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  1. Melissa Shelly

    Food questions

    Thank you, JMCBN!!! So helpful. Why not the coconut water….we are allowed coconuts and that’s all it is along with water….
  2. Melissa Shelly

    Food questions

    Ok…here are my questions…. 1) once ghee is open must it be refrigerated? 2) Are we allowed Vita coco water (pure coconut water and that with added pineapple)? 3) Are we allowed coconut sugar? 4) What is a serving size of sweet potatoes? 5) What kind of coconut milk is compliant and what are you using if for? 6) How many is too many Lara bars? 7) Do you not eat something sweet when you feel you need something sweet? Like you don’t eat a fruit dessert or munch on sweet potatoes as a snack when you need something? If that is considered feeding the “sugar dragon” then what do you do when a craving hit? I’m finding it interesting because I often eat when I’m not hungry but feel dissatisfied. Please help! Thanks, Melissa
  3. Melissa Shelly

    Starting Jan. 16th!

    How’s everyone doing on Day 3? Do you know if you need to refrigerator Ghee once you open it? Does anyone do portions? Does anyone snack? I can’t go from lunch until dinner without food. I’m probably not a good example of meal-eating. I made two eggs in ghee with 2 pieces of SF bacon at around 10:30 am. Then I went to play tennis from 12-1:30. Then to grocery store where I had TWO LARA bars (none with added sugar, though). Now it’s at least 3 hours until dinner……hmmm?
  4. Melissa Shelly

    Hello- Day 1 for me

    Hello everyone, I am not sure how to introduce myself other than starting a new topic. If that’s a no-no, I apologize. Just wanted to let you know that today is my first day! The last two weeks I was doing a cleanse, of sorts and was very very similar to the Whole30 except I was allowed to have paleo shakes and beans (which I didn’t eat), stevia (which I loved in my tea and in my morning Apple Cider Vinegar and Lemon drink; and I was not allowed caffeine. Other than that, the same. So in a sense, this is Day 15 but not really since I had the stevia so now I am beginning. My question is, I sometimes am running to a circuit training class early in the morning and I don’t feel like eating anything beforehand….then I’ll have two hard boiled eggs and play tennis. Then I stopped at grocery store—starving. I had a 3rd egg and TWO compliant LARA bars because I was starving. Now I just had two compliant sausages and it’s almost 4 pm. I have some work to do and then I will make dinner. I guess what I”m asking is how I could do this better, rather than grazing all day. Hope to make some connections. Thanks for the support, Melissa