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  1. How Do You De-Stress?

    This sounds exactly like me 3 days ago. I had an awful day at work, my live-in boyfriend was driving me crazy (I think he might have been breathing too loud next to me on the couch?), and my constant string of group texts with my sisters had me ready to throw my phone out the window. Normally I would do what you said...pour a glass of wine and sit my butt on the couch for some trashy reality TV for an hour or two. Not being able to do this made it even worse. I know you said you hate baths, and I agree with you, but I turned the shower on high heat to get the bathroom foggy, took a longer than usual shower where I basically just stood in the stream of water for 15-20 minutes, went the full nine yards afterwards with lotions and pampering (something I normally hate), and finished with some comfy sweats and a mug of hot tea. Now 9 days ago before I started Whole30, what I just described would have sounded awful.. I'm known to put off washing my hair until my boyfriend says something... but it was exactly what I needed. It worked for me when I didn't expect it to and maybe it'll work for you too. I hope you can find something that works for you even if it takes trying out a couple of different methods.
  2. So... I Weighed Myself

    Thank you everyone for your input!! I know I wasn't doing any good by stepping on the scale and I wish I hadn't, but the NSVs (a calm stomach) will overshadow the number on the scale any day. I'm also encouraged to hear that overeating isn't likely in my case. Sometimes I just need a little tough love Here is a quick rundown of an average day: Breakfast: 8 oz homemade beef bone broth, espresso, two over hard eggs and a few slices of avocado or breakfast casserole ( made with eggs, broccoli, onion, sweet potatoes, mushroom, coconut milk, and nutritional yeast) Lunch: tuna or chicken salad (made with homemade mayo, mustard, hard boiled egg, celery, pickles) with celery sticks and an apple with almond butter or dinner leftovers Dinner: roasted lemon chicken thighs, pan sautéed kale, roasted potatoes (pretty topical dinner make up of protein and 1-2 roasted/sautéed veggies) If I snack throughout the day it's usually a larabar or apple with almond butter. I drink water, LaCroix, and unsweet iced tea throughout the day and end the night with a cup of sleepy time camomile tea. I can't say enough how drastically different my diet is on whole30 compared to the last 2-3 years of my life.
  3. I'm sad to admit it.... but I weighed myself this morning and now understand why they say not to. A little back story... I'm 5'4", 25 years old, and have been carrying around about 30 extra lbs for the past two years or so. In college I fluctuated from between 120-125 lbs and looked and felt great. When I graduated, I took a job that required traveling and living in hotels about 11 months out of the year. This meant eating fast food, going to restaurants every night, and drinking at the hotel bar more often than not... as expected I put on 25lbs fast. Despite the weight gain I never felt bad. This all changed about 3 months ago. After every meal, regardless of what I ate, it felt like a balloon inflated in my stomach and feeling uncomfortable was an understatement. This also usually coincided with having to run to the bathroom within minutes of eating... gross, I know, but I want to put it all out there. I could never pin point why this was happening as my meals usuaally contained everything... dairy, grains, sugar, beans, and wine (basically every night). I decided something needed to change and fast because I was feeling miserable. Fast forward to my first week on whole30 and I feel AMAZING. No uncomfortable pressure in my stomach after meals, normal bathroom visits, etc. It's only day 7 but I am a believer. Ok, now back to this morning. My sister who lives states away is also doing whole30 and mentioned she weighed herself, even though she knows not to, and had lost 5 lbs! We're different in that she has a huge sweet tooth but she doesn't drink wine like I do and she works out so I figured we were kind of on the same playing field. So I decided to weigh myself this morning and had lost LESS THAN ONE POUND. I was embarassed and am now convinced I'm overeating. I mean my diet has done a complete 180... and nothing on the scale to show for it?? I know this is exactly why they say to focus on small victories like the way I'm feeling, which I'm still amazed at, but I couldn't help but get a bit upset. I'll admit I'm using EVOO to cook with still (versus coconut oil or ghee) and I rarely measure the amount I'm using to coat veg or the pan. I do also have a love for almond butter with apples which after I finish this jar I'm not replacing... but is there more I should be doing? I try not to snack and I eat 3 meals a day generally. Any advice out there?? Even if I don't get any feedback it feels really good to put all of that down in writing. Thanks.
  4. Am I using too much EVOO?

    I like to think of myself as a pretty good home cook but I tend to rely heavily on EVOO for roasting, sautéing, etc. I have coconut oil and ghee on hand but keep mindlessly grabbing EVOO everytime I coat veggies to roast. It's generally only a tbs-2 for an entire tray. Am I really doing myself a disservice? I've asked around and have gotten mixed reviews so I figured I'd bring it here. This is my first go round and I'm on day 4. Thanks in advance for your advice!