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  1. Starting March 1st

    Hello. I would like to join you. I finished my first Whole30 a few weeks ago and now I'm trying to get back on track to do another one. So today will be my official day 1 - march 3. I have an auto immune disease and 60 pounds to lose. I lost 8 lbs on my first whole30. I've been trying to figure out why it's been hard to get back on track. I know checking in here will help keep me honest. Also sadly I think it's better for me not to try to do too much else. As in if I start taking on lots of projects I lose focus on Whole30 and it seems to require a lot of focus from me. It's really important to take time for a good W30 breakfast every day or else I'll be in danger of blowing up the whole day.
  2. February 22 Start Date

    For the people thinking about snacks, I love this: make the "ricotta cheese" (mostly macadamia nuts) from nom nom paleo, put it in a date or prune, wrap w bacon or prosciutto, and cook in oven. Omg yum!! I love making cheater deviled eggs- peel a boiled egg and slice it. Make a remoulade with compliant mayo, compliant pickle relish, and cayenne/old bay/your favorite spice mix. Put a little bit on top of each egg slice and eat with a little fork. When desperate I eat terra chips, I eat olives, I eat meat sticks from Trader Joe's, and RX bars. We make a trail mix with nuts, raisins, and coconut (sort of sliced not shredded). My husband always takes some of this to work. You can eat seaweed snacks (nori)
  3. February 22 Start Date

    @OSU_EMM Perrier also makes similar drinks now and Trader Joe's carries another brand. You can get La Croix at Target and Whole Foods
  4. February 22 Start Date

    I feel really bad today- headache tired and achy.
  5. February 22 Start Date

    I rely so much on herbal tea and on the La Croix no calorie, no sweetener sodas! My brain still tells me to have wine though!
  6. February 22 Start Date

    Hello. You don't have to give up coffee if you don't want to but you have to drink it black or w coconut milk
  7. February 22 Start Date

    Hello all. I am re-starting today, Feb 22. This will be my second Whole30. My husband and I did it Jan 8- mid-Feb. and I felt great. I lost 8 lbs, had so much more energy and motivation, had great moods- less depression and anxiety, and had so much more regular bowels and less bloating. Yay! So it's been nearly 2 weeks since then and I've gone back to wine. Plus we just got back from Orlando where we ate hotel food and theme park food (YUK) and I feel like I'm kind of back where I started. So I'm getting back on the wagon and this time I hope to have a much better plan for the end. I bought and read the book and I've been using Real Plans, which was great. Good luck everybody!
  8. Starting Jan 8th, looking for buddies!

    Question for moderators: what's the healthiest fat for frying? I'm not making a habit of frying it I'm making coconut chicken nuggets. Coconut oil burns too quick and I know olive oil is not good for you at high temps. I've used a combo of coconut, olive, ghee, and avocado. What would be the best Whole30 fat for frying? Thanks
  9. Starting Jan 8th, looking for buddies!

    Nearly there guys!! Like many of you will keep going with this! Probably give myself one treat per week after the 30 days- for example I've been thinking about ramen. But I wonder if it will even taste good to me any more. Soooo much more energy and better mood. I know my "belly fat" is down tough I haven't weighed myself.
  10. Starting Jan 8th, looking for buddies!

    Sorry I never responded- no nom nom subscription just importing. I also got the nom nom paleo cook book because she really is great. All her recipes work just like they promise. I've made her Asian meat balls and crackling chicken and I modified a pork stir fry recip for shrimp. They should call it crack pipe chicken- ok bad joke- because addictive.
  11. Starting Jan 8th, looking for buddies!

    Hey everybody. Just checking in to say I'm still here and going strong. I survived my husband's business trip. I did eat kind of junky but within the confines of whole 30. For example plantain chips and pork rinds. It just doesn't seem worth it to cook for one person. This is the longest I have stuck with any diet, plan, or cleanse. Today I have chicken tikka masala in the slow cooker - a recipe from real plans. Whenever I have a moment I cube sweet potatoes or potatoes, boil them with salt until they're nearly cooked, let them cool down, and then put them in the fridge. Then I have a handy tub of them to use any time in a hash or a lettuce wrap or a curry. Top tip for the day Tonight I am going to a concert ( with no drinking obviously) so we'll see how that goes
  12. Starting Jan 8th, looking for buddies!

    i had a tube put in my ear yesterday to hopefully stop the ringing, but it feels like it's made it worse. I feel very uncomfortable, and anxious about my hearing. It is actually so stressful. I feel like the wind has been taken out of my sails. Also my husband is out of town today-Thursday and that has always been a time when I make bad food and drink choices. So please wish me luck, if I can get through the next couple of days that will be really great.
  13. Starting Jan 8th, looking for buddies!

    @Christineamd I've been using butter lettuce- it's soft enough to wrap with - but I could also see romaine or iceberg used as more of a "boat" than a cup. You could also try collard greens. I'm sorry you don't like the real plans recipes. What about something like chicken tikka masala? The Cuban pork we made was from there. It's easy to import recipes from other sites. Go into recipe box and I think there's a button for import recipe and then you simply copy and paste the URL into the window there. With nom nom paleo if you try to do that, the ingredients go in fine but the instructions you have to type in manually- something about the way she formats her website prevents those from going in properly. Hope this makes sense. Real plans has people available to webchat 24/7 for help and advice. Maybe you could chat with someone for recipe suggestions more to your liking. I hope it can work for you. Even my husband loves it. It divides your shop in list into areas of the store, which makes it easy for him to do the shopping. Do you like sushi? What about getting some seaweed wraps (nori) and making hand rolls with cooked shrimp, omelette, and/or avocado, cucumber, bell peppers... there also thus roulette function on real plans- go to meal plan and click on a wedge shape in the upper right. It will suggest something and you can choose thumbs up or thumbs down and keep going through options until you find one you like. Good luck, hang in there.
  14. Starting Jan 8th, looking for buddies!

    Welcome @Kathy Jackman and greetings all. I made the Asian meatballs from nom nom paleo today and they are really good! We did a pork shoulder Cuban style in the slow cooker and that was really good too. We had it with simply-baked spaghetti squash with a little ghee on it. I put most of the meatballs in the freezer for another time. (Even my 6-y-o ate the meatballs). My favorite easy quick lunch remains lettuce cups. I had leftover scrambled eggs, leftover cubes of sweet potato, and I put them in the lettuce cup with bits of fresh mint, cucumber, scallion, and jalapeño. Those were also leftover from an earlier round of lettuce cups - just in a ziplock in the fridge. Man it's just so good. I didn't need to put anything on it- just the quality of the ingredients and the freshness coming through. However it has not all been rainbows and unicorns - my ear is bugging me a lot today and I had this impatient feeling like "Am I still not at my ideal weight? Am I still not in perfect health?" (Ha). The energy and motivation continues and I've moved beyond kitchen drawers and garages into closets!! Salvation Army better bring a big truck. I'm also sleeping like a baby. Looking at the whole30 timeline always helps me feel better about where I am- it expects to you to feel like a grumpy failure on days 9-10, ha.
  15. Starting Jan 8th, looking for buddies!

    @Rkrzywda please hang in there. I was JUST coming on here to say I have so much energy these past couple of days. Instead of laying down looking at the internet I have been reorganizing everything in my house, it's really satisfying. Today I did the garage- normally I would make my husband do that! @RkrzywdaI spend a looooooong time on real plans figuring out my meal plan, moving things around, checking the shopping list... Also I'm spending time on websites like nom nom paleo, the whole 30 website, and well fed. I actually get excited about whole 30 meals from looking at these websites. It's a lot of work and time thinking through it all. It is NOT easy but I already know that it's worth it and I hope you'll start feeling that way too. It might be fun for you to go to a book store and look through whole 30 or paleo cookbooks? Whatever has been easy to eat in your life up to now- find a replacement for it. Like I dunno- if you're always eating cookies then get some whole30 snack bars and eat those instead. Grilling a steak or a burger could not be easier. Use lettuce instead of a bun for your burger... get some good spices and just put a chicken thigh, spices, and ghee in a baking dish and stick it in the oven. Hope this helps it's worth it!!