst diets" was a list of "worst diets for weight loss". Absolutely nowhere is Whole30 advertised as a weight loss plan. In fact, it's regularly mentioned that it's not. Lots of people do lose weight on a Whole30 because by giving the body better quality food and not a free pass to snack (lots of those "weight loss plans" basically have you eating little bits of food constantly), folks lose some weight. 
    Blood sugar spikes can cause headaches. What causes blood sugar spikes? Sugary foods, whether it's a Snickers or a Larabar. 
    Most folks don't know how to listen to their bodies without some guidance. I had no idea that legumes were what made me feel like death warmed up until I did a Whole30 with the proper reintroductions. I wouldn't have had a framework to figure out what was making me feel bad if it wasn't for the Whole30. 
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    RandiW reacted to Mdubg in Let's talk (non-traditional) breakfasts   
    I guess I have to think of breakfast differently than what I would consider traditional breakfast foods. Those are all meals I would normally eat for lunch or dinner. I'm going to try just having last night's dinner leftovers for breakfast the next morning and see how I feel. I think I am just used to a less intricate breakfast (I used to make quinoa like oatmeal with fruit mixed in) or I'd have a smoothie with fruits and veggies. I am sick to death of eggs. Still not so sure how I feel about a salad for breakfast. Maybe I'll just do a vegetable stir fry (peppers, onions, garlic) and a side of chicken or beef sausage.
    Thank you all for posting your breakfast ideas. I just need to adjust my thinking (it's another meal, I don't need to call it breakfast).
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    RandiW reacted to Hannlib in Let's talk (non-traditional) breakfasts   
    How I love those Elvis burgers. On this week's menu I think.
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    RandiW reacted to Robin Strathdee in The Official "Can I Have..." Guide to the Whole30   
    As longs as you check the ingredients on their meats and dressings, a salad bar should  be okay. If there's anything there that sees to be canned, ask for ingredients for that as well.