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    @ cadarad - yep, that is correct.
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    Struggling with the morning routine

    The shredded sweet potato is stored raw - and surprisingly it doesn't lose any taste or color. I've heard reports that chopped up veggies lose some of their nutritional value when not eaten right away - but it's a price I'm more than willing to pay for the convenience. And can I just add that I don't skimp on the olive oil when I cook up my breakfast. I think the fat really helps hold me over until lunch.
  3. jillian

    Struggling with the morning routine

    At the beginning of the week, I shred a bunch of sweet potatoes with my new nifty food processor and store them in containers in the fridge. When I wake up, I throw some olive oil in a pan, toss in a generous handful of the shredded sweet potato and several compliant sausage links. Let it cook while I drink my coffee. End of story.
  4. Tom, So glad to hear this! It does not surprise me that a tiny amount of wheat requires hitting the "reset button". Is that the case with dairy, too? I'm glad my mistake was with sugar. I can tell that wheat and grains are my bigger issue. I rarely have a problem with sugar - but combine it with wheat or flour and I'm a junkie. That said, I will still be extra careful to watch which glass I pick up before I take a drink. Thanks again for the info, Jillian
  5. Though I believe that food doesn't "jump" into our mouths... tonight on Day 9 of my Whole30 it sort of happened that way. I accidentally took a swig of homemade lemonade. I made the lemonade for a guest - just lemon and sugar. I set my cup down next to hers and then the next thing I know I took a drink from her cup by mistake. The question is ... do I have to start the Whole30 all over?