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  1. kshacklett

    The crazy things people say

    I live in an area with no Whole Foods or Trader Joe's, so the organic aisle of my generic grocery store is the best I've got. So I'm walking through the other day, and I see a display of "Primal Jerky!" My heart soared! I could pack these as snacks! Because of course, by primal, they mean no sugar added, organic, grass fed, dried beef, right??? No. They're vegan. First ingredient on every flavor is either Vital Wheat Gluten or Non-GMO Soy Protein. Fail.
  2. kshacklett

    Weight Loss?

    Just do it, and don't worry about the weight loss - it will happen. I lost 20lbs on weight watchers, than hit a major plateau as soon as I started working out more and weight lifting. Took me a long time, but I finally found some fine print about not getting more than 6point plus a day in exercise, and most of your exercise should be low intensity cardio - just not going to cut it for me. Don't limit anything (aside from the whole30 rules, of course). Eat when you're hungry. Don't eat if you're not. The whole "fat-adapted" thing happens because of what you're eating, not when or how much. I ate every time I was hungry (which was a lot) the first ten days or so, then one day I just wasn't hungry between meals anymore. It's just that awesome. You know those weeks where you ate way over your points and still lost weight? And those weeks where you stuck strictly to your allowance and the scale didn't budge- or went up? WW works 95% of the time, and I think is a great starting place, but you're so much better than that now - time to move on to something better, like Whole30. I track my foods only in that I meal plan a week in advance - I know what I'm having for each meal, to ensure I'm always getting meats and vegetables and fats, but I don't really record any "extras" I might have, or serving sizes, or other WW type things. Try it, and I promise it will work. You aren't supposed to weigh yourself on Whole30, but if you do, stick with it the whole 30 days anyway - it takes the first few weeks for your body to even figure out what is happening. And you'll feel so great by day30 that even if the scale doesn't go down (but it will!) you won't want to go back to eating the way you did before.
  3. kshacklett

    The crazy things people say

    oh, the passive agressive roommate. I finally learned to run my junior year of college, and my overweight roommate just lectured me about how I was going to need knee replacements, and how she used to be a gymnast as a kid. Whatever.
  4. kshacklett

    The crazy things people say

    This was actually addressed in the Whole30 Daily email on Day 23...two articles they suggested were on grains and fat, but they pointed out that no matter how much research you have on your side, other people will come up with research for theirs.
  5. kshacklett

    The crazy things people say

    We always drank ginger ale when we were sick as kids, not because of anything to do with the soda/sugar, but because the ginger calms your stomach. Now, I drink ginger tea for stomach aches/cramps - same effect, no chemicals or sugar.
  6. kshacklett

    The crazy things people say

    Someone posted this on my gym's diet/exercise facebook page today (apparently originally from MSN.com) 10 RIDICULOUS THINGS DIETERS SAY 1. “If I exercise enough I can eat what I want.†... 2. “I don't drink soda. Only juice, tea, and lemonade.†3. “I avoid potatoes because they're fattening.†4. “I never eat after 7 PM.†5. “I eat the organic chips, which are healthier.†6. “I already blew my diet and ate a piece of cake. Might as well eat the rest of it.†7. “No water for me today—I don't want to look bloated at the party tonight.†8. "I can't eat eggs, they're bad for me!" 9. "If I eat breakfast, I'll keep eating all day" 10. “I ate a triple hamburger and large shake today, but that never happens.â€
  7. kshacklett

    The crazy things people say

    Totally going to use this image as inspiration next time I'm faced with peer pressure about my eating choices
  8. kshacklett

    The crazy things people say

    My Husband: "Hey, look, this vodka is gluten free. Your (vegan) dad can have it" Me: Vegan and gluten free are completely different. He's not eating animal products. My Husband: So gluten-free doesn't mean anything?!?