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  1. Fighterone

    Start Date January 30th

    Hello madknitter17- This forum has helped me tremendously, especially with its "Search" feature in the "Can I Have" thread. You look fabulous in your profile picture. For me diversity in the foods I eat is essential. I shop the sales, stock up on compliant BOGOs, get produce that are in season and make good use of my freezer. Most importantly, I try to make my plate of food look pretty. Presentation helps. I also started a little blog to help me stay accountable and so I could be reminded of what I ate during these 30 days. You don't have to go organic which costs more $$$. Eggs are a great source of protein and if you can have a few recipes, it'll help. You are fortunate to have your boyfriend join you. I am solo on this one since my hubby doesn't think he could do this even though he needs to. I am also a newbie here and started this program 14 days ago with just barely enough time to complete those 30 days as I'll be going on vacation in mid-February. Good luck and holler if you need help.
  2. Fighterone

    Is Sherry Vinegar approved

    Thank you for this reply Tom. I was going to search that one next. Now I will see if I can find unseasoned rice vinegar and coconut vinegar. Since your post is 3 years old, rules about the rice vinegar could have changed.
  3. Fighterone

    What about egg beaters liquid eggs?

    Your post sure helped me because I am also a newbie and my very first meal was egg beaters thinking they were compliant since they no longer have any sugary additives on the label. I'm glad I did a search and found this thread because on one FB group, the members' answers were divided. Thank you Georgia.