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    glimmer reacted to melbournegirl in Whole30downunder version 2.0   
    Sometimes glimmer I think you just need the extra carbs and fat. I have had similar before with sweet potato and cinnamon after dinner, but that night and the day after I have felt better and haven't self destructed so listening to your body is good!
    And see you did have a good day today!
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    glimmer reacted to Derval in Best Ever Homestyle Meatloaf   
    Ah glimmer, if only those Americans would give up their ye olde weights & measures huh?
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    glimmer reacted to Johnny M in Best Ever Homestyle Meatloaf   
    it should keep maybe a week? I've kept it for 4 or 5 days and it's been fine but realy it never lasts that long for me.
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    glimmer got a reaction from melbournegirl in 21 Days to Awesome   
    Well done on surviving the conference. I imagine you have packing your own food down to a fine art by now : )
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    glimmer reacted to ABW in "Hangover" Feeling on Days 25, 26, 32   
    Well I think I found it - at least the culprit from last night causing today's headache - sodium metabisulfite in lime juice.
    Which calls for a restart, but "technically" I'm done... maybe I should just have a glass of wine to celebrate finishing and start again tomorrow?
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    glimmer got a reaction from Cassie M in Cassie M's W30, Part Deux   
    It's funny the things we beat ourselves up over..pistachios ..of all things. : ) I had the same thoughts last night about blueberries and almonds
    Hope your shoulder eases up. I find its day to day things that make mine flare up
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    glimmer got a reaction from melbournegirl in Whole30downunder version 2.0   
    Day 8...still waiting for the magic to happen, I'm sure I felt better than this last time but then again I wasnt injured then. I just looked back at my previous log and I was eating a lot more fruit,nut butter, and coconut milk last time around.
    These are foods I have been limiting/avoiding so that might be part of it
    M1 leftover meatloaf, sweet potato salad greens and olive oil
    PreWOS: hard boiled egg coconut oil
    Wo: gimpy weight I know why they have those teeny dumbells at gyms : (
    Post WOS: leftover cinnamon sweet potatoes, hard boiled egg
    Lunch: 1 palm meatloaf, 1/2 avocado cucumber tomato lettuce
    S: hard boiled egg
    M3: steak with mushroom gravy, sweet potato fries and salad.
    Pleased that I got wo snacks sorted today. Still looking for a little sweet something today but haven't given in.
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    glimmer reacted to Meg Poore Tuttle in I just want to be free from food.   
    Do you know what I mean? I have struggled with relying on food for emotional "support" for more than five years of my life. WOW. I am done. I am so over feeling like I have no power to say no to food that doesn't offer good psychological, hormonal, healthy guy and healthy immune function. I am just done with this. Done with relying on food when I'm lonely, sad, angry, frustrated (even happy!). What will I do?
    Tomorrow I will make decisions to support the four food standards. Making choices to benefit me and the body that God has given me! I am excited, nervous, scared and READY!!!!! Tomorrow... Day 1/30. I am ready!
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    glimmer got a reaction from melbournegirl in My Whole100 21.Dec.12 to 31.Mar.13   
    Jelly beans are not worth it anyway...can you imagine how craptacular you would feel after eating those?
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    glimmer reacted to melbournegirl in My Whole100 21.Dec.12 to 31.Mar.13   
    The last week or so has been a pretty good week compliance wise. Good sleep, proper meals, no caffeine. Just getting back into exercise again after having a week off.
    Only two more weeks to go.
    Realising that not much will change after my whole100. I will not be eating noncompliant foods on a regular basis. I will still have problems with some compliant foods and ups and downs, I am thinking that I might find it a little easier afterwards when the psychological pressure to conform has been removed and that I won't stress so much about having to have plenty of food on hand just in case I don't get the shopping done in time or have enough time for cooking etc
    Light bulb moment here...thinking about the 2.8kg can of jellybeans I have waiting for me in the cupboard since Xmas and thought to myself, would I actually be upset if I decided not to eat any... And you know what? I don't think so!
    THIS is huge! Have I broken my sugar addiction finally? Or more likely have I accepted my sugar addiction? Like a few others I am enjoying the freedom from this demon and I am not sure I want to ever give any power back to it again.
    Must sleep on this novel concept!!!
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    glimmer reacted to Johnny M in Johnny's 2013 whole30   
    My last day isn't until tomorrow. But I'm too excited not to post this!

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    glimmer reacted to KettleBELLE in A new Whole30 for KettleBELLE   
    I'm kicking off a fresh Whole30 tomorrow & have set myself the goal of checking into the forum every day & posting a bit about my process.
    My first Whole30 was last August & I had great success with it. For 25 days. I know... 25 & then... I had all the best benefits of the Whole30 however life intervened in the form of a hugely difficult, stressful breakup (my testimonial about this was published on this site by Melissa). So that was awful & also not directly connected to the W30, of course, but it was through the positives of the W30 that the negative aspects of my life were brought to light. That breakup brought about the usual need for comfort & habit & also led me to explore all sorts of relationships, & myself, a bit differently.
    I really beat myself up about not completing a whole W30, as good as I felt doing it & as sure as I am that Whole9 is the right lifestyle for me, about letting 'life' get in the way of what I wanted (or just wanted to control!) -- &, of course, putting that sort of pressure on myself catapulted me into the opposite direction.
    After the holidays I took an opportunity to dive & disappear into work & calm down & figure out a new re-approach to the healthy lifestyle I want. It's always been a challenge for me to be extremely independent & self-motivated when it comes to fitness & nutrition, but it's also been a long-term goal. I love having a coach or trainer or following a plan. While there's nothing wrong with this long-term, especially if it works, I also truly want to figure out what works best for me & gain confidence in my ability to set & achieve my own goals.
    In investigating the best next step for me I came across Coach Scott Abel. He writes a lot on women, fitness, nutrition, emotional health, etc. One piece that he's written said, to paraphrase, when we are healing our energy is being directed inwards &, sometimes, this means that there may be less energy to apply to outward things. For me, I understood that I needed to take some time to work through my emotions & let my usual focus on gym & body goals lessen a bit. This was simply my experience: a lot of my emotions were trying to figure out how to be more connected to, & proud of, my body.
    Anyway, so here I am!, ready to put it back together again, in a more effective way! My clothes are a bit (ok, a lot) too tight, my bad habits have crept back in, & I need to build my strength back up at the gym. But. Here's the thing: my mind is so much quieter & calmer than it was last August when I kicked off my first W30 in smaller-sized lululemon while crushing gym goals.
    This is a huge experiment for me at the moment. I've changed gym environments (my last one produced some great results, coupled with massive anxiety), have a great support system, have worked for some more stability in my work life to also support a renewed focus on myself, & am very, very ready to move forward!
    I know how good the Whole9 lifestyle is for me -- I don't need to be sold on that -- but I know this W30 will present it's own challenges. I won't be surprised if some of the emotions from last August come round again & it'll be hard to bag the habits I've also been reassociating with 'comfort'.
    One of the goals I have for myself for this W30 is to post a bit about each day, to be very open about this process, & hopefully to find (& give) encouragement, & work through the tough stuff.
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    glimmer got a reaction from Zoodles in Whole30downunder version 2.0   
    Day 2 looked at meal plan guidelines last night (that might help hey) and used the template to put together breakfast. I have not been eating enough for breaky while between whole30's!
    So massive meal 1 today to hopefully keep some of the crankys at bay
    7 hours broken sleep last night. End of a heat wave here. Kids are tired, cranky and out of wack. Going to be a long day...maybe not the best time to try cutting down on coffee.: )
    Meal 1 fist size piece of sweet potato mashed and mixed with a shredded zuchini and 2 eggs, fried in 2 teaspoons coconut oil and topped with baby spinach, a palm size piece of chicken breast and 1/2 an avocado
    Meal 2 impromptu picnic at the park, 1 palm chicken breast, 1 hard boiled egg, 2 teaspoons mayo, grated carrot, cabbage and shredded spinach. (Didn't eat enough and was hungry 2 hours later..more carby veg at lunch tomorrow)
    Meal3 boiled egg, 1/2 a palm chicken breast, 2 teaspoons mayo, 1/2 avocado, carrot and cucumber
    Meal4 planning BBQ chops with onion, tomato and zuchinni. This wasn't enough, either thwt or I have to stop watching MKR lol. Had small handful of almonds and blueberries and a cup of peppermint tea
    Coffee intake 2 cups...not 3pm and hanging for a cup...but peppermint tea will have to do....
    Cassie- sorry to hear you are going through this too, it is so debilitating. I am still at the ice take anti-inflam stage of treatment...hoping it doesn't get worse, physio is going to try acupuncture next time I'm in.
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    glimmer reacted to melbournegirl in Whole30downunder version 2.0   
    Yeah but you rocked day5 except for the stinky
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    glimmer reacted to martihana60 in Oh, it is ON --martihana60   
    hey. psssst! did you notice? Several days lately I have not eaten that fourth meal. Have not needed it. Have not thought about it. Me likey.
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    glimmer reacted to martihana60 in Oh, it is ON --martihana60   
    So. Day 40! [[[Oops, no, I think today was day 39]]
    I slept in and was running very late, so the quickest compliant breakfast was a bowl of chili. It was yummy! Have had one cup of tea today, no coffee yet, though I may get one now.
    Lunch. GRRRRrrrrrrrr. "All hands lunch meeting" here at work. Pizza and salad. Let me just say, "Thank God for the salad, and thank God it had no dressing on it." For those who didn't want pizza, they had chicken wings: a choice between battered and fried or honey-barbecued! How freakin' helpful is that?
    So I had a huge plate of salad (all raw, compliant veggies), and then after this "lunch meeting" I heated up a second serving of chili. YES, I toed the W30 line!
    Going for some coffee now. And maybe a walk. It's gorgeous outside!
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    glimmer reacted to melbournegirl in Whole30downunder version 2.0   
    I had a headache day three and four too, hope it goes soon
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    glimmer got a reaction from melbournegirl in 21 Days to Awesome   
    Where did you get the spaghetti squash?
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    glimmer reacted to melbournegirl in 21 Days to Awesome   
    Thanks, looking forward to the end now though... The bowls of popcorn and open bottles of wine at home are getting harder to ignore.... I don't want to off- road into sugar but I have promised the kids we can open the 2.8kg tin of jellybeans I got for Xmas after Easter....
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    glimmer reacted to praxisproject in Sourcing food in Australia   
    I found compliant green stuffed olives at Aldi
    Deli Originals brand
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    glimmer got a reaction from katyroq in Katy's Whole 30 - Take two (Mar 12, 2013)   
    Hi, sounds like we have some similar goals (re fruit and nut snacks, especially after dinner). This is also my 2 nd whole 30.
    I did my first in Jan and then off-roaded a little too much : ) Good luck with it all.
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    glimmer reacted to Cassie M in Cassie M's W30, Part Deux   
    Oh, what a beautiful morning!
    I woke up 30 minutes before my alarm was set to go off and was completely awake! I laid in bed for 15 minutes of mindfulness and then got up 15 minutes early. Did you hear that?! I got out of bed EARLY, because I was totally awake, refreshed and ready to start my day!
    I went to the gym this morning and did some physio for my shoulder bursitis, ran on the treadmill (15 mins of rolling hills) and did Tabata sprints on the bike for 10 minutes. I love working out in the morning and haven't been able to drag myself out of bed in weeks. I'm so happy that I'm sleeping well and not struggling to wake up.
    Day 4: Thursday, March 14th
    Breakfast: 2 egg muffins with bell peppers, 2 sweet potato cakes
    Lunch: Chicken salad (Mixed leaves, chicken breast, SDT, carrots, pine nuts, balsamic & mustard vinaigrette), Unsalted mixed nuts (the last small portion in the bag!)
    Snack: Homemade kale chips, Sunflower seeds
    Dinner: Pistachio nuts, Haddock, Cauliflower, Pineapple
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    glimmer got a reaction from melbournegirl in 21 Days to Awesome   
    Just started a 2nd whole30 yesterday. Did ok for a little bit but sugar got the best of me. Carrying an injury which limits my exercise at the moment so need to tighten up the nutrition.
    I am so impressed that you are still going strong! Seriously cool stuff.
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    glimmer reacted to melbournegirl in Whole30downunder version 2.0   
    Day5 for me without coffee! I reckon the heat wave was a good excuse for being cranky.... Today is a flat day... Not enough sleep last night and now I just want to eat for energy... Looks like you are off to a good start glimmer. Enjoy the cooler night tonight
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    glimmer reacted to melbournegirl in 21 Days to Awesome   
    Great idea Mary, I need to go to the library for more books! Filling out hospital admission forms sure wasn't the solution... At least now I can forget about this till may... Big sigh of relief.
    Glimmer, welcome back! I missed you, how are you doing?