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    RandiW reacted to kirbz in 9 days in and frustrated   
    Hey there! 
    Yeah, so you're eating a LOT of nuts as others have said. I consider myself to have a pretty cast-iron stomach (I've been to multiple third-world countries and never gotten sick, even drinking local tap water), but nuts do bother my stomach when I clean up my eating on Whole30. I aim for nuts every third day at most. 
    Salad dressings are a great fat source with salads! Most are oil-based, so be generous with your dressing and that's a great way to get some fats in! I buy Primal Kitchen dressings and can find them at my local grocery stores, but even something as simple as olive oil, lemon, and pepper makes a delicious dressing! 
    As for working out, don't forget that you get bonus mini meals when you work out. So if you're doing a six mile run, you should be eating protein and fat before your workout and protein and carb-dense vegetable after. It doesn't have to be big, but is meant to replenish what was lost during your workout. I like a hard-boiled egg and coconut flakes before and a couple of chunks of chicken breast and sweet potato cubes for after. 
    Good luck! I hope you can figure this out and have a super successful Whole30! It's such a wonderful program! 
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    RandiW reacted to Fotoladyvb in What a yo yo this is!   
    On my first Whole 30.  Today is day 6.   I’m 65 , healthy female and active.   After feeling pretty crummy since starting I woke up yesterday ready to take on the world!   Had a great busy active day.   But I woke up from a deep sleep last night and literally walked into a wall on my way back to bed from the bathroom.  Didn’t sleep much after that.  My headache is back Nd I’m very cranky.  I have houseguests arriving today and pretty anxious about that I think.    Thought maybe I was on the other side of the struggles. It maybe not.  Ughhhhh.  I’m trying to observe the desires to eat bread, sugar, etc and to step on the scale for affirmation.    Thanks in advance for advice and support all!
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    RandiW reacted to lindzzeys in Am I doing this right?   
    Hello! I started my Whole30 on January 1, and I’ve read through the rules and things but I just feel like I’m not doing all of this right. I have found it really hard to put together meals and find a balance of fats, protein, and fruits! I was wondering if someone could give me some feedback on what I have been eating in a typical day? 
    Breakfast: pre-made Sweet potato + Apple breakfast bake (made with coconut milk, cubed sweet potatoes, walnuts, raisins, ghee, eggs..) I found this recipe online in a list of Whole 30 compliant recipes. I also have 2-3 fried eggs and sometimes throw in a piece of chicken sausage. 
    Lunch: Grilled chicken, broccoli/asaparagus/cauliflower (veggies change day to day), sweet potato (sometimes top sweet potato with fruit + almond butter) and sometimes have a chicken dog. 
    Dinner: Pretty much the same as lunches, but sometimes in a different variation... I have made things like turkey-stuffed green peppers, sautéed shrimp, and I made “breaded” chicken using almond meal, cumin seeds, and paprika. I also sometimes top certain foods with guacamole! 
    I also eat a piece of chicken before my workout and a “protein smoothie” after. 
    I find myself wanting to snack and I’ve had the occasional Rx bar or LÄRABAR. 
    I do workout and I typically eat a very high protein diet, but I worry I’m eating too much fat and not enough protein. 
    What can I do? Am I headed in the right direction? Help help help! Any advice appreciated! 
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    RandiW reacted to stacykaren in January Whole30 Prep   
    Hey @RandiW - I totally relate to this! I struggled to get my mind right for another Whole30 after completing my first one and had a few failures before getting myself mentally prepared. 

    One thing that helped me tremendously was sitting down and brainstorming on paper. I wrote down all the reasons I wanted to do another Whole30 and also thought about what benefits I experienced in my previous round. Something about writing it all out made everything click and helped me feel determined and committed. 

    Do you have It Starts with Food on audiobook? I wonder if listening to that might help?

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    RandiW reacted to ChristyJ in January Whole30 Prep   
    This is me too!  I've had three successful whole30s, then maybe three others that were more like a Food Freedom approach (not 100% compliant).
    After reading a friend's pre-New Year post about choosing a word for 2019, something that acts as a theme for the year or helps you achieve the goals you wish to achieve.  My word is FOCUSED.  It's helped already with this Whole 30 (I'm on Day 6), getting me back to working out, and accomplishing some tasks around the house.  So many different words (or phrases) would help you with the Whole 30.  Find your word.
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    RandiW reacted to ladyshanny in Help with beef bone broth - it didn't 'set'   
    You can still use it. My guess is you had too much water vs how many bones. If you simmered it (ie, tiny slow bubbles) then the heat was enough. You could try adding more bones, a shot of acid like apple cider vinegar and some onion and celery and let it simmer again.
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    RandiW reacted to siggaingadottir in January Whole30 Prep   
    Welcome back @RandiW! 
    I've done 6 rounds of Whole30 and I completely understand how you feel. It's very difficult to get back into the mindset of taking on another Whole30. My goal for the first one was to just get through it; just follow the rules each and every day, but I did not pay much attention to the recommendations (e.g. I made smoothie bowls every now and then). The next ones I changed my goals/built on what I had already done... so for my second one I made sure to follow the rules AND the recommendations, the third I eliminated ALL snacking (unless hard core emergencies of course). The fourth one I decided to document all of my meals, etc. etc. By doing this it's helped me keep things interesting and gives me something specific to focus on
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    RandiW reacted to KimberlyW in January Whole30 Prep   
    Hi RandyW - I too am going to start again. I have tried a couple of times this past year and it seems much more difficult to do than it did the first time. 
    Anyway, LadyShanny responded with a very helpful link for me, so hoping it will help you. It won't make it easier per se, but understanding that it is more difficult to do it again, and not just for me but for others too is important know. I feel like I am not alone, so I am hoping it will help me .... https://whole30.com/2015/02/second-whole30/
    I am here for you, and I sure others will be too!  As for me, one day at a time is how I have to look at it, and remind myself that I can do anything for 30 days!!!
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    RandiW reacted to Felice in Rocking day 6 but unsure about the program   
    I want to thank you for all your help. After finishing day 31, I was able  to figure out a lot of things about my eating habits.
     I no longer crave as much sugar because I eat protein for every meal. I also did not have to go take four types of laxatives every day. I am grateful for that.
    I'm not interested in having bread and pasta on a regular basis. I will eat it hopefully, once in a while when I want to. That is a great new feeling.
    I am also grateful that I drink my green tea and my espresso without any sweetener at all.
    I find that I'm satisfied and have no desire to snack nor graze during the day.
    I'm so pleased with the results of the Whole 30.
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    RandiW reacted to CDog in Headaches   
    Snacking on this food is NOT contributing to the headache. That is a thoughtless/brainwashed statement. What your body needs is nutrition and a balanced diet.... It's time to stop listening to people and start listening to our bodies. This "non-diet" diet does not work for most people. That's why it was rated as the worst fad diet of the year by health experts!!
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    RandiW reacted to SugarcubeOD in Headaches   
    Fruit, nuts, nut butters and larabars are not appropriate everyday snacking foods.  They can be food without brakes, they spike your blood sugar and they're just fodder for a sugar dragon.  If you need to snack while working on making your meals last you 4-5 hours, have a mini meal of protein and fat and ideally veggies.
    Are you actually hungry for the larabar during meetings or is it boredom eating? Or jealousy eating because other people are having danishes etc?  If you're eating three meals a day that last you 4-5 hours, then you shouldn't need meeting snack...
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    RandiW reacted to ladyshanny in Round two...   
    Hi, unfortunately we can't give any "hacks" for weight loss as that is not the point of the program. However I can say that weight loss comes when hormones are in balance. That includes hunger hormones, sex hormones and stress hormones. It is possible that in 30 days, depending on your current lifestyle and health background, that 30 days is enough to get the hormones starting to balance but perhaps not enough to get them to a point where your body feels comfortable releasing weight.
    My recommendation would be to do the Whole30 as written, focussing on nourishing your body, getting large variety of micronutrients (eg, by diversifying your meals), hydrating and relaxing. If you stress over whether you're going to lose a pound or 7, you're really doing that hormonal balancing a disservice. You will never go wrong eating protein, veggies and some good fats - it just may take longer than you wish. Keep at it - do the reintroductions at the end and figure out what makes you feel your best.
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    RandiW reacted to SugarcubeOD in What if I skip Saturated Fat?   
    Another book to add to the recommendations is Eat the Yolks by Liz Wolfe. 
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    RandiW reacted to racheleats in Whole 30 Day 23 - Help!   
    Nuts can be really hard on your digestion! In the past when I've been having stomach troubles the first thing I always notice is that I'm eating more nuts than normal. Try bumping up your meal sizes so you don't need to snack, and try a different fat source!
    Also, raw veggies can be hard on your stomach!
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    RandiW reacted to littleg in Binge eating and re-starting Whole30   
    @hmg1993 I was a chronic logger.  I just stopped.  Cold turkey.  Haven't used it in years.  I didn't gain 100 lbs.  
    What makes you log each day?  Do you log before you eat (to help you figure out what/how much to eat) or after (to see how much more you can eat) (<-- that was me) or for some other reason?  How does not logging your food make you feel?  Like if I took away your MFP access for a day or a week?  
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    RandiW reacted to Alisha in Binge eating and re-starting Whole30   
    Just wanted to check in, I've had a really great first few days. I know it won't last so I'm enjoying it while it does! I had recently went back to food tracking and counting calories/macros so it feels really freeing to not be doing that. I just have to work on listening to my body now, and I've been trying to keep notes (aka journal) daily. I also starting hitting the gym more consistently the last couple of weeks so that may be part of why I'm feeling good.
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    RandiW reacted to SugarcubeOD in How to get back on?   
    Instead of looking at doing a full Whole30 and seeing that as daunting perhaps, why not commit to having one Whole30 day.  Just focus on the next meal and then the next one and before you know it, you'll be feeling good again and that may help keep you going.
    Did you do your reintroductions last time?  If not, then you might tell yourself that you're doing another Whole30 so you can carry out the reintroductions - sometimes having a concrete 'reason' aside from 'just because I want to feel good' is motivation to do it.
    If you can't do a full Whole30 and you've done reintroductions and know how food makes you feel then how about making a WholeAnnayllop program? For instance, maybe on WholeAnnayllop, you ALWAYS eat a Whole30 template breakfast and bring your lunch to work.  Maybe it means you don't eat treats inside your house but when out with someone and worth it, you have a little ice cream or bread at a restaurant.  Whatever parameters you think might work, do that for a week and then reassess...
    And for some recognition, you'll notice if you read through this subthread, you're definitely not alone in having struggles getting back to it... there are a LOT of conversations about just this including much more advice similar to what I've outlined above... 
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    RandiW reacted to jen c in What has been your most lasting food habit after Whole30?   
    My first W30 was more than two years ago.  Since then, I've never gone back to putting sugar in my coffee or tea and when drinking them at home, I use canned coconut milk as creamer instead of 1/2 & 1/2.  Having protein with every meal has stuck strongly too. 
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    RandiW reacted to ShannonM816 in Adding sweetener to coffee. Least bad choice   
    If you reintroduce it, you treat it just like any other reintroduction -- have it for a day, then 2-3 days back to Whole30 eating, then continue to leave it out as you do other reintroductions.
    The most likely reaction to adding any sweetener back to your meals is that you will crave more sweets. It's not guaranteed that you'll have that reaction, and you could have other reactions too, although I'm not sure what reactions stevia is likely to cause. 
    As for whether it's a bad option, no sweetener is really going to enhance your health. We can't really tell you which one to use, or how often it's okay to use it, that's something you have to decide for yourself. If it's something you really love, reintroduce it and see what happens. Just pay attention to how you feel, both immediately on reintroducing it, and going forward if you choose to use it regularly. If you notice your coffee consumption goes way up because you like it better with the stevia, that might be something to keep an eye on. Or if you use it once and have no issues, but notice as you have it every morning, you start to to crave more sweet things over time, that's something to watch for.
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    RandiW reacted to ladyshanny in Reintro Advice Please   
    For the first one, cake isn't the best because the cake itself or icing likely has soy in it (if bought) as well as dairy throughout.  As a person who just threw her husband a bday party last night and didnt eat the cake, I have to say it wasn't a big deal at all. 
    For the fat adaptation, the trick is to continue with the meal template and timing for the most part and not start relying on carbs for the bulk of your meals or for snacks.
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    RandiW reacted to laura_juggles in Impact of eating starchy veggies?   
    There's also a huge difference in the impact to your blood sugar when having a breakfast like you had (with carbs, protein, and fat) and having a breakfast like pancakes which is virtually all sugary carbs. 
    You can't just look at one aspect of what you're having in a meal (like the beets) when you're not having *only* beets as your meal. Maybe comparing beets to pancakes, you'd see a similar impact on blood sugar, but when you factor in the eggs, avocado, and whatever else was in the hash, it completely changes things. 
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    RandiW reacted to Majjam in What if you have to eat some disallowed food for work?   
    Thanks for the replies!  I realize this is kind of a weird criteria, and that I cannot achieve the true whole 30 experience if I keep eating work product.  But I had similar thoughts to Jim that I might still see some benefits to doing  what I have been calling "ninetyfive%30" and try to minimize my dairy/sugar intake at work as much as possible. 
     I am happy to say that after a little over a week, I have managed to avoid eating any work product and people are being understanding.  Not sure if I can totally avoid for 30 days, but will do my best.  
    And it is a real work requirement to taste the product.  Sensory analysis is a big component of food quality testing.  I make sure candidates for lab tech jobs understand that there is a lot of tasting that goes on throughout the day so they can factor that in their decision for accepting the job.  For dairy, someone who is lactose-intolerant or becomes so can get by with spitting samples out, but a severe allergy could be life-threatening in a worst case scenario.  Though one would think someone with a severe food allergy would not apply to work in a QC testing lab where they will be handling that food all the time.
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    RandiW reacted to jmcbn in What's for dinner?   
    King prawn coconut curry, with a side of roasted artichokes, dill pickles & a few cherry tomatoes - low key for the most part but the protein I'd planned ahead, which for me is usually enough to keep me from making poor choices....!!
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    RandiW reacted to ladyshanny in What's for dinner?   
    Scrambled eggs over steamed brocoli topped w/ cubed avocado?
    Ummmm.....chicken thighs braised in compliant marinara tossed over a baked yam?
    Salmon/tuna/crab salad over greens?
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    RandiW reacted to staciemd12 in Starting Jan 24th!   
    The first time I did it, I wanted to get back on track, but also prove to myself that I could do it. It's definitely an accomplishment! I didn't really find it particularly difficult, but I didn't follow the rules exactly to a T. For example, when going out for food (which rarely happened), I ordered something that looked Whole30-approved and went with it without asking details of what it was cooked in, etc. I also think there was once or twice where I unintentionally ate something unapproved (ie salad dressing) but didn't start over. For me, this was the best way to handle the Whole30 and not feel like I was losing out on "life" and also not become discouraged/keep me motivated. I think (and i'm probably one of the only people on here who feel this way) that you can follow the overall principles of the Whole30 but if there are some tiny discrepancies, that's ok....that's life.