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  1. Tashaskye

    I can't keep my picky kids full!

    I'm really struggling with this. My kids are 9 and 15 and and they are constantly "hungry" for snacks, but my 9 yr old son can sit for 2 hrs not eating a dinner he "doesn't like" even if he's enjoyed it before. I'm about at my wits' end because he steals food when everyone is asleep. Emergency Larabars, baking ingredients, old Weight Watchers food I've forgotten about. He has ADHDso it's not an uncommon habit, but he's going to keep himself from seeing the mental/physical rewards and eat us out of house and home to boot!
  2. Tashaskye

    Jan 5th Start Date

    I think because cauliflower is a veggie and not overly altered, and just happens to feel like rice. Chia technically is acceptable as a fat and in a fat-appropriate small serving like nuts. When you eat it as a meal, it feels like a substitute for something both sweet and grainy, and usually when made, includes nuts, fruits, and other things recommended in small amounts. It also does not provide a good serving of vegetables or proteins. That was kind of ramble-ish... But does that make sense?
  3. Tashaskye

    Jan 5th Start Date

    Day three went really well for me and I'm feeling encouraged. Here's to more good days on program.
  4. Tashaskye

    Starting January 4!!!!

    I am a coffee addict, and had gotten to the point where I would stop at the Starbucks drive through every night in the way home "as a treat" and get a holiday drink. Hello, sugar and dairy bomb! I was literally freaking out about black coffee and discovered that Califia unsweetened almond milk is ok and found a brand of coconut creamer at Sprouts without weird additives or sweetener... sorry I'm not there right now but the container is green. I've been doing a tiny bit of each and I'm doing ok! I think the creamer is narrowly accepted, which is why I'm doing just the slightest amount. I don't want to miss the benefits of getting over that creamy, sweet coffee addiction, but I also know I won't complete my Whole30 without drinkable coffee.
  5. Tashaskye

    Jan 5th Start Date

    I started on the 5th as well, and I'm excited to see others at the same stage. I don't know why but I printed the timeline and I'm clutching it for dear life. My day 2 was rough, not with a nasty headache which I expected because that sounds like me, but with horrible cravings ALREADY. That seems weird to me andniwimworried that I'm going to be obsessed withNOT eating cheese every moment of my month.