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  1. Worldismyoyster

    Psyching up for a December W30!

    Hi everyone! I've started prep etc. I usually do W30 in Jan/ Feb so this is my first December. I'm considering a w60 this year - did a 45 last time. Looking forward! I have a decent shopping list/ menu from previous rounds so gotta dig those out
  2. Worldismyoyster

    Whole30 and Spanish Cooking

    Traditional sofrito is compliant - it's just peppers, onions, oregano, vinegar and cilantro. Do watch for sugar-added tomato paste though. I'm sure it's delicious on meat!
  3. Worldismyoyster

    Psyching up for a December W30! - please note, that this forum and the admins are the best source of info for all your questions. The facebook group is more an everyday-chatter type thing