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  1. Feb. 6 start date

    More than half way there how are you doing?
  2. Hi everyone! None of my local markets have compliant breakfast meats. Can someone please help me out with an online source where I don't have to buy massive amounts. Thanks!!
  3. Thank you! I eat lunch at 12:15 get home around 4 and DH and I don't eat until around 6:30 so I do get hungry and they do help me get to dinner time without eating anything. I still eat big meals though.
  4. Hi I have been having a warm mug of bone broth when I get home from work and usually a kombucha about an hour later. Are they considered snacks or drinks? Thanks.
  5. Feb. 6 start date

    Hi everyone how are you doing? I got all the prep done last night but forgot my fat for my breakfast and my lunch. I used fat in the prep but intended to include avocado with both meals...weird to worry about forgetting the fat. I weighed myself this morning and took a before pic of my face without makeup before my shower my h will take the before pics of my body tonight. Enjoyed the Superbowl and its indulgences tremendously but feel ready and able to tackle this. My challenge will come when I get home after work but I have strategies
  6. Feb. 6 start date

    I searched Pinterest and the Whole 30 book for recipes and uploaded them to It allows you to store recipes and put your menus on a planner plus it generates a shopping list for you.
  7. Feb. 6 start date

    Ye Absolutely! I plan to make egg muffins on Sunday to feed me all week. Not sure what fat is in the recipe but I wouldn't mind topping them with avocado.
  8. Feb. 6 start date

    There is a Template on this site...can't remember which tab at the top but you can find if if you search for Meal Template you will find it. It is 1-2 servings of protein about the size of your palm a piece of fruit and the rest of your plate veggies also 1-2 thumb lengths of fat or 1/2 an avocado....A boat load of food for sure I found the link here you go
  9. Starting Monday after Super Bowl Feb 6

    So sad it is non Compliant but so glad I found it out now. I am going to hunt for something that will work and let you know what I find.
  10. Starting Monday after Super Bowl Feb 6

    I just read the label and realized that it contains "Soy Lecithin" now I don't know if it is compliant so I will check it out and report back
  11. Feb. 6 start date

    I am also hoping for better sleep and more energy. I have a hard time working up the motivation to work out in the winter and I hope this will give me the boost I need to move more.
  12. Feb. 6 start date

    I am starting the 6th too. Looking forward to it. Good Luck! Do you all mind if I check in here to see how things are going or if I am feeling weak? I want to drop a bit of weight but am hoping to clear up my life long sinusitis as well as my rosacea. I love wine and dairy those will be my toughest challenges. Emw3o I hope you enjoy not weighing and measuring! I hope you find it to be a really liberating experience.
  13. Starting Monday after Super Bowl Feb 6

    I have a fruity herb tea that I think will work well to replace the ritual of red wine and the bubbly water with lime or the mocktails in the book will be my cocktail substitute. It will be hard for a day or two but I hope it gets easier over time. I tell myself "If alcoholics can give it up what will it say about you if you can't." But I will miss it big time. Good Luck!
  14. I have to travel over an hour to get to a TJs so am wondering if I should order from Amazon instead.