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  1. Thank you for your advice Shannon, need to make some more adjustments!! Seems like my milk supply is picking up a bit during early morning and at night but the afternoon is still a struggle
  2. Hi all, I'm a first time mum and exclusively breastfeeding my 4 mo boy, currently R1D10 and last 3 days a noticed a drop in my milk supply! Immediately took action and changed my daily intake by adding more fat and protein. Today my milk supply is very low and I'm getting really worried!! So urgently in need for some help. As an example, this is what I ate today: 6am first feed snack - 1 boiled egg and 200 mls coconut milk 7.30am breakfast - mince pattie fried, 2 boiled eggs, cucumber and 1/2 avocado 10am snack - 10 raw almonds and 200 mls coconut milk 12.30pm lunch - zucchini salad with cherry tomatoes, 1 avocado 3.30pm snack - banana and 200 mls coconut milk 7pm dinner - moussaka with eggplant, greensalad, olives and sweet potato as a side Do I need more carbs?? Your help and tips are very welcome!!