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  1. Starting Jan. 16th!

    Check out the forum. Are you eating enough vegetables? As I recall, too much protein can cause breath odor problems. Also, maybe try cutting out garlic if you are eating it. There is a good article on the blog about starting round two. is anyone else interested in going anywhere ther round? It may really help to have a group friends do this with you again.
  2. Starting Jan. 16th!

    Congrats everyone. We did it. I won't know what I weigh until I get back home in two weeks but I definitely feel better, clothes fit better. And my headaches have just disappeared. I'm going to be very careful re-introducing milk and gluetin is way down the list..I feel like it's cardboard filler for me and I just don't need it. I'm so glad to see everyone's post and I'll be around while re-introducing foods. First up is a glass of red wine... a small glass!
  3. Starting Jan. 16th!

    Hi everyone, winding down..on the final weekend! i love reading all your posts. I'm feeling pretty well, still walking daily. Most of my nerve pain is gone. @Mountain Girl I went out for Mexican food and did the same, guacamole on the spoon, lol. And steamed fajita veggies instead of rice and beans. Valentine's Day ... chocolate? Glass of wine? Follow re-introduction. I'm torn, it's going to be special. I've contacted the bed and breakfast and they're going to accommodate my breakfast needs. I wish it were a few weeks away instead of right after we finish.
  4. Starting Jan. 16th!

    One week to go. I'm also continuing. I'll very gradually start reintroducing some foods and see how it goes.
  5. Starting Jan. 16th!

    @leap75Just going to throw one more possibility out is your gall bladder? Just asking because my daughter always had digestive issues after eating all her life. We thought she was lactose intolerant, turns out her gall bladder was non functioning and it was actually the fats found in proteins that were bothering her each meal. She's 24 and had it removed. I noticed each time you ate meat proteins you seem to not feel well and ALSO noticed you may favor meals without protein. happy to report that my stomach issues seem to have been related to garlic. I've cut it and now feel really good. I hope you quickly find your "culprit"! Everything seems to be going really well. I've had a few moments this past week of missing some foods. Chocolate is ranking high in that list..maybe hormones.
  6. Starting Jan. 16th! does the chicken tangine, if the lemons aren't made with sugar. i think, following our thread, I just feel much better after I eat-- not bloated down with the carbs. And there is no afternoon crash with the desire to have something sweet or caffeinated ( hello diet dr. Pepper). I definitely feel my inflammation is decreasing - joints feel better. I don't know about tiger blood, but I'm walking everyday and really enjoying it. Am I thinking clearer? I may be. If I can get rid of grain brain fog hallelujah!
  7. Starting Jan. 16th!

    @kpenrod1thanks for the recipe link. That looks wonderful!
  8. Starting Jan. 16th!

    @kpenrod1 ...white chicken chili. Do you have a recipe for it? Sounds yummy.
  9. Starting Jan. 16th!

    Meal 1: 2 egg whites, a slice of johnsons no sugar bacon, 1/2 sliced tomatoes & basil, vegetable juice. Decaf Coffee w coconut milk. meal 2: left over chicken, sweet potato, cauliflower rice meal 3: salad; romaine, hearts of palm, kalamari olives, artichokes, carrots, tomatoes, jicama and mixture of crab, anchovy, procuttio for the proteins off to the farmers market tomorrow.
  10. Starting Jan. 16th!

    @jmcbn thanks for the advice. I'll switch to olives. I think the garlic in the chili may have been bothering me. No garlic today, no mad tummy tonight. I do have questions though. I am maybe mixed up. The chart I see on this site says to eat one closed handful of nuts and seeds, one serving of coconut, and one of avocado at each meal. That's why I was eating the pecan, coconut mixture. ( I added a banana, my only fruit of the day to get the potassium benefit because I'm still on a steroid). I can definitely forego fruit and take a potassium supplement instead. But there's no way I'm meeting the nuts and seeds, coconut, and avacado each meal. Am I just reading this wrong?
  11. Starting Jan. 16th!

    Meal 1: left over chili, guacamole, vegetable juice. Coffee with coconut milk. I was in a hurry this morning and didn't cook the egg whites. meal 2: ground turkey, kale and leak soup, grapes meal 3: buffalo chili, guacamole& crab salad with jicama and carrots; dessert of pecans, coconut chips, banana trying to finish up these left overs before I cook a salmon. a: good thing I love the chili b: thank god I didn't double the recipe and use TWO sweet potatoes in it! Lol! i too am waiting for my belly to get smaller (and my jeans to feel looser). My only consolation is it took much longer than two weeks for it to get bigger in the first place! And I didn't do myself any favors in the way I ate from Thanksgiving to New Years, "Patience Grasshopper"--Kung Foo (if anyone else remembers that!). I'm going to cut back on the nuts and see if that helps. Still exercising daily, so I really don't think I'm consuming excessive daily intake, so let's see if the nuts are causing my tummy to feel bloated. After tomorrow, Salmon for the rest of this week..can't wait.
  12. Starting Jan. 16th!

    Yes. I've noticed the same and I actually changed my lunch to lighter fare, still with a protein and vegi. But once I eat breakfast, I'm just really not hungry for six hours now. If I eat lunch that late, it becomes too late for dinner.
  13. Starting Jan. 16th!

    Ok. So I read the posts on cocoa powder and decided my use was definitely spice. i made the buffalo sweet potato chili tonight but I changed it up mole~ style, I added unsweetened cocoa and cinnamon ... and OMG. DelicioUs. meal 1: egg white fratatta with crab and guacamole, spinach with mushrooms, coffee with coconut oil and a small glass of no sodium vegetable juice meal 2: procuttio wrapped dates, coconut flakes, blackberries, pecans meal 3: chili, and guacamole with carrots and jicama and I felt really good when I got up today, added another mike to my daily walk.
  14. Starting Jan. 16th!

    Super Bowl party ideas defintely go with buffalo sweet potato chili. guacamole with carrot sticks and jicama coconut flakes with procuttio wrapped pineapple and shrimp
  15. Starting Jan. 16th!

    @JaneD oh no! Start stretching immediately..look for palates stretches for back pain. I am just coming off 16 weeks of intense sciatic pain. Definitely gently stretch it out if you can. feel better. im so glad to see I'm never t the only one dealing with an escaped sugar monster!