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  1. Need help to solve a mystery

    Ahhh...yes, that is a really good idea. Likely to be something that is also put in processed bread.
  2. Need help to solve a mystery

    oooo...sure that is possible. Actually the omelette tasted very very bland. I assumed that it must have had some poor quality flour in it because of the same reaction. I live in Hong Kong and restaurants rely on cheap ingredients from China which are often very poor quality. But when I looked at recipes online, I oculdn't find any that had flour in them. But pancake batter would explain it. Would love to hear from chefs that might know how these are made in a busy brunch restaurant...might post on Facebook too to see if there any chefs there
  3. Before whole30 I have been getting really bad reactions when I eat heavily processed bread. Headaches, bloating, very sore upper abdomen. Can't even touch it or wear a bra it is so painful. Lasts all day and night until morning and then goes. This is partly why I wanted to do this programme to try to isolate what was causing it. I assumed it was something in the bread. I have eaten this bread alone as toast and got the reaction and also with eggs before. I don't get it if I make my own bread. I am on day 15 now and yesterday was the first time I have eaten out. I went to a restaurant with friends and ordered an omelette. I asked for no bread and no dairy. It came with tomatoes, mushrooms, and onions. It was one of those very fluffy, puffy French omelettes. A bit of green salad on the side. After 30 mins....same reaction exactly. This one though only lasted around four hours. No idea what might have caused it,can't think of a common ingredient. I have googled recipes to see if it might have been made with some flour but it doesn't seem like it. I saw one recipe with baking soda? Anyone have an ideas?
  4. I feel hungry all the time..

    Give us an example of a couple of days food you have been eating. I might be that you are not eating enough protein / fats. It might also be that you are unused to just feel hungry in a natural sense. Say you eat breakfast at 8. It is normal to feel like you are wanting to eat around 11 and it is ok to feel that until 12 when lunch starts I think. But we are so frightened of feeling hunger for many reasons and rely on snacking.
  5. What is 'antioxidant'?

  6. What is 'antioxidant'?

    Thanks, but from my understanding of food labels this is some kind of additive. Usually it is accompanied by some kind of E number which I can then search such as E330 bring citric acid ( which is ok on this programme).But every now and again I see it just listed as axtioxidant without any E number. I am just wondering if this could ever be a sulfite which is not ok.
  7. Special Meal for Boyfriend's Birthday

  8. What is 'antioxidant'?

    On my tin of coconut cream is lists 'antioxidant' as one of the ingredients. Does anyone know what this might be?
  9. Special Meal for Boyfriend's Birthday

    I can withstand the temptation. And I never try to recreate desserts myself. But I imagine that sharing a special meal with someone special fits in pretty well to the whole30 philosophy. Thanks for the ideas. Yes I had thought of fruit and coconut cream. Just looking for something I bit more...special.
  10. Hi All, It is my boyfriend's birthday next week and I want to cook him a nice meal. He is not on the Whole30 but he is very supportive of me and I want to cook him a whole30 compliant meal so that we can enjoy it together. I have ideas for everything but dessert. As it is a special occasion I would like like to make something sweet to end the meal, but unfortunately he can't eat any nuts and a lot of desserts I have seen have nuts. Anyone have any ideas for what I might make? Thanks!