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    When to reintroduce wine

    Am wrapping up my first Whole 30. While I haven't weighed myself, I don't think I have met any of my goals, but it has been a terrific experience and I intend to maintain my whole 30 foundation over time--- THANKS SO MUCH As I begin my reintroduction, is there a recommended artificial sweetener(for my coffee). The amount sugar added to our processed food is staggering, a real eye opener, and I want to continue avoiding as much sugar as possible. Secondly, you reference using Natural Agave Tequila, how can you tell if it is Natural Agave? The labeling on alcohol is nearly non existant rEH
  2. Ed Howell

    Compliant beverages

    I do too...in fact all their flavors
  3. Ed Howell

    Compliant beverages

    thanks for the clarification, it wasn't listed among the acceptable foods and I made the assumption that it wasn't. BTW, I can't imagine anyone using unsweetened cranberry juice as a sweetener :-(
  4. Ed Howell

    Compliant beverages

    Why isn't unsweetened cranberry juice permitted and unsweetened Pomegranate Juice is acceptable
  5. Ed Howell


    I appreciate your personal response...very professional. Yes, my primary issue right now is "sugar" Help me some more here-- How can I tell by reading the label if the sugar listed is natural or added? Can I conclude in barefoot products that the sugar is natural. --- So far I have not consumed a single packaged product that listed any "sugar" rEH
  6. Ed Howell


    I'm on day four of the program--- and have fully accepted the admonishment of "NO SUGAR"-- at all meaning that if it lists "sugars 0mg" there is sugar in and stay away from it!!! As I have a moderate fitness regime I saw Melissa's promo of the Barefoot provisions "whole meaty" kit...so I ordered it to tide me through the times I can't access fresh foods... to my surprise there were a number of items that had a significant amount of sugar---namely Epic Chicken Meat with Curran Seasoning-- 5g of sugar Wild Zora Chilli Beef meat and veggie bar-- 8g of sugar Epic uncured bacon -- 2g of sugar What give here...is this program totally sugar free or not? rEH
  7. Ed Howell

    Trader Joe's Almond Milk

    Hey, but this says "less that 1 gram of sugar---doesn't that rule it out
  8. Ed Howell

    Are you new here? Welcome!

    Started Jan 1 ---so far/so good rEH