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  1. Starting January 22nd

    Good for you guys, keep it up! Have you seen the whole 30 timeline? I think your tiredness may have been right on schedule! https://whole30.com/2013/08/revised-timeline/ I do hope you can avoid the surgery. Good luck. Make sure to get a second opinion if you can! Making sausage is definitely daring, that’s cool. Will you put a link to the breakfast casserole recipe? I’d love to try that! Enjoy your weekend as well!!
  2. Starting January 22nd

    Obviously I exclude non compliant ingredients thanks. I get the green goddess I think it’s called- it’s like a Cobb salad- no dressing no bacon no cheese and no pickled onion. Maybe the moderators should think about offering some encouragement from time to time instead of just sneaking up with their “bad news”. I don’t see your name anywhere in this thread up to this point?
  3. Starting January 22nd

    hello out there?? i’m still here ... tonight we made sushi at home- just salmon from the fish market , bell pepper, cucumber, avocado, and a little shredded carrot wrapped in nori. It’s pretty satisfying. Panera salad for lunch ... we made the beef and mushroom recipe linked above and it was really good!! We had that for two days. I ate mine in lettuce cups while my husband would put his on a bed of arugula. He is traveling most of next week which will make it hard. The pantry is full of Girl Scout cookies (my daughter is a brownie) and it’s hard to get motivated to cook for just one person. I’ll need to really plan ahead.
  4. Starting January 22nd

    Hi Christy. Yesterday we had a super easy steak Caesar salad- romaine, cucumber, tomato, grilled steak and Tessa Mae compliant ceasar dressing. Might have that again this week. I’ve got all the ingredients to do this recipe from nom nom paleo https://nomnompaleo.com/post/1710952680/asian-ground-beef-mushroom-and-broccoli-slaw And we are planning cod baked with a sun-dried-tomato and olive sort of paste on top. For more veg we have broccoli and leftover spaghetti squash. Usually planning 3 meals is a good start and the rest is leftovers, stuff we froze earlier, or super easy like eggs. We’ve got leftover roast chicken. I like making lettuce cups curry chicken salad with almonds and a few raisins but since I’m out of curry powder right now I could re heat the chicken with bell pepper, mango, and some Jamaican type seasoning and have that in lettuce cups. Wishing a good week to all.
  5. Starting January 22nd

    Today I was definitely experiencing “kill all the things.” I just wanted my dog daughter and husband to be quiet! I can’t wait to get over the hump and start feeling better! Had Scotch egg with green beans for lunch- my husband makes it with a walnut crust rather than breading and baked it in the oven (I think normally it is fried). And for dinner spaghetti squash and a 4-meat Italian “Sunday gravy” sauce we had frozen back in early-md January. Lots of La Croix and tea but today I’ve been really wanting a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, something I never eat anyway- weird!
  6. Starting January 22nd

    I don’t know about you but I’m having a lot of sweets and carbs cravings. I had potatoes with dinner and a dried fig after which helped a bit, but it’s hard!
  7. Starting January 22nd

    Hello I hope everyone had a good day. I had a chopt salad for lunch and various leftovers for dinner- broccoli, cauliflower, fried plantains, brisket, ham, and steak. Yes weird I know. We have a jar of tahini sauce in the fridge (home-made) that was great on the veggies- tahini, garlic, lemon juice, salt, and water to thin it. I’m loving it on plain steamed broccoli lately. You can also pour it over chicken and potatoes in a baking dish and bake in oven.
  8. Starting January 22nd

    Thsnks for all these! I also would add https://nomnompaleo.com/
  9. Starting January 22nd

    Hello. I am re-starting today. I started on Jan 2 and had a great 2 weeks until I unexpectedly had to travel to Egypt after the death of my grandmother. So I’m starting again today. I did one complete whole 30 about a year ago- it was great- and I had a few false starts since then. I’m still kind of down about my grandmother’s death and behind on things at home so I’m really in need of the support.
  10. Starting January 2!

    Love both her cookbooks and her website.
  11. Starting January 2!

    Last night we had a sheet tray meal- chicken breast coated in ground up cashews and on a separate tray cauliflower, tomato, onion with curry powder. At the end you add fresh cucumber, mint, and cilantro. Pretty tasty. The fresh stuff on top of the cooked was new and good. I have a few hours to pack and get to the airport for my trip to Egypt after saying goodbye to my daughter this morning. Keep going everybody.
  12. Starting January 2!

    I think I’m experiencing this on some days when coffee tastes horrible. Some days it tastes ok, some days sour or bitter... I’m driving my husband crazy.
  13. Starting January 2!

    Thanks for this. Dc is my home town! Hugs from a little farther up I-95
  14. Starting January 2!

    Hi there. If you like Thai, Thai Kitchen makes a compliant, no-sweetener curry paste. Green and red varieties. Comes in a tiny jar probably in Asian aisle. Throw half the jar, 1 can coconut milk, any protein, and any veg in a pot and simmer. Easiest meal in my repertoire.
  15. Starting January 2!

    Thank you so much