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  1. nanners

    La Croix

    I buy regular ground pork and make and season my own sausage patties instead of buying a brand product
  2. nanners

    How do you drink your coffee on whole30?

    I used to drink it with milk or cream and 2 sugars, went to black with whole30 and never went back
  3. nanners

    The BEST non scale victory ever...

    Congrats to you and yours! So exciting
  4. Banana with a swath of almond butter is a nemesis to me now
  5. nanners

    What foods cause mucus build up?

    Although I now know milk products add to it for me, as an older person I now have quite a few allergies to scented item, like certain perfumes, flowery smelling shampoos and hand soaps, etc. Some people think that if its organic its okay and that not the case. My mom cannot drive anymore so I take her to Catholic Mass, low and behold the incense makes me very congested. Try some over the counter Flonase to see if it will cut that for now. Hope it helps
  6. nanners

    Starting on 3.19.2018 Is Anyone else?

    Hubby and I did indeed start yesterday. Did prepping and shopping Sunday. I alsojoined this time for 3 months, we need some new recipes. So far it seems helpful
  7. nanners

    Starting on 3.19.2018 Is Anyone else?

    I will committo start Monday also. Been way off track since Thankgiving. Hubby andI have completed 2 whole 30s last year but we also started twice and did not last a week. So onwrd and upward. I also can only walk for exercise right now as a dislocated my shoulder and can really pick anything up,just started PT