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    Hi folks!  I am new to husband and I are on day 2.  (Feel so blessed he is doing it along with me!)  I have been making my own Kimchi for a long time.  There are lots of easy recipes on Pinterest.  Instead of using sugar I puree half of a pear and half of an apple in a cup of filtered water and add it to the rest of the ingredients.  This greatly aids the fermentation process.    Hope this helps!!  (Sunja's from Whole Foods is also good, but as already mentioned, pricey.  Kimchi is SOOO good for your gut---full of healthy probiotics.
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    Chemically, theologically...that's all the same to me...
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    Well you are allowed to have 2 servings of protein if you need it. This would be a question for the top dogs in all seriousness. I'd be scared I'd drop one of my very expensive pastured eggs trying to build a pyramid. And my floors are not really clean right now...and I would scoop it up and eat it anyway.