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  1. Ash in the Mountains

    Whole30 & Trying To Conceive

    Hey ladies! So I started my Whole60 on January 1, 2017 and conceived on March 2nd! I had classic CM that cycle. I am a believer it helped with my PCOS and I plan to do another Whole60 when it is time for Baby 3. I’ve included a pic of my success story
  2. Ash in the Mountains

    Whole30 & Trying To Conceive

    Hey ladies, I just wanted to update you all to say that Whole30 worked for me! I actually did a Whole60, as I thought it would take me more than the one cycle to get my hormones regulated. Only 3 days after finishing, I conceived! I definitely think Whole30 worked. I had been charting cervical fluid, basal body temperature, OPKs, the works. I was concerned that I was seeing very little fertile cervical fluid, and my temperatures seemed very low (mid 96's). The cycle during the second half of my Whole60 I had classic fertile cervical fluid for the first time. I also lost 13 pounds, so I am starting this pregnancy at a better weight than I would have without Whole30 Feeling happy!
  3. Ash in the Mountains

    Whole30 & Trying To Conceive

    Hey ladies! I'm now on Day 17 of Whole30, expecting to ovulate on Day 27. I'm usually around a 32-day cycle, but last cycle was 39 days! I've confirmed ovulation each cycle by temping, but hoping that moving forward my cycles will be shorter. Mostly so that if we miss the egg, we don't have to wait so long to try again Not sure what to expect during Whole30...I've read that those not on birth control have a delayed cycle at first?
  4. Ash in the Mountains

    Whole30 & Trying To Conceive

    I am in the same boat, we have been TTC our second baby for the past three months but I have noticed potential hormone issues like low BBT and less fertile quality CM. I'm hoping to regulate things through diet. I'm on Day 6, so far so good!