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  1. nanners

    La Croix

    I buy regular ground pork and make and season my own sausage patties instead of buying a brand product
  2. nanners

    How do you drink your coffee on whole30?

    I used to drink it with milk or cream and 2 sugars, went to black with whole30 and never went back
  3. nanners

    The BEST non scale victory ever...

    Congrats to you and yours! So exciting
  4. Banana with a swath of almond butter is a nemesis to me now
  5. nanners

    What foods cause mucus build up?

    Although I now know milk products add to it for me, as an older person I now have quite a few allergies to scented item, like certain perfumes, flowery smelling shampoos and hand soaps, etc. Some people think that if its organic its okay and that not the case. My mom cannot drive anymore so I take her to Catholic Mass, low and behold the incense makes me very congested. Try some over the counter Flonase to see if it will cut that for now. Hope it helps
  6. nanners

    Starting tomorrow!

    I am starting today, just did a round in October, and am ready for another. I still have a lot of things to figure out as far as food allergies and sugar demons.Only have 1 party, at my elderly mom's house. Hal are family is either gluten free or paleo and one niece is on a whole 60 so shouldnt be hard on the menu for that day
  7. nanners

    Cauliflower rice skeptic...

    I like cauliflower but the rice I havent tried cuz I didnt think it would work. I guess I need to try. No one but me will eat it either. I found a recipe, might of been here, to roast the cauliflower whole, after rubbing it with olive oil and putting fave spices on. I use garlic powder and sea salt. Make sure it is tender all the way thru and golden brown on top. So good
  8. nanners

    New and doing Whole30 in Mexico

    Congrats on finishing! I did a round the month of October and will start again this weekend, just havent decided which day yet!
  9. nanners

    Starting Oct 1

    We made it just havent had time to post. I lost 10 lbs, DH about 15. His blood sugar is better. My asthma and allergies are so much better. I cary my weight in my gut so need to lose more than 10 to feel a difference. Hubby said his watch s much loser. I have been sleeping better but he hasnt. So going to try to stick with it another week before reintroduction. Got the books I ordered, Whole Smiths and the Whole30 slowcooker. Looks like lots of yummy stuff. Still need to work o drinking more water and doing more exercise.
  10. nanners

    Starting Oct 1

    Thanks for the info on Chipotle. Well it's the 21st, looking towards the end. Although I have more energy it's not tiger blood. Never got to it on other 2 whole 30s either. I have been overweight pretty much my whole life and at 63 think I need to stay on this a bit longer. Thinking a whole 44.
  11. nanners

    Starting Oct 1

    Thanks for the suggestions
  12. nanners

    Starting Oct 1

    Noticed people mentioning Chipotle. Never been there, what is compliant ty
  13. nanners

    Starting Oct 1

    Nsv for me allergies and sleep are much better. For hubby, a1c went down from 8.7 to 7.8. Of course they weighed him and he has lost 10lbs. Doc is very happy.
  14. nanners

    Starting Oct 1

    Got my haircut yesterday and had to park in front of my fave bakery that my grand daughter used to work at. Didnt even look that way even though I wanted to go in. Tomorrow apple picking and making pie with my 86yo mom and siblings. Should be interesting. I think I am doing well and hubby too. Tried a roasted whole cauliflour. Best ever
  15. nanners

    Starting Oct 1

    Day 8, things are good, seems like it has been cloudy and rainy forever. Roasted cauliflower today, made meatballs, a small meatloaf and stuffed peppers. Need to get more exercise and water. Hubby is having some medical issues so less walking and more appointments this week and next week