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  1. Thanks for your opinion. The best GF bread I've found is Bakehouse Canyon. They have Several types even a herb focaccia and raisin cinnamon. Really good!
  2. Thanks for the "pass", I'm off and running. Sunday is my first day of reintroduction so I'm starting a glass of wine. So bad snacks aren't even an option. But I get your comments about all game snacking. Thanks for clarifying. I need turmeric so I will try that drink, it sounds yummy. By the way, what is your opinion about bread or gluten free bread if grains are okay?
  3. Thanks slc_melissa for your thoughts and ideas. I want to try the turmeric drink but I have a question. Do you make the coconut milk and water mix add the spices then add more coconuT milk ice cubes? Or is that what you mix with the water? I've got 3 more days to go, yay! Is snacking alright as long as it's real food and not "no brakes" food? Like during Super Bowl party? Like spinach artichoke dip with cut veggies?
  4. Thanks slc_melissa for replying. I don't always have fruit as I said but it adds a hint of sweetness which is nice. How much fat is appropriate? I'm 5'4" and 110 lbs. is 1 thumb about a tablespoon? I eat 1-2 tablespoons ghee or coconut oil or olive oil in cooking per meal and 3 tablespoons of coconut milk in my decaf in the morning and avocado in 1-2x a day. Plus a few nuts as a snack sometimes. I try to drink 55-65 ounces of water, kombucha, and herbal tea but it isn't always that much. Ive not seen any of the changes people talk about. I understand that it takes longer for some but I thought I'd notice something. My naturopath says I have too much inflammation and a fungus overgrowth. She suggested I cut out nuts and take turmeric. So that's next. After reintroducing foods slowly I will stay as close to Whole30 as possible while we go on vacation and will cut out nuts. Any other ideas? I really appreciate them.
  5. Okay, here is two days a meals. M-1 Turkey kale butternut squash onion kale hash about 2 cups cooked in 1 T coconut oil M-2. Tuna salad 1can tuna ½ c celery ½ Apple ½ onion ½ avocado M-3. 1 ½ lamp chops, 1 cup W30 butternut squash soup, 2/3c W30 cauliflower rice, 1 ½ c salad greens, tomato, pepper, cuke, olive oil and vinager M-1. 8:30 am 1 ½ c turkey hash (above), 1c berries & banana with 3T coconut milk M-2 Salad with 2-3 oz ahi tuna, ¼ c each avocado, grapefruit, radish, Olive oil and vinager. I ate this at 12:30 and wasn't hungry until 5:30 M-3 3.8 oz chicken breast, ¾ c red potato, chicken gravy, ¼ avocado. Post workout meal- 2 hours later- 3 oz chicken breast, 2 T gravy, ½ c butternut squash soup, ½ c cauliflower rice, ¾ c mixed salad with oil and vinager the last 4 meals were smaller ones and I felt better this way. I eat fruit at the end of a meal because I like that little bit of sweetness. But not every meal. Is that contrary to the ideals? Thank you ladyshanny for trying to help me.
  6. Please advise. I'm discouraged. I want to feel better and see some results. I feel too full even stuffed after meals when I eat the full portion sizes of the template, i.e. Palm size protein, 2x more veggies including green something, fat and sometimes fruit. If I eat less to be comfortable then I'm hungry before time for next meal. My stomach has been bloated most of the time on this plan I'm on day 24 now. I had more energy the first half but now I just tired a lot. I haven't seen any results except more energy in the first half. I'm not sleeping enough. If I go to bed earlier I wake up earlier so I'm getting maybe 7 hours. My dermatitis hasn't improved at all. It flares every two days and only calms down because I use steroid cream. I read some other posts about keeping a food journal so I will do that from now on. I've cut out eggs and will stop nuts and then nightshades. How long should I stop each one before reintroducing each one? I'm 76 years old and usually eat small meals more often, like 5-6 a day. My snacks are real food like a few nuts, meat stick, fruit, cut up veggies and eggplant dip. Older people I know agree they can't eat large meals anymore so how can I manage this without feeling so full and uncomfortable?
  7. I'm really sorry this posted more than once. I wasn't aware that happened and I don't know what I did. Yes I try to get my 55 ounces most days. (I way 110 lbs) even when I do I wake up very dry. I have chronic nasal congestion and post nasal drip and I have tried nose sprays, neti pot, sinus rinse, and other decongesting herbal formulas and OTC medicine, which by the way dry you up. Nothing works. I haven't done a sleep study yet and am considering it, however I don't have any symptoms of sleep apnea. But thanks for the suggestions. I did some searching online and found several home remedies that I'll try and others might be interested in. Namely, increasing fluid intake, cayenne pepper, fennel seeds, slippery elm, oil pulling, aloe Vera, lemon, and grape seed oil. Last night I put some lemon slices in water and sipped it during the night. It helped better than plain water. For canker sores these remedies were given, honey, coriander, licorice root, moist tea bag, aloe vera, tea tree oil, baking soda, peroxide, sage, fresh onion, and cayenne pepper. I am swishing aloe Vera and also baking soda and peroxide. I also found a DGL powder that I might try. It's also good for ulcers, acid reflux and other digestive issues. Maybe after a month of Whole 30 all these problems will clear up. Wouldn't that be great?! Thank you your time.
  8. 1. I have a very dry mouth usually only night and a sip of water doesn't help much. I don't take any mess and I usually drink enough water during the day (some days maybe a cup or so less). I don't take any meds; it's because I breathe through my mouth when I'm sleeping. My dry mouth spray has xylitol, eek! Which I just discovered and has set me back 4 days. Any suggestions for a replacement during the night when water doesn't help? Sometimes my mouth is all stuck together and it's hard to open it literally. 2. I have had chronic canker sores for years and only treatment that has helped is DGL Ultra (deglycyrrhizinated licorice) taken at the first sign. Usually they go away. It has lots of no-nos (sugar alcohols, starches). I have 3 sores now but no treatment. They are painful and the anathestic gels also have non-compliant ingredients. No one know what causes them; I hope doing Whole30 will help. Does anyone have any compliant treatments for canker sores? i await your reply with "baited breath"
  9. Can I ask another question please? Greatest posted several Whole 30 breakfast ideas. I made Cinnamon Apple Nut breakfast porridge and Banana Chia pudding. Are they considered just fats and fruit? And I need to add a serving of protein? I'm not sure how to break it down to the elements.
  10. I appreciate your input. I don't want to tell my husband I'm starting over because he's looking counting the days when we can go out to eat "whatever" again. He is supportive but not participating with me. He loves bread and sweets so that's what I face everyday. He eats what I cook though and adds-on..
  11. Hi jmcbn, to answer your question "Why I felt the need to continue Juice Plus?" It has made a big positive difference in my food sensitivies over the year I've been taking it and I had no idea it had anything but fruits and veggies in it. I thought more of those is good, right? I've been reading every label and eliminated everything on Whole 30 list, I thought. I just happened to read the ingredients 2 days ago. Isn't bran indigestible and just passes through unabsorbed? Just asking? The mistake was just that, but I get the point. I have been totally compliant for 2 days so I guess I'll rewind to January 6. I made it through a birthday party last night for which I cooked a Whole 30 compliant meal and then watched while my family ate cake and drank wine so I feel good about my commitment. Any other advice is welcome. Thank you.
  12. I just discovered that the Juice Plus Garden Blend I've been taking for a year has rice bran and oat bran. It's mostly veggies so it can't be very much in 2 capsules, but there it is. I've taken them 3 times in the six days I've been doing the whole 30. I assumed it contained only veggies so I didn't check before. So does it really matter to the program?
  13. This is my first Whole 30 and I'm on day 5. I have not felt any negative side effects on the timeline. However I have felt way too full after every meal even though I'm not having full size servings. Do I really have to eat that much? I generally eat healthy but during the holidays I ate sugar, gluten, dairy and alcohol. The only thing I say I'm wanting is a glass of wine. I was feeling hungry around 9:30 tonight even though I was stuffed after dinner. So I had a 2 inch piece of banana. Is that legal?