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  1. ayw

    Kids Lunch Ideas

    I've packed one or two kids' lunches for almost 17 years. And since my daughter runs early a.m. cross-country, I've packed breakfasts the last 3 years, too. The menu has evolved over the years, but it is consistently based on the 'meal template' since our first Whole 30 in 2015. Scrambled, boiled, or griddled eggs plus an almond butter packet or some flaked coconut, plus (sometimes) a fruit for breakfast, bc they just like it. Aidell's chicken/apple sausage is also a morning protein she likes. Lunch may be a leftover hamburger or shredded chicken, compliant chicken salad, Teton Ranch sausage or taco meat... any protein we have! And at least two veggies like raw cucumber, tomatoes, bell peppers, jicama, carrots (she loves the rainbow carrots ;-)) - and sometimes it's the leftover roasted broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potatoes or okra, etc.. Olives are a great portable healthy fat. The more years we eat Whole 30ish, the more veggies my kids have found they like (or at least accept!). (My daughter prefers that I don't send the stinky leftover brussel sprouts to the lunch table...) Food Freedom forever means a lot less stress and fewer picky eaters for moms-who-want-to-pack-a-healthy-lunch :-)
  2. ayw


    I really don't need anything but a spoon, some protein (think tomatillo roasted chicken or a bowl of venison chili), a raw veggie like red bell peppers or snap peas, or a roasted potato to pair for super-combo flavors, but I will say that I recently added jicama "tortillas" and jicama "sticks" to our menu, and they are a nice crunch w/ some guac! The jicama tortillas are at Central Market and HEB stores in Texas, but I suppose you could slice your own VERY carefully ;-)
  3. ayw

    Hello all!! First round of Whole 30 10/14

    I'm Amy, and I'm starting my 3rd Whole 30 this Sunday, on October 8! I think my 16 year old daughter wants to join me for her 2nd Whole 30 :-))) I want to encourage you both to do this for yourself - it has revolutionized the way I think about food, and as the former rosacea-faced head-chef (I like that!) of my household, I can relate to your comments :-) If you haven't read "It Starts With Food", I cannot emphasize enough how much you will gain from the straight-forward explanations of SO MANY THINGS regarding food, hormones, inflammation....it's a long, long list! And if you listen the the audio book, you will get every ounce of humor that the Hartwigs have gifted us for this journey. I read it alongside my first Whole 30 over two years ago, and have reread it entirely or in part multiple times because it's just that AMAZING! You will be celebrating non-scale victories before you know it!
  4. ayw

    pre workout food before breakfast :(

    I do a lot of hot yoga and interval training for morning workouts, and my stomach just can't handle much within 2-3 hours prior to hitting the mat. I've found that a spoonful of coconut butter works great, and I don't get any grief when I'm upside down (hello, burpee). It's also called coconut manna, and you can find it on Amazon or Thrive. It's just pureed coconut.