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  1. ChristinR

    Changes in Menstrual Cycle

    Update to the above: I felt better when I woke up, but about 30 mins later the cramps and nausea returned. I decided it was wise to take another self care day, even though I absolutely hate calling out of work. I included some starchy veggies in my dinner last night, but appetite in general has been minimal due to the nausea. I'm trying to eat mini meals when I feel like eating, because I know I need to eat. I am at least trying to drink and stay hydrated, even if I can't actually eat. Peppermint tea is my bff right now, and fruit seems to be more appealing, so I'm making sure it's balanced with a fat or protein at least. Since things are not as severe as yesterday, I am hopeful that tomorrow will be just a normal period day, and I can get back to work, etc.
  2. ChristinR

    Changes in Menstrual Cycle

    I am glad to have found this thread, and will have to go back and read some more, but I wanted to go ahead and post. My cycle has never been super regular, but after I entered my 30s (34 now) it became more consistent although more intense. Cramps, sometimes severe, for the first two days, heavy bleeding the entire time, but lasting exactly 7 days (in the past I could have a very light period but go for 14 days). When I started W30 I was already two days late (I track with an app, and it's become fairly accurate now that I've used it long term). Well that turned into 16 days late, as it finally arrived with a vengeance today. Pain, nausea, light headedness, etc. I actually left work after only being there 2.5 hours. I'm pretty sure I have PCOS or fibroids (mom has fibroids, friend has PCOS and my symptoms line up with hers), but haven't been to the doctor for an official diagnosis. I plan to do so soon though, I just have not had good experiences in the past so it's made me a little hesitant to actually make the appointment. But I know it needs to happen, even if only to give me a reason not to feel bad for missing work. I'm hoping W30 will actually help in the long run, because I know the things I want to eat during my cycle, probably aren't what I should be eating, and therefore make it worse. Right now, I just want to make it through tomorrow without dying.