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  1. On Day #2

    First, you can do this! Second, if you are hungry...EAT! When I did my first Whole30, I allowed myself to eat anything compliant for the first 4 days or so. I HIGHLY recommend eating the meal template and adjusting your portions based on hunger with the goal to live relatively snack free barring emergencies. But give yourself a few days to get your feet wet and eat when you are hungry, keeping it compliant. After that, the best snack is a mini meal. My go to is compliant deli turkey wrapped around some kind of veggie (think carrot stick, celery, cucumber,red pepper...) and dipped in guacamole. It will hold you until your next meal. Regarding complicated recipes...I wouldn't go there yet. Try to keep it simple. One dish meals (I think that's what the book refers to as "ingredient meals") are easy and quick and make great leftovers. It's called WHOLE 30. When you use Whole Foods, some prepping, slicing and dicing is to be expected. But it gets easier, I promise. You get better at it, you learn short cuts, etc. Save the complicated recipes for down the road when you are bored. And/or for weekends when you have more time to really learn and enjoy the cooking process. And I can't stress enough...LEFTOVERS ARE YOUR FRIEND!! Last nights leftover veggies with poached eggs on top for breakfast, leftovers to grab and take for lunch...and if you get too many leftover meals in your get the night off from cooking. I deliberately make more than I need to always have some leftovers on hand. Hang in can do this, and it's totally worth it.
  2. Starting 8/28 Excited

    I am starting tomorrow with you guys, too. It will be my third....just need to reset from summer...bad habits creeping back in and I want to get back on track. Excited about this one as I was training for a half marathon during my previous two...and the tiger blood was a bit elusive. I want to see how this goes with my steady regular workout regimen. Actually just realized I have been completely compliant today. Thought about calling it day one, but I think I will have my final glass of wine with our end of summer dinner tonight. Good luck to you all. Get some prep in today? I believe someone should start every Whole30 with......"Ladies and gentlemen....start your dishwashers...."
  3. Scale re-intro?

    Looking for advice here. Trying to find a healthy relationship with my scale post whole 30. My history: 6 months ago I was that girl described in the book....wake up, weigh in ...and that number defined my day. I thought I was healthy about it. I gave myself a 5 lb. cushion from my low, butbover that it was zero carbs, borderline starvation. I had lost about 60 lbs. from my high...ten years ago...gradually with lots of plateaus along the way, but never wanted to go back. But I "broke up with my scale last summer. It really was freeing. And I do believe healthier. The first time I weighed myself in six months was day 0 of my first whole 30, 1/16/17. But I had gained 15 pounds since my break up with my scale. I lost 14 in my first whole 30. Was scared to go off plan at first. Day 35 went to Paris and basically introduced everything over 4 days. Nothing disagreed with me. Came home and ate whole 30 except stevia in my coffee and red wine every other day. Started round two 3/1/17 (to do it right with proper reintroduction) Lost another 12 in round two. So now what, regarding scale? I feel like since I gained 15 pounds in six months without weighing at all, that's not effective. But I do not want to go back to that daily weigh-in. I know it wasn't healthy. And SO frustrating when I would have a great workout one day and make good food choices and then gain a half pound the next morning. I don't want to go back to that. So, post whole 30, what's a healthy relationship with my scale? I am thinking monthly, maybe, but looking for some adive/guidance.
  4. Starting March 1st

    @neelyerin curried shepherd's pie sounds delish! Recipe? @moosegirl I <3 leftovers! Except seafood...doesn't keep well. Otherwise leftovers keep me from cooking and doing dishes....again! Day 31. Down 12 lbs. four nights straight without Zantac and now reflux! Woohoo i feel so good. Added stevia to my coffee and had wine with dinner. Otherwise I don't crave anything so I am taking the long reintro route and waiting until something is worth it. Feel too good to change anything else now.
  5. Starting March 1st

    Good morning, friends! I haven't checked in for a while, but just finished catching up on your wonderful posts. It's been a while, so I apologize for the lengthy post, but I am in need of some whole 30 therapy. First though... @BendySimcha @Leekeetria @Jenny85 @alcazn (And anybody else struggling with scale issues)...I have a recommendation. THE SECRET OF YOUR NATURALLY SKINNY FRIENDS by Monica Swanson. It's a very short book, but not meant to be read quickly. Each couple of pages is followed by a journaling prompt. It was eye opening to discover where my body images started, and empowering to find ways to decide for myself who I am and redefine myself beyond the scale. The book concludes with a 30 day "thought diet". I read it last summer and broke up with my scale after 10 years of daily weigh-ins. The first time I got on the scale was day 0 of my first whole30 in January. I probably don't need to reread the self discovery part at the beginning (where you find the roots of your self image), but the rest, I kind of want to do again in light of my whole 30 experience. And the thought diet is always good to come back to. Fulll disclosure: the author is Christian. But the concepts are not, and she structures the book such that the "Christian" parts all fall in box insets titled "my story". Just skip those if it's not for you. Now for the therapy' I will try not to ramble. I ran my first half marathon on Saturday and it KICKED MY BUTT. I was a full 21 minutes off my goal time. I know they say not to do something like that in the first two weeks of a whole 30, BUT I really didn't see it that way. My first whole 30 was 1/16-2/14. I only added a little stevia to my coffee for the first 4 days. Then we went to Paris, and I pretty much introduced everything for 5 days. Came back, and other than the stevia was compliant until I started with you guys on 3/1. (My goal being to do a whole lent and follow with a proper reintroduce...slowly) My second was nothing like my first in terms of cravings or difficulty. I honestly felt great within the first 4 days, but I like journeying with others (and getting recipe ideas) So, I thought I would be fine doing this race. I DID make sure to have a fist sized serving of fruit for breakfast and starchy veggies at lunch AND dinner everyday the week leading up to the race. So here are my questions: Was it foolish? Should I always return to rice and beans and whole grains pre race? I struggle sometimes with the concept of whole30 because I always resist quick fixes. I don't diet. I DO make healthy lifestyle changes. So I do whole 30 with a constant eye on how this looks post whole 30. I know it's not meant to be a whole365, but I also know that the changes we see during can't last if you just go back to your old eating habits. So what does a post whole30 life look like? And will I ever have the energy to truly CONQUER a half marathon while eating this way? Because I never really felt the tiger blood in round one. I felt pretty good a few days into round two...but not near enough to get me through my race. Im sorry to be a Debby Downer. I'm just so frustrated with my performance. But I really think there's something to this whole 30 stuff. I lost 14 pounds in round 1! I am just struggling to figure out how whole 30 coexists with endurance training.
  6. Starting March 1st

    Survivied a weekend trip to the in-laws for my MIL's birthday. It was supposed to be a day trip and turned into two. I stayed compliant, but my meal templates were way off...and too much fruit because there was so little else compliant. I guess I should have planned better and brought more of my own food. Ok, so catching up on posts... @RoK stuffed peppers w/ balsamic reduction sounds relish? Is it a recipe you can share? @Elizabeth22 I am sorry for your lack of support at home. That's really a shame. I just wanted to hug you when I read that and say that it's very impressive that you are going to these lengths to clean up your diet and eat healthy so young. I wish I knew way back then what I know now....sure wouldn't have waited so long. 'high five". (Also, are you the grad student at Carolina? I have a son who is a junior there....great basketball game Saturday night!) @angledge OMG I laughed so hard at "ladies and gentlemen, start your dishwashers". I am finding it a little easier to stay on top of it now, but that was such an adjustment my first whole 30! @BendySimcha I feel you on the scale junky front. Although I broke up with mine (the description in the book about the morning weigh in and how it affects your day was me to the letter!) about 7 months before my first whole 30, when I was on whole 30 and I wasn't feeling the tiger blood or seeing as many non scale victories as I had hoped, I was so tempted to weigh just because I needed SOME positive feedback that this was worth it. I don't want to go back to that daily weigh in and letting the number on the scale dictate my day or define my self image, but I am just not sure how to do that post whole 30. I think they need to address "scale reintroduction, too. @hchc I find wine, well, alcohol in general, to be the hardest part of whole 30 too. After the first week, it's really only hard in social situations for me. Which makes me think, like you, that often my nightly glass was more habit than anything else. Whole 30 is good at having me examine things I consume automatically and figuring out which can go and which can't. (Wine definitely CANNOT...on a permanent basis...but I can be more aware and intentional about consumption). That's the first week and weekends are hard. I survived Saturday night's birthday celebration where the rest of the table consumed 3 bottles (among 6 adults). But last night when we got home we went to a concert. My husband had a beer...a yummy local brew. He asked me to hold his glass while he did something on his phone which took forever as I stared longingly into his glass. I told him he needed to take it back quickly. He told me how proud he was of me and kissed me...and I am pretty sure we made out like teenagers...cuz, man he tasted good But I didn't DRINK! Glad to be home in my own kitchen with control over all my food. Other than the prep and the dishes, it's just not too hard when I am home. Traveling and dining out...not so much. Upping my carb intake this week because I run my first half marathon on Saturday. Got my race info email last night, and there's nothing compliant but water at the refueling stations. I have to figure out how to work this. I've got to consume more than water on this race. I'd welcome any suggestions. I may go ask in the whole 30 for athletes thread too. Happy day 6 everyone. I'm going to go hit the Facebook page now and write down a ton of meal ideas
  7. Starting March 1st

    @angledge do you have a recipe for the sausage/greens/cauliflower grits casserole? That sounds yummy. We love grits here. I made a soup last night that has been a staple for us in the winter (mulligatawny). I only had to tweak two ingredients to make it compliant. I subbed arrowroot for flour as thickener and I dumped cauli-rice in instead of brown rice. I don't think anyone even noticed the change. My kids think they don't like cauliflower. My last whole 30 I did fried rice with cauliflower and they ate it all. I was kind of sad because I was counting on leftovers...but they are eating healthy so, whatever. I would love to try cauliflower-grits out on them.
  8. Starting March 1st

    @NotSoHappyEater I haven't found compliant bacon at Eartha Fare? What brand did you find? And did you find breakfast sausage too? I have been subbing their house made chicken Italian sausage at breakfast because it IS compliant. Couldn't find smoked salmon there without sugar either. SUGAR IS's so frustrating!!
  9. Starting March 1st

    I am starting tomorrow as well. I didn't think anyone else would be starting on a Wednesday, but look at this string! I just finished my first whole 30 on 2/14 very successfully overall, but went to Paris on day 34 and reintroduction went out the window. So I am doing the whole lent thing too, so I can do a proper reintro. @Saritawho? Hey, girl! Here we go again! @KnykytaS @Aduks @SPeffer I did my first (and this one too) with a supportive but unparticipating husband and kids. I DID clean out my fridge and pantry. It was really helpful to only have to read labels once. I just reorganized and made individual shelves in the pantry and fridge either "compliant" or "non-compliant". And I told my kids to make sure they put stuff back where they found it. It made avoiding the non compliant stuff easier without depriving them of their favorites. It was also kind of cool when they saw how much they "wanted" from the compliant shelves. I will try to join the FB group, too. It will certainly make it easier to stay in touch when out and about. And easier to get notifications, etc. But I would encourage everyone to do that and check in here too. The main thing here, is that moderators check in often ( I see one already has) and they are a WEALTH of information, tips and tricks.
  10. Starting Jan. 16th!

    LOL. What have they done to us? J/k i have only reintroduced a little sweetener. A little stevia in my coffee (half as much as I used to use) and I made Mel Joulwans jalapeño burger balls last night and used non compliant bacon with just a little sugar in it. I had to choose between sugar+pastured pork, or mass milled pork with no sugar....I went with the pastured. I haven't even had fruit since day 29. I am so afraid of waking the sugar dragon. I'm afraid of going off plan at all. But there will be wine this weekend. We are celebrating valentines this weekend in Paris since Vday was day 30, and hubby has to be in London Monday for work. My ticket was conditional on sharing wine in France though i woke up with reflux last night and had to take Zantac again. I hadn't had it in six nights. No clue what set it off. I will have to keep an eye on that. I so want to stay off the acid reducers. I really think they prevent a lot of nutrient absorption too. Have a great weekend, all. I'm glad some of us are still posting during the reintroduction phase.
  11. Starting Jan. 16th!

    Well, we did it! Congrats to you all and I have REALLY enjoyed sharing the journey with you all. I had a non-participating, but very supportive husband, but otherwise, you guys were my support source, so thanks! So, my non scale goals were: 1. Better sleep...I'm going to go with a B- here. I see improvement. No trouble falling asleep, and wake fairly regularly without the alarm. I still don't sleep like a baby, but I think I have issues here that just aren't food related. (I think "the change" is starting...have trouble with hot flashes and temperature regulation in general at night) 2. Less joint pain....have to go with a flat F on that one. Zero improvement 3. Better athletic far about a D here, but I actually think my energy may just now be on the upturn. Not sure why it is taking so long, but there's room for that to move. 4. Get off of the 75 mg of Zantac every night. A+ there. I am super excited about this. I waited until the end to try it, but I have gone the last 4 nights without and had no reflux. Then of course I was hoping to lose some weight too. I thought my clothes were fitting better, but I was already examining the possibility of keeping relatively compliant, but maybe shrinking the meal template to get some better results. I feel like I have eaten SO MUCH FOOD over the last 30 days. I was not prepared for the scale reading this morning. I lost 14 pounds in 30 days. I was really hoping for 8 or so. So, A+ there, too. And now I am terrified to go off plan. I added a little stevia to my coffee this morning, and that's it. Going to dinner with gals tonight. Already scanned the menu for my complaint options, and still packing my own salad dressing. I have learned so much and there is very little that I miss much. I am definitely doing the long version of reintroduction. Wait until something seems "worth it" to add it back. ( I am quite sure alcohol will be next). You guys are awesome. Thanks again for whole 30ing together. And continue to enjoy the journey!
  12. Starting Jan. 16th!

    Been MIA for a while, and caught up on all your posts. (Love you are AWESOME...everyone is staying strong). Checking in...I think I need some whole30 therapy So, good news...I survived a 5 day trip home to Texas. 3 days in hotel in San Antonio with friends eating Tex-Mex (my favorite) and drinking margaritas while I sipped club soda with lime. They were super supportive, though. They ordered chips and guacamole for appetizer. Someone goes, "can you have guacamole?" I said yes, but I can't eat the chips so..." Then one guy just smiled at me and handed me a spoon, and said "dig in". Very sweet. ( I let them finish but did add a couple spoonfuls to my fajitas, sans tortillas). The last two days were visiting my parents and my mom was really sweet and tried very hard to help me stay compliant. And my dad raises chickens so eggs for breakfast everyday were phenomenal. Overall, I didn't have much trouble staying compliant, though my meal templates were probably a bit off. I had packed food for breakfast and lunch on my own. So here's my struggle. It's day 27...WHERE IS MY TIGER BLOOD???? I know I came into this eating pretty clean, so maybe I should not expect to see the dramatic results others do. But I am struggling mightily over here. My biggest non scale goal was better sleep. And I do think I see a little improvement. Though I am a far cry from sleeping like a baby. Maybe my sleep issues just aren't food related. My other non scale goals of less joint pain, better athletic performance....nothing...absolutely zero improvement. My final one was to be able to get off of Zantac at night. Tonight will be my first night to try...I have put that off until the very end. My clothes do seem to fit a little better. I am not a regular weigh-in-er, but I have been so tempted to get on the scale just because I want to see SOMETHING...ANYTHING...improvement wise. And I am not normally moody or prone to depression...but I cannot remember feeling this down for so long in years. I don't know if it is diet related...or if all this frustration listed above is just getting me down. Which brings me to my sciencey question. I am training for my first half marathon so I am very active. I have been all over the books and the forum and the consistent answer for low energy, especially for very active people is...more starchy veggies. I do add them to at least one meal a day...sometimes 2 if there are leftovers. And I try to remember to do the protein/starch post workout snack (for me it's a couple of slices of chicken and some carrots). But I am really confused on this philosophy. If I keep providing my body these starches (which my body sees as sugar) will I ever get "fat adapted"? And am I confusing my body by kind of doing both...and is this the reason my energy is so low? Well, thanks for letting me vent anyways. Love keeping up with all of your journeys. PS. I am cooking away from home tonight. I am doing the "perfect seared chicken breasts" from the whole 30 book and I forgot my book. If anybody has the book and can check and tell me what temp the oven is supposed to be, I would really appreciate it. I think it's 400, but I would love a confirmation. Thanks, in advance.
  13. Starting Jan. 16th!

    I dreamed about sneaking whiskey shots...again, not something I ever do. But alcohol is the hardest part of every weekend. Going to a girls poker night tonight, with my LaCroix.While everyone else drinks wine and strawberry margaritas. :-( My mayo came out perfect when I got my immersion blender. So excited. Has anybody tried making a double batch at once? My family eats these yummy mayo based sauces like crazy! I would like to double it. It will definitely get used before the expiration date on my eggs.
  14. Starting Jan. 16th!

    I thought perhaps I was AHEAD of the timeline. I am still not sleeping well, but my "plumbing" issues seem to have resolved, my mood is improved, and I FELT like my energy was returning....then I went for a run. Kicked my a++! I seriously wanted to cry! I am trying to remind myself that this is still to be expected this week...but I was feeling so good and that was SO frustrating.
  15. Starting Jan. 16th!

    Just checking in guys... Sleep might have gone backwards a bit last night. I think I need to work on finishing my hydrating earlier in the evening. No constipation today though Being gone all weekend has me set back a bit. No meals planned or prepped yet...getting on that right now...but my immersion blender comes today! Excited to try the mayo again. @Cher1 Can I just say how impressive it is that you actually STARTED this in the middle of a beach vacay? I SO would have waited until I got home. @abbeyw28 I stumbled on bacon this weekend...I kid you not. We had guests at the lake this weekend and they did breakfast for everyone (except me) one morning and made bacon and blueberry pancakes. They asked if I could have the bacon and I said that bacon is allowed but it's really hard to find compliant bacon because it is almost always cured with sugar. I saw the package in the trash after breakfast and just for grins grabbed it to look....NO SUGAR! Nothing that I recognized as non compliant. I went to the forum and put the brand in the search and all the posts I found said it was ok. It was Smithfield LOW SODIUM bacon. They just purchased it at out local regional grocery...not even a health food store. But according to what I read in the forum, only the LOW SODIUM is complaint. For whatever reason, when they reduced the sodium they took out the sugar...all other Smithfield bacon has sugar. @Jenn1256 I found my slow cooker paleo cookbook. It's a tiny thing...spiral bound but looks to have some good recipes. I'm doing the chili tonight. There definitely are some that will not work...I know I saw honey glazed chicken wings...but most seem to be. If you are interested, PALEO SLOW COOKER by Dana Summers. I'm pretty sure I got it from Amazon. There are even some breakfasts that look worth a try. Week we go! Let's do this!