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  1. kb45

    Starting Jan. 16th!

    Excited to try the chicken tenders recipe--I thought the almond meal was crazy expensive esp if I wasn't going to be using it so often, I was afraid it would maybe get rancid or old--so I been grinding my own nuts for 'crusts' with my ninja prep Works great! Thanks for all your posts-I don't get on here so regularly, but I love catching up! Day 18 for me--its been so much easier than I anticipated. No crazy cravings and feeling very satisfied. Does anyone have any experience with cooking plantains? I just recently starting liking them and would like to add them to a meal..any suggestions/hints would be great!
  2. kb45

    Starting Jan. 16th!

    @MC100--that recipe sounds wonderful! I hope it was a yummy as it looks from the photo.. And yes, HilaryT--I've been crazy thirsty--I drink water all day it seems and still am! It feels spectacular to be 1/3 of the way...
  3. kb45

    Starting Jan. 16th!

    Wow! Had my first food realated dream! Its really amazing to me how how the emotions,feelings etc described in the timeline in the whole30 book have been spot on--def not in the order they mention, but I absolutely see them occurring! For example--the other day--a very productive day for me-finished a project that'd been on my list and a great whole30 day. But late afternoon, after I finished what I was doing--I was so aggravated with my husband--for no reason whatsoever--just really irritated! Looking back, its pretty funny--esp since I didn't throttle him or anything! I'm feeling pretty good on day 11--sleep has been better and more energy for sure! ?Have a great day everyone!
  4. kb45

    Starting Jan. 16th!

    Around day 2-3, I had these weird IBS-like symptoms--pains way deep, enough to wake me up in the wee hours. Happily, they went away within 36 hours. I think moving around really helped--I took a nice walk. For me, it might have been the increased fiber from all the veggies. Bottom line is that they improve fairly quickly! Hopefully yours will...
  5. kb45

    Starting Jan. 16th!

    @Sunflour And @Mountain Girl I've struggled a lot with sleep the past few years--its the old 'get up to pee' often and I seem to sleep more lightly these days...I'm so hoping this way of eating will help. No food dreams yet--but lots of vivid and weird dreams along with the worse than usual off-sleeping patterns. But last night was somewhat better and hopefully tonight too. Hope yours gets better soon! @Herz51089I've always been a food label reader and I've counted or watched out for the amount of various ingredients over the years-like calories, fats, sugars,etc... but like you said--the sugar thing is a shock. I thought I was pretty aware it but who knew there was sugar in beef or chicken stock???!! And in fresh salsa?! -Crazy! So, my deal with myself was after a week of faithfully following the whole30, I'd treat myself to a peddie--and I made it! Day 7 done Everyone, have a great day tomorrow!
  6. kb45

    Starting Jan. 16th!

    hi again--I sort of forget about this forum, but today in my 'day 7' email, the link was there so I'm back... this has been easier than I thought, though I'm sure its the 'honeymoon' phase that is making it so! We have been out to dinner once--also easier than I expected! And last night we had a neighborhood party, which went well too. It helped that I took my own seltzer, shrimp w Tessamae's buffalo sauce, cut vegatables and fruit skewers. My biggest challenge is that we are currently "snowbirds" as our many of our Florida neighbors and its sort of a regular party atmosphere here--lots of get-togethers with drinks, snacks, desserts,etc.... I may have missed this in someone's post--but has anyone had sleep issues this first week? I had 3 or 4 nights of being up/down like crazy! I tried drinking less water after dinner--didn't help! But happily, last night was much better and I'm hopeful it will continue to improve!
  7. kb45

    Starting Jan. 16th!

    Hello! I just started today --the 15th. Its great to have this forum for help and support! I did do the photo, as was suggested, and was that ever scary! Good Luck on your day one everyone.