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  1. Cocoa-Banana-Eggs mix

    Missmunchie, please reply back -- would love to know what you think of this divine food. It's not for everyone, but those of us who love 'em just can't get enough.
  2. Dairy again, but different this time

    Heather, I know this is an old thread, but I just finished my Whole 30, and I have been wondering about how/whether to reintroduce dairy. Your experience is helpful, thanks for sharing. The only time I haven't had some form of sinus congestion is during the Whole 30. After it was over I tried eating grass-fed raw milk cheese (Havarti with apple slices, mmmmmm...) but the congestion came back. I've successfully integrated butter back in, and next I guess I'll try cream, but my experience (and yours) doesn't give me hope for yogurt. Serious bummer.
  3. Breakfast for me is sauteed ground grass-fed beef with fresh salsa and avocado. Lunch is a chunk of left-over chicken and some left-over veggies with ghee, maybe some raw carrots, and a coupla olives. Dinner tonight was Thai fish curry -- take two cans of coconut milk, add about a half can of chicken broth, add some Thai yellow or green curry paste to taste (the more, the hotter), cook some frozen veggies in it (a nice stir-fry blend, maybe), and then add some fish to poach in the liquid (I've used hake and salmon -- both are yummy. I bet even canned tuna would work too.) You could use chicken in this too, or shrimp.
  4. Ghee question

    Hmmm.... It's clear I'm not eating enough ghee. Stepping up my game...
  5. One can coconut milk Same equivalent of chicken stock (home made if you have it) Add Thai green or yellow curry paste to taste Bring to simmer Add frozen veggies, and simmer in broth till veggies are almost tender Poach fish or chicken in broth till done. This'll clean your sinuses right out. Hope you feel better.
  6. What is your favorite way to prepare beet greens?

    I sauteed a bunch this morning in bacon fat and served it with sunny-side eggs on top. Oh, and the bacon, too. Serious yum!
  7. Day 3 - No Siracha! :( Sneaky Sugar!

    Gassiness could be from the gum -- what was it sweetened/flavored with? Some sugar alcohols can cause that.
  8. Soak peanut oil-covered cashews?

    I did this same thing. I caught your post hoping somebody would come up with a solution so we can eat these things. I think Susan has it right -- we have to hide 'em from ourselves until this thing is over. <sigh...>
  9. Post-Menopausal Couch-Potato Gives It A Go

    Shelley, I started December 26. I was afraid if I waited till the first I would talk myself out of it, so I dove right in as soon as Christmas leftovers were packaged up and sent out the door with departing guests. I ate a pretty darned good paleo diet before I started, so I'm surprised at how much of a struggle this is. Yesterday (day 9 for me) I wrote an email to a friend telling her how much I was craving certain foods, then I logged on to the W30 website and found the week-by-week list of what to expect. I'm right on cue -- lots of energy, but having fitful dreams of chocolate, and coffee with cream. Oh, how I miss my coffee with cream! I think it's the first thing I'm going to bring back on day 31. Leslie, please do share your blog with us -- us old folks could use some support! And yes, socializing is hard -- I have friends who are pacing back and forth impatiently waiting for this to be over so we can get back to our lunches and dinners. Tomorrow I'm going to a friend's house for lunch -- and I'm bringing it. For those of you just starting, stay the course! I'm rooting for you! And I sincerely appreciate all the rooting you're doing for me.
  10. Post-Menopausal Couch-Potato Gives It A Go

    See? This is why I'm "practicing" first! My boss makes home-made cinnamon rolls for her staff for holiday presents. Since she knows I don't eat gluten, instead she gave me one of those Costco-sized jars of cashews. It's half-gone already! Clearly cashews are a trigger food for me. Glad to find this out during "rehearsal!"
  11. Post-Menopausal Couch-Potato Gives It A Go

    Luvnbhealthy, you should be bullet-proof after 30 days!
  12. Post-Menopausal Couch-Potato Gives It A Go

    I had dinner on Sunday at a friend's house. She is a fabulous low-carb cook who leans heavily toward paleo, and I enjoyed myself very much. But for the first time in a week I had cheese and other dairy, and... ouch. My fingers are all swollen and sore, I'm all sinusy again, and yesterday I felt... well, hungover. Back on the wagon today. Again, I'm in rehearsal mode now, so any off-plan eating is just me learning to walk. It's interesting that although I'm not noticing any "gains" yet to eating this way, I'm certainly noticing the "losses" when I don't. Very educational. And yes, luvbnhealthy, I think you're right -- I'll back into exercise slowly rather than try to overload myself too much at one time with new stuff. Making it to 23 days was awesome! It's not a failure, it's a test drive. Hop back on!
  13. "Oh my god, what DO you eat ?"

    Thanks for sharing your spreadsheets, mocuishle. As a brand-spanking newbie, this helps me figure out what the heck to eat. Especially the veggies. I'm very tired of broccoli and cauliflower! I'm gonna print out your spreadsheets and plan some menus!
  14. Sleep!

    Can't say enough about HRT. I'm not taking it now, but there was a period of time when it's the only thing that worked for me. I would fall asleep just fine, then wake up right on time at 3:00. Like an alarm went off in my head or something. But that stopped happening when I went on HRT. Good luck -- there's nothing worse than a crappy night's sleep.
  15. Post-Menopausal Couch-Potato Gives It A Go

    Wow, thanks, all, for the great welcome and the votes of confidence! Yes, I'm reading my way through "It Starts With Food." Eye opening! I also bought a copy of Well Fed -- wow, it's terrific! That chili recipe looks awesome. If I play my cards right, I can start my program with a freezer full of already-prepared meals! And yes, I'm thinking about beginning a weight lifting program. I have a book called "Weight Lifting for Old Farts." OK, not really -- it's called "Strong Women Stay Young" byMiriam E. Nelson. It looks like an excellent place to begin. All it requires are some light weights and a chair. I have those. I'm so pleased to have found such a supportive community!