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    ameliad reacted to MeadowLily in Question for Type 2 Diabetics   
    I would never use candy or sugar sugar to counterbalance blood sugar.   I'm glad you're visiting with your doctor as no one can really advise you here without their medical license. 
    I was T2 and have completely moved out of it.  It did take 15 months and a bunch of sugar avoidance.  I didn't off-road with refined sugars, sugarless gum or diet sodas, artificial sweetners.   
    I read every post I could find here written by Dallas, Melissa and Tom.  With their help....I followed the Whole 30 Yellow Brick Road to overall health and well being.   They weren't offering me any medical advice but I  embraced every bit of knowledge I could about diabetes and blood sugar.  With my doctor's approval...he watched me tool along - meal by meal, month by month and mile by mile.   
    I no longer have to take meds of any kind.  I'm not falling backwards into refined carbs or sugar.  Those are the things that got me nowhere good.   Find a doctor who will work with you and allow you to eat the template.  Be 100% compliant.  Don't cut portions or any food groups.   
    Weight releasing is a positive side effect of a Whole 30.  You are correct, it's not important to think about for only 30 days.   As a result of tooling along for 15 months...I have had weight releasing which only added to my ability to kick T2 Diabetes to the curb.   It was really marshing my mellow and I no longer had any use for it.