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  1. I guess I'll find out on Saturday if having a little bit of sugar awakens the beast! :-)
  2. Perhaps, then...the ISWF book should not have included "ice cream after dinner" as a sample way to re-introduce dairy? You see...I take the book as bible and I was already very excited about a small serving of ice cream on re-intro day 1! I'm starting on Feb. 1st ... and getting a little nervous about this!
  3. michelle_w

    Rescue my mayo

    I am going to conquer mayo if it kills me (and my budget!!). I was at Target yesterday, looking at immersion blenders and food processors. I could only purchase one. I ended up with the food processor for it's multi-function but I'm probably going to end up buying the immersion blender as well...JUST for the mayo making! I hate to have one-purpose kitchen tools but I also hate not having mayo. What else do you use your immersion blender for?
  4. michelle_w

    Soy Sauce- replacing it

    I did not find the coconut aminos that I bought to taste ANYthing like soy sauce. Is there a particular brand that people are fond of that does taste close to soy sauce?