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  1. Worldismyoyster

    Whole30 Cooking Without Using the Oven

    @FitBitzJourney this is a good example: just omit honey
  2. Worldismyoyster

    Wine cravings.

    It's totally doable. I love wine, I drink wine, i study wine, I did freakin' SOMM TRAINING (the non-drinking part) during whole30 last year. I'm day 44 of my whole45 and very much looking forward to Thursday You can do it! Also, to add: what i found helpful is not replacing the drinking ritual itself - eg not drinking kombucha out of a wine glass, but i keeping my social life (after warning all my bartender friends not to pour me any tastes or alike), and drank sparkling water with or without juice, while still sitting at the same bar and socializing. I found that this way i don't equate lack of booze with lack of social interaction.
  3. Worldismyoyster

    Whole30 Cooking Without Using the Oven

    Grill 'em if you have a grill; Summer's also a great time to switch to fresh vegetables.
  4. Worldismyoyster

    Can the stuffed peppers be made pescatarian?

    I bet shrimp would work well, too, if you eat shellfish (+ cilantro, lime etc), top w avocado
  5. Worldismyoyster

    Looking for very simple chicken crockpot recipes

    Thanks! It's incredibly easy to make.
  6. Worldismyoyster

    Looking for very simple chicken crockpot recipes

    One of my favorite ways to slowcook chicken is a little Persian/ Greek: Chop chicken into about 1" or so pieces, cook with lemon juice, lemon slices, black olives, peppercorns, chopped onions, and a ton - i mean, A TON - of parsley and dill. Looks like this (This was after w30, so DISREGARD the chickpeas):
  7. Worldismyoyster

    Looking for very simple chicken crockpot recipes

    Do you have a whole chicken or parts?
  8. Worldismyoyster

    Tell me about Nutritional Yeast

    i find that it adds kind of a nutty, savory depth. I love a kale salad w NY.
  9. Worldismyoyster

    Veggie toppings

    if you want to step out to a slightly exotic territory, Egyptian spice blend called dukka and an Asian one called Toragashi are very tasty as well!
  10. Worldismyoyster

    Seattle Area - H Mart (Korean)

    Definitely my go-to store for w30! Fish selection here in Boston is amazing, too.
  11. Worldismyoyster

    Boston/suburbs with guests

    Sorry re double post - Blue Ginger and Blue Dragon are amazing with modifications.
  12. Worldismyoyster

    Boston/suburbs with guests

    Yup, Legal is great. I've also had many great compliant meals at Doretta.
  13. Worldismyoyster

    Rural area....

    Great suggestions above. Couple of small things: to cook chicken or fish in the oven, try seasoning it well with salt and pepper (maybe a bit of lemon) and wrap it in foil with some sliced onion and a sprinkle of water - not too tight, more like a little parcel. 350 for 20-30 mins, or until ready (when fish flakes, chicken has no pink juice when pricked w a fork) definitely try extra light tasting olive oil. Two tablespoons is way too much for your eggs - a drop on a paper towel and wipe the pan is more like it, like someone said above. Frozen veggies are cheap and easy - even easier with the Steam-in-a-bag ones Don't think of it as all or nothing for now, try out some meals first. Feel free to reach out to me if you need some help with what to cook, I want to help.
  14. Worldismyoyster

    Help me make softer meatballs!

    I add sauteed onion and a raw potato chopped in a food processor on high (or even a blender) - the starch in the potato keeps them together without making them tough. Also searing them first would help.