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  1. Constantly amazed

    I completed my first Whole 30 - and then did most of the re-entry. Never felt anything different introducing any food groups. I am in awe at my lack of cravings and desire for non-whole 30 foods. I'm so much more mindful of what I'm eating and do not do the mindless "see food diet" I did for years. I've been sick with a bad cough/bronchitis. In the past, I've had ice cream or something that felt good on my throat. Now I find myself asking = what do I want for a treat? And the answer is usually "nothing". How is this possible? I have upped my fruit - especially citrus because that seems like a no brainer with being sick. And, if I have extra fruit instead of sugary sweets - so what? I keep thinking - "who is this woman?" It's just amazing to me - and I'm not even trying. I'm experimenting with little bits of non whole 30 foods - and I'm able to not get into automatic eating with them. Nothing has triggered me, so far. I am absolutely not complaining. I'm just amazed - and find myself waiting for the other shoe to drop. When will this change? when does the old me come back? Is this all in my mind? Thanks for listening.......has anyone else experienced this?
  2. white potatoes

    Just rechecking. Potatoes were not included on the original Whole 30 and so there are lots of recipes for cauliflower mashed, etc. Now they're on - and I love them. What's the reason they were included and are there guidelines?
  3. Is there such a thing as too many potatoes?

    Great - totally off my worry list. I'm active - eat some sort of starchy veggie at every meal - in addition to lots of other veggies.
  4. I'm on Day 24 and loving this. Eating lots of sweet potatoes, winter squash and white potatoes. Since white potatoes were recently added (don't know when) - is it possible to over eat these? They've been on my "no" list for so many years...... Noticing that I don't miss rice, or quinoa or even noodles. The potatoes - cut in wedges - serve as great "pushers" for my meals. Keep me so satisfied Thanks for your help
  5. Bagel brunch hours after I eat breakfast

    Success! It was a buffet. I brought a fruit salad with lots of coconut flakes. No one noticed that I only took fruit or had black coffee. I easily said no to birthday cake - which did not raise any questions. In fact - no one had any questions so I didn't get to use my one-liner!! I love this program and am amazed that the carbs served did not call me at all. I barely noticed them. Didn't feel deprived.......was still full from my breakfast. WhooHoo!
  6. Invited to a birthday brunch - which I know will be bagels and probably cake. It's at 10:15 - way after I normally eat breakfast. I'm on Day 15 - do not want to blow my success. In the past, I'd have eaten a tiny bit. Now - none of it. I've been home with a bad cold since before I started my Whole30. So I've been in charge and in control of all of my food. This is my first venturing out. I've appreciated learning how to talk about what I'm doing. My question is how do I manage my eating schedule so I can continue my success? I have not been eating mid morning.... Thanks for your ideas and help