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  1. kshacklett

    Olive Oil PAM spray - is it ok?

    You need one of these: http://www.amazon.com/Misto-Brushed-Aluminum-Olive-Sprayer/dp/B00004SPZV/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1365703221&sr=8-1&keywords=misto Just fill halfway with olive oil, pump the lid, and works just like the pam, but without all the nasty chemicals. It will save you lots of money in the long run, too.
  2. kshacklett

    Sore throat

    gargle some salt water - I always forget how well this works until I do it! The only downside is you have to be at home in front of your sink, but it will get you some relief.
  3. kshacklett

    Too many bananas?

    \Haha thanks to Raffi I'm 25 years old and this song still runs through my head every week when I buy my apples and bananas at the grocery store.
  4. kshacklett

    Grrr Lemon Juice

    I realized about a week ago that the coconut milk I used during my January Whole30 had potassium metabisulfate in it, too. I had about 1 can during the whole month - and I still had amazing results. I'd say chalk it up to a learning experience and move forward without it.
  5. I think the important thing is that you're fully setting a good example yourself. When I was younger, my parents gave us the "standard" healthy diet - whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables, low fat dairy - not paleo, but definitely not the SAD. I remember asking my mom for dessert with lunch, and she packed me grapes. I meant tastycakes, lol. So the good is that I'm the exact opposite of a picky eater, I know how to cook healthy, fresh meals (dinner was *always* from scratch growing up), and transitioning to a paleo diet was relatively easy for me. But the hard part - I learned in high school that my parents ate junk whenever we weren't around - stopping for coffee and donuts on the way to work, eating chips after we went to bed, candy bars at the office, etc. So as soon as I had a car and some money, I started eating all of those "forbidden" things too. The fact that I could suddenly eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted was absolutely addicting. But after a while (probably about 6 years) - the charm wore off, and I had to face reality. Eating all that junk was expensive and making me fat. I gained 35 pounds over 5 years. However - as soon as I made the decision to turn my life around, I already had those skills I learned as a child - the open mindedness about food choices, the cooking skills, the knowledge of what I needed to do and how to do it. The hardest part was changing my relationship with junk food - that it didn't need to be something "forbidden", just something I wasn't choosing to eat just because it was there. I think the parent/child relationship with food goes beyond what you feed them, and it's more important how you present food, choices, and lifestyle in general. And accepting that they may choose to eat a SAD for a while is similar to any other rebellion that young adults go through - they're experimenting with things that are new and different, and if they have the proper background, they'll likely return to the way they were raised.
  6. kshacklett

    Coconut aminos - necessary?

    I've been subbing out balsamic vinegar with sea salt for coconut aminos - I use the same volume of vinegar that the recipe calls for of aminos, then add in a dash or two of salt. Not sure I would try it for a stir fry, but for other recipes it seems to work fine.
  7. Not sure where you are, but on the off chance you're in the central PA area, Giant's organic store brand vegetable broth is compliant (but not the chicken or beef). I second the idea for ginger tea, though - that's my go-to for cramps or nausea, even before I found whole30.
  8. kshacklett

    Monthly Headache

    Yeah, it did. It's not unbearable, just annoying!
  9. kshacklett

    Butternut squash

    I roast mine, let it cook until I can touch it, then cut it up into chunks and throw it in a pot with some ghee, coconot milk (just a splash) and salt - then I cook and mash until it has a chunky mashed-potato like quality. Tonight, I'm trying butternut squash with anise for the first time - hope it's good!
  10. kshacklett

    Monthly Headache

    I'm actually not on a whole30 right now, but I'm trying to keep my life as simple as possible (in terms of what I put in my body). I learned last summer than I can make menstrual cramps go away by drinking some ginger tea in the morning, but this doesn't seem to do anything for the headache that usually accompanies the first day of my period. It's not an awful headache, but bad enough that I took some ibuprofen for it. Does anyone have any suggestions for something more natural I could do? I work all day, so just sleeping it off isn't an option
  11. kshacklett

    Re entry and gaining weight?

    I did a whole30 in January and lost 5 pounds, bringing me down to 157.0. I then did my reintroductions over the course of 2 weeks, and had a few "off the bandwagon" meals the week after that - during this time my weight fluctuated between 157.0 and 158.6 (up and down, not continuously gaining). After deciding there was nothing I wanted to continue eating on a regular basis (in terms of the reintroduced foods), my weight has started decreasing again, even though I'm not on a whole30. I think what you learn about yourself on whole30 will help you continue to lose weight, although at a slower, but more manageable weight, than if you just go back to how you were eating before.
  12. kshacklett

    Reintroducing whey?

    I use Designer Whey - not the most amazing stuff out there, but pretty good for my budget.
  13. kshacklett

    Reintroducing whey?

    I'm fine with the actual whey in protein powder, it's the artificial sugars and flavors that do me in (anxiety, trouble sleeping, restlessness). I've switched to a protein powder without those, and I tolerate it fine.
  14. kshacklett

    Low blood pressure

    I second Renee's advice. I have naturally low blood pressure, but when I eat "healthy", it drops even lower. The salt shaker is your friend! Every meal I put on the table gets a nice sprinkling, regardless of whether or not I cooked with salt. I get the carb cravings, too - I think my body might be hoping I'll pick something like chips, fries, or crackers with lots of sodium. Good dishes to load with lots of salt are deviled eggs, chili, and anything with sweet potatoes.
  15. kshacklett

    Recipes for Sunchokes and or Bolivian sunroot?

    haha glad I came across this. I'm hoping to find some this weekend to use for a recipe from Practical Paleo - I'll make sure I dont' make too much!