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  1. Hopefully this will be useful although I think are very lucky to have such good fresh produce around in general.
  2. glimmer

    Body Odor

    I am wondering if this is common or if I am just lucky but I smell bad doing this! I feel like my sweat smells of meat and fat and its kinda gross. Please tell me this is a phase and will pass..I am on day 5 and only noticed this joy today.
  3. glimmer

    Restarting whole30

    Fender I am/have been logging. I think it is just that last "bad habit" that I am struggling to let go of.
  4. I am looking for some advice/ opinions if people are happy to help. I am on day 11 of my 2nd whole30 but think I might need to restart the whole thing. I have been trying to avoid nut snacks and sneaky swypo stuff (hello blueberries almonds and coconut milk) after dinner. I had been doing ok however twice this week I have had nuts/berries after dinner. And then gone back for a second serve. Does this deserve a Restart? Or am I heading into OCD/ED land here? Part of me is saying "restart this was a habit you wanted to break" Part of me is saying " it's blueberries and almonds, lighten up already" So which of my inner voices would you listen to? : )
  5. glimmer

    Restarting whole30

    Increasing fat and carbs and peppermint tea after dinner helped...still felt the "need" for something after dinner but had the tea and went to bed.
  6. glimmer

    Restarting whole30

    Thanks everyone. I had opened a tin of coconut milk to make my kids some ice-cream, I have dumped the rest of it in the sink now. Can't do the same with nuts and blueberries as I'm not the only one in the house who eats those. I have made an effort to increase my fat and carbs today an hoping that gets rid of the post dinner hungries. I think I need to just go to bed earlier and then the temptation is not there.
  7. glimmer

    Restarting whole30

    Fender..they were mixing coconut cream with frozen blueberries is very tasty : )
  8. glimmer

    Easter menu

    I'm the only one whole30ing here but so far I am making spelt hot cross buns for my family (cause we have to have them apparently) Going to roast a leg of lamb so that is easy, with roast potato/sweet potato and a stack of green beans and Brussels sprouts. Plenty of bone broth in the freezer to make gravy
  9. glimmer

    Sourcing food in Australia Grass fed beef and free range pork, deliver to most of Melbourne or pick up from their store
  10. Yeah, might as well make the most of the restart : )
  11. glimmer

    Best Ever Homestyle Meatloaf

    Yeah, also wondering if I mis-converted something from US to metric. Next question : ) I asked on your blog but will pester you here too. How long would the sauce/ketchup keep do you reckon? I made up the rest of the tomato past I bought for this into sauce for my kids to use.
  12. glimmer

    No time for proper reintroduction

    I had a holiday the week after I finished my first whole 30. It stuffed my re-intro schedule. It has taken me a few weeks post holiday to realise I need to do another whole 30 and a proper re intro with no interruptions. So. Y suggestion would be go enjoy. He trip, come back and start afresh.
  13. glimmer

    Best Ever Homestyle Meatloaf

    Tried th is last night. Next time I will add more eggs as was tasty but crumbly.
  14. glimmer

    Sourcing food in Australia

    My local Bushy Park fruit and veg had taro and yam bean(jimica?) in today. Now I just have to work out what to cook with it
  15. glimmer

    Too much fat??

    My thumb is about 2 teaspoons, I will swap : )
  16. glimmer

    Whole30 Fail - Not enough groceries

    Someone could make money designing a fridge that is all crisper draws : ). I have been shopping for fruit and veg twice a week
  17. As the topic says today is day 25 and I am doing it tough, hungry tired and irritable..I thought the kill all the things/low energy days were in the past. That is a link to my log if anyone has any clues what I might be eating/not eating that is making me feel like this. Today I have eaten B kolhrabi and spinach hash in coconut butter with 3 scrambled eggs Post work out snack of 2 boiled eggs and a banana L salad cucumber beetroot tuna and mayo S almonds D: (will be) roast chicken in ghee and herbs, pumpkin, carrots, broccoli and greens.
  18. glimmer

    Day 25 and doing it tough

    It is nice to know I am not alone, day 27 and just feeling venal fatigue but not as feral/cranky as I have been. I am due to have a break from my weight training in another week as well so my body is just tired in general which don't help Looking forward to the finish line now and deciding what I think I can re-introduce into my diet.
  19. glimmer

    Day 25 and doing it tough

    Thanks Krista. I posted and then searched and it seems to be quite common. I guess I was expecting to just keep feeling "good" rather than feeling great for a couple of weeks and then feeling really flat. Time to myself is pretty much an unknown commodity at the moment, I get about an hour to myself 3-4 times a week to go to the gym and that is it. I am trying to free up some time for myself today so I have my fingers crossed I might be able to relax a bit then. I guess I just need to suck it up and get through the next week.
  20. glimmer

    Sourcing food in Australia

    Safeway has Spiral foods Organic coconut oil on sale for $5 a jar if anyone needs.
  21. glimmer

    Sourcing food in Australia

    Has anyone bought sausages from this mob? I am just wondering what is in them, can't find an ingredient list online...have emailed them and waiting on a response.
  22. glimmer

    Sourcing food in Australia

    So this prosciutto? Where abouts in aldi will I find it? : )
  23. glimmer

    Oh dear :-( snacking

    I am not an expert but I think the idea is to eat enough at each meal to get you to the next. Maybe add your snack veg and nuts to your meals? You haven't mentioned what/how much fat u are eating at each meal.
  24. glimmer

    Wine in cooking?

    I did look I promise but I can't find it on the forum, can I use red wine I beef stew?
  25. glimmer

    Sourcing food in Australia

    Kel Kel - I go in 1/2's with my parents in cows, lambs and pigs. The lamb and pig came from a butcher in Yarragon the cow was done for us by a mobile butcher.