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  1. Egg and Fish Whole30 and Crossfit. ALWAYS HUNGRY!

    Aaah, so many eggs! Thank you for the suggestions! I've been diligent about prepping lunch and dinner, but pre and post wo alludes me, and I go to the gym straight from work, so I don't usually get it right. My homemade mayo has really improved so I guess I'll put it on everything. This will be something to work on.
  2. I am on day 24 of my 1st Whole 30. I initially had some challenges with energy levels during the first half or so of the program. I go to crossfit 5x a week and I was definitely feeling like there was no gas in in the tank. At this point I am feeling GREAT in my workouts, and my performance and recovery has improved. However, I'm CONSTANTLY hungry. One of my goals with the program was to tackle snacking. It has always felt more mental than physical (oh look, it's 10:30, let's have some carbs, oh now it's 3:00, time for an apple!) and while I was able to abstain for the first week and a half or so, but not now. After I eat my meals, I just don't feel fully satisfied, but also can't bring myself to eat much more for a little while. After awhile I then need a snack. Is this typical? Typical day: M1: 1/4 frittata (the whole thing is 6 eggs, one sweet potato, one white potato, mushrooms, onion) Coffee, black M2: I portion canned tuna or 3 hard boiled eggs, made into a "Protein salad" with mayo, 1/2 avocado, roma tomato mixed and put over 2 cups mixed greens Snack: Hard boiled egg, or 1/2 to a full Lara Bar. Whichever I have on hand at the office Pre workout: some carrot sticks and 1/4 avocado or HB egg, sometimes a half a larabar Post WO: some avocado or a few bits of sweet potato, sometimes the other half of a larabar M3: Portion of fish (generally cod or salmon) or 4 eggs - with a veggie and a sauce of some kind I'm drinking herbal tea all afternoon and sipping black coffee throughout the morning on most days as well. Thanks!
  3. Can we do this for under $400/week??!!

    We had the same sticker shock, initially. Some of the changes we have made were to buy salad/spinach blends, as well as cooking oils, eggs, onions, potatoes, canned tuna and salmon, nuts and some meats (the kind that can be individually wrapped and frozen) at Costco. Just between the two of us we go through a massive amount of salad greens and eggs, so we aren't having any food go to waste, as I might have expected. My fiancee eats meat, so we buy one big pack of meat, properly wrap and freeze it and then he has individual cuts to cook each night. I am doing my whole 30 on eggs and seafood only, so we go through a HUGE number of eggs on this plan and it's way more affordable with the bulk size containers than the regular dozen carton. This does mean we hit two stores for our weekly shopping, but it's worth it, because we only have to shop one day, and it lasts. We are also saving money. Remember that you're saving by not eating out, and that getting some of the ingredients (like the cooking fats for example) are going to be a big initial cost that will last a week or two. I also try to tell myself that I'm also paying for the experience of spending more time in the kitchen cooking with my partner, instead of staring at our screens and that also has a value. Maybe grasping at straws there. Best of luck!