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  1. Mountain Girl

    February 5, 2018 Accountability Buddies

    Is anybody else more scared/nervous than excited about day 31? I am so afraid of going backwards....I feel like I am scared of food now. But I am so over being the difficult one when ordering at restaurants and being the teetotaler at a bar or concert. But my non scale goal of better sleep which eluded me in my first whole30 has arrived this time. I am sleeping so well. I don’t want to give it back.
  2. Mountain Girl

    February 5, 2018 Accountability Buddies

    ROLL CALL: Asheville, NC here @Charlene33 HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And, hey, I was in Raleigh this weekend (for the Carolina/N.C. State basketball game) Yesterday was a delightfully slow Sunday here. Made this for brunch. Too time consuming for a weekday breakfast, but it was amazing on a rainy Sunday morning. And I can’t remember who doesn’t want eggs, but there are a few eggless servings as made. (I doubled it....and we had leftovers this morning. I just poached some more eggs for the top)
  3. Mountain Girl

    February 5, 2018 Accountability Buddies

    @eriefairy if you mix your strong mayo with something else to make dips, you won’t notice..we love the avocado mayo (Though for time sake, I buy fresh in house made guacamole at my local grocery store. Only ingredients are avocado, onion, pepper, tomato and it a little more kick than just avocados). We also LOVE the creamy roasted red pepper one. It’s awesone for dipping perfectly seared chicken breasts and roasted veggies. And if you are looking for kid friendly recipes, both are good with these sounds more labor intensive than it is, and very family friendly
  4. Mountain Girl

    February 5, 2018 Accountability Buddies

    I am starting today, too. This is my third round in just over a year. My first went great but went to Paris on day 33 and reintroductions were blown. Did the second about two weeks after the end of the first. I am doing this one to get more info from reintroduction so I am going to have to go slowly with them. Specifically I want to break down the legumes group and the non gluten grains groups and see which ones agree with me best. Today is not a piece of cake, but I don’t want to wait until tomorrow to start. I am flying most of the far had fresh veggies and compliant jerky and a larabar. I know it’s not ideal and I need some fat soon....but I am doing my best. I have all the ingredients for a quick and easy shrimp and “grits” (cauliflower rice) for dinner tonight when we get home. Looking forward to sharing the journey with you all.