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  1. Lara L, I am on day 30 and I just received my fasting lab results kidney levels are high, my cholesterol was 298, Triglycerides are 280, HDL 40 and LDL 202. I have never had a high cholesterol in my life. The doc is telling me to reduce fatty foods. I am not seeking medical advice, just wondering if this could be from too much healthy fat? I really don't get it. Bummed Out!
  2. What to Expect Calendar (Symptoms)

    jmcbn, If you someone finds themselves behind the timeline by a number of days in some cases, might this suggest that their system may be more 'messed up' and in need of a longer than Whole30?
  3. I am on day 23, and planning for my reintro as well as considering life after the plan. What happens if I reintroduce each food group separately as the plan calls for and I see no appreciable adverse reactions? Should I then focus on keeping as many added sugars as possible out of my daily eating; eat from the other food groups as I please still focusing on satiety at each meal? What is the long-term goal of folks that have completed the first Whole30 and find no adverse reactions from the foods they eliminated? Is it possible, some folks primary challenge was too much added sugar in their daily intake? Any helpful advice or experiences would be appreciated.
  4. Tessamae's Ketchup OK?

    The Tessamae's seems to work well in our meatloaf, but woke my wife's sugar dragon when she used it as a topping. We now use salsa as a condiment on it.
  5. Day10-14 - Itching all over

    On day 16 and have noticed some occasional bothersome itching, but unlike Websterdaisy's experiences it does not seem to be increasing but rather waning in significance for me. Could this be a natural part of the body adjusting to eating this way?
  6. Tessamae's Ketchup OK?

    Hey ArtFossil & slc_melissa, Thanks for your encouragement in what I believe was a day's extension of the "kill all things" mode. I guess I was just cantankerous and frustrated. Happy to report I'm on day 15 and have gone down a belt loop size and am feeling good about my prospects. Made my own mayo last night (was a breeze) and will try my own ketchup in the future. I am having some difficulty with elimination and sleeping. But hopefully this will resolve in days to come. Looking forward to succeeding in the second half... Take care
  7. Help! Should I start over?

    It's up to you:
  8. Tessamae's Ketchup OK?

    Thank you both slc_melissa and Art Fossil, I've committed for 30 we'll see how it goes.
  9. Tessamae's Ketchup OK?

    My wife had heard of the plan and bought the book about a year ago and wondered if I would want to try it with her. NO CHEESE!!! I thought, but as the year went by and I continued to eat unhealthy I found myself nearing wits end. I knew this year was going to be a change year for me and instead of Weight Watchers, Atkins, or some other plan I was hoping for a move toward a lifestyle shift. I always thought it would be more vegetarian inspired eating plan my wife would want to move toward; but anyway I relented and I read the book during the holidays and felt I wanted to know how myriad foods were affecting me and in which ways. I am an avid home-brewer and recent winemaker, so I believed this was going to be a bit of a challenge for me. However I committed, and felt if I was going to do it, I was going to give it 100% effort. Being the "all or nothing" person I am and working 12 hour days/nights I wanted to take the rules and follow them right down to the letter. I cut out all of my supplements be cause they all contained ingredients ending in ---ose and almost stopped my daily low-dose aspirin until I read the part about a doctor's prescription trumping all rules. Yet, if I had to cut corners due to my schedule, I would do so with compliant products instead of making my own. That is where I fear I am running into too many gray areas. At least (I should say) too many for my personality. I wanted to do everything correctly and in the spirit of the program. In this way I feel I have failed. I will likely continue eating this way for the rest of the 30 days for my wife's sake, but for me I may need something a bit more concrete and assured for my reset. As good as this plan may be physiologically, my sense is...If you do not believe in it, your success will be measures less than if you had. Thank you for listening and helping.
  10. Tessamae's Ketchup OK?

    Perhaps this is not for me...As I read the book and poised myself for strict adherence over 30 days to a new way eating, I expected the rules to be as clear cut and as the stringent as the expectations the text purportedly girds you for. To me this not the case. Thank you for your contribution
  11. Tessamae's Ketchup OK?

    slc-melissa As I wrote in my original post: The book "Whole30 The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom" states on the page of their ketchup recipe: "Don't expect the familiar 'Heinz 57' from this recipe-grocery store ketchup is thick and sweet thanks to sugar...We could use date paste to make our ketchup sugary, but that's not really in line with the spirit of the Whole30." If something is not in the spirit of the whole 30...I think it's out! Yet dates are included in the ingredient list of Tessamae's organic ketchup which is in the Whole30 Approved kit on their website. This is but one example. I find this type of contradictory information frustrating.
  12. Tessamae's Ketchup OK?

    Thank you for the clarification and I am sorry for the double just seems the older posts do not get as much response. The most challenging part of this plan for me is the contradictory information between the book and other Whole30 Approved sources when you are trying to follow the plan to the "T". One minor slip up...even by accident and you're recycled back to day 1. With the amount of confusion generated by the conflicting literature put out by the plan, it's a wonder everyone isn't back at day 1. Quite frustrating I must say. Not so sure I want to do this anymore... Thanks again
  13. Tessamae's Ketchup OK?

    Thank you for the reply ArtFossil My primary challenge is: the book states not to use dates to sweeten the ketchup, but then a ketchup that is offered as "Whole30 approved" contains the very ingredient the book tells you not to use.
  14. Tessamae's Ketchup OK?

    I added a post to a January 2016 topic regarding Tessamae's ketchup. I thought I would also post it here to see if folks have any thoughts...Regarding the Tessamae's ketchup. I used it in a meatloaf yesterday and the meatloaf was fantastic. My wife used it on top of her meatloaf as a condiment and I used salsa. When she read the ingredients...she said it contained DATE PUREE! I bought this as part of a "Whole30 Pack" on their Tessamae's website. However, in the recipe section of the Whole30 book for Whole30 ketchup it clearly states in blue lettering as a highlighted note: "Don't expect the familiar 'Heinz 57' from this recipe-grocery store ketchup is thick and sweet thanks to sugar...We could use date paste to make our ketchup sugary, but that's not really in line with the spirit of the Whole30." How does one interpret this?