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    jillian got a reaction from RandiW in Whole30 help - why can't I succeed?   
    Sometimes you need to stop the game of tug of war before you can proceed with a successful Whole30. Take some time to "drop the rope" and walk away from this constant back and forth you are experiencing. Perhaps experiment over the next 2 or so weeks with some paleo recipes (get Well Fed!). Have your dessert, have your wine or whatnot - and give yourself some time to really prepare mentally. Write down all the reasons you want to do a Whole30. Write down your goals. Write down all the things that came up when you've tried in the past that made you get off track. Prepare your mind. Set a date for a few weeks from today. Read the books. Read the success stories. And then commit.
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    jillian got a reaction from sla5150 in Nightmares anyone? (not silly food dreams...)   
    this can be related to serotonin levels - things should settle down as your body adjusts. I'd suggest having a small baked sweet potato with some ghee or oil shortly before going to bed - see if this makes any difference. Try to avoid having a bit hit of "sugar bombs", like dates, dried fruit and such, late at night. You may also want to try having a little bit of starchy veg at each meal.
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    jillian got a reaction from leahcarn in What's your favorite offal receipe?   
    I would like to include more offal in my diet and think it's best to start with some tried and true recipes. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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    jillian reacted to Dee55555 in Sleep troubles since Day 1 - on Day 4.   
    Thank you Lady M and Lady Shanny! I appreciate the feedback. I'll start eating a sweet potato at dinner.
    Now that I'm eating before working out I realize it's helping me work out with more energy towards the end than usual. That being said, I am tired from not sleeping as I normally would.
    I do fear carbs a little (LOL) ok alot, so I will take your advice and add an extra serving in and see where that gets me.
    I understand its a process and can't wait until sleep returns, so I will give it more time.
    Thank you again!
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    jillian reacted to ladyshanny in Sleep troubles since Day 1 - on Day 4.   
    I have always been a champion sleeper and for the first 14 days of my first Whole30, that sleeping sucked. Light, tossy, unrested. I thought I'd pissed off my "sleep angels" but it was really just all the hormones rebalancing and getting used to the new normal. Sleep is now better than ever!
    LadyM has good tips above and combined with patience during the adjustment period, I think you'll find your sleep comes back.
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    jillian reacted to LadyM in Sleep troubles since Day 1 - on Day 4.   
    Your food looks pretty good to me and the portions are probably good if you're feeling satiated, though, yes, two eggs total in the morning is pretty meager for protein, and you could probably skip the avocado and brussels sprouts pre-workout but no need to. How do you feel now that you've added a pre-workout meal?
    The sleep issue may simply take time as your hormones reset. However, one thing I can think of that might help that process is to increase your starchy veg, especially with dinner. Add a sweet potato or a white potato or beets/winter squash/parsnips/etc. to your evening meal. Many people find this helps them sleep.
    Personally, it has been a big learning curve for me to not fear carbs. I actually drop weight more readily when I feed my body plenty of starchy veg.
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    jillian got a reaction from calista in Too much fat?   
    I eat more fat than what is suggested in the meal template. I don't keep close tabs on it - but it's definitely more than 1 thumb, and typically more than 2 thumbs worth at every meal. Fat carries me to the next meal. Without this much fat, I feel hungry 3 hours after a meal. I'm sure I have the occasional meal that is light on fat - but it's a very rare occasion.
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    jillian got a reaction from h e a t h e r in I survived Texas Roadhouse!   
    I used to work at Texas Roadhouse and LoneStar steakhouse - you may want to request absolutely no seasoning on your steak (the season salt had sugar in it). The also have a small ladle of melted butter (or some sort of oil) they splash on the steak (and all the meats) before they bring it out to you so that it looks extra juicy. I'm not trying to rain on any parades - the steaks are really good plain off the grill! And perhaps they've changed their ways since I worked there ... you just might want to ask.
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    jillian reacted to CharDoll in Living "Whole" for a Whole Year   
    Living “Whole” for a Whole Year.
    I’ve always been “tall for my age” and was never the thinnest girl in class. I’d say I was “normal” size, although through high school I slowly gained weight until my senior year when I worked out a lot and got down to my smallest size (a 10/12 and when you’re 5’11’’, that’s pretty thin!). In college I was able to keep off the freshman 15 for the first semester, but then once I got tired of the deli and salad bar at the dorms and started having the hot food (mostly fried) and going out to eat a lot then the weight started piling on and continued on that way all through college.
    During my junior of college, my best friend told me she had an extremely rare form of cancer and she needed a liver transplant. Her mother was able to donate half her liver and my friend was in remission for another year or so. Then during my master’s I was stressed to the max studying for my master’s exams and then found out my friend’s cancer was back with a vengeance. Food was my solace. I ate and ate and ate. I got up to my highest but was able to lose quite a bit just by “cutting back” and working out a little bit. I still hadn’t gone below about a size 18. Then I moved to Italy for a year to teach English. I enjoyed it immensely of course but was sometimes lonely and again I sought comfort in food and gained some weight back. When I got back from Italy I was able to lose enough to get back to the size 18s. But then my best friend passed away that summer, in July of 2005 and the immense grief I felt over it stayed with me for years.
    In 2006 I met the love of my life and we were married in 2008. I lost some weight leading up to my wedding, getting down to about a 14/16, and felt great. However, the happy newlywed weight slowly crept on, and then by our 1st anniversary I was pregnant and gaining quickly. After the birth of our first son, it took me a year and a half to even contemplate losing the baby weight. That was when I discovered Jon Gabriel and his meditations and visualization techniques for weight loss. His book also helped me release the immense grief that I was still carrying around after the death of my best friend. I lost about 45 pounds by working out and eating 5 small meals a day, but then I stopped working out, the weight stayed stagnant, and then I got pregnant with my second and gained everything back again.
    After my second son, I started the weight loss battle yet again, when he was about 7 or 8 months old. In June of 2013, I was able to lose about 8 or 9 lbs just by eating less and walking a little more. Then someone posted something on Facebook on June 29th about the Whole30 and I decided to give it a go after reading the program rules. I was particularly inspired by the tough love section, “This is for the people who have tried this before, but who “slipped” or “fell off the wagon” or “just HAD to eat (fill in food here) because of this (fill in event here).” This is for you. It is not hard. Don’t you dare tell us this is hard. Beating cancer is hard. Birthing a baby is hard. Losing a parent is hard. Drinking your coffee black. Is. Not. Hard.” I started my first Whole 30 on July 1, 2013.
    During my first Whole 30 I spent 2 weeks “down the shore” (at the beach in New Jersey) with my family. I made it a point to pack compliant lunches in a cooler for the beach and when my sons were enjoying ice cream on the boardwalk, I used a napkin to clean up all the drips instead of licking it clean myself. I learned to be more aware of what I was eating and why. I got a lot of support from and made friendships with other Whole 30ers in the forum. I started to win the battle against food and I began to have control over food rather than food having control over me. I lost 9 lbs and 8 inches around my waist (!) during my first Whole 30. I did reintroduction to see how I would react to things (who knew that I was pretty much dairy intolerant!) but I decided to stay Paleo and keep using the Whole 30 meal planning template with an occasional indulgence here and there (corn chips at the Mexican restaurant, ONE slice of pizza with salad, dark chocolate, etc.) Even though I wasn’t working out, I continued to lose weight. I hit a long plateau in the winter and stayed at the same weight from mid-December to mid-February. I blame the million snow days, the lack of Vitamin D and one too many indulgences. I did my second Whole 30 in February and since I was an old hand by then, my new goal was to start working out at least once a week and the weight started coming off again. I added a second weekly workout later in the spring and the weight continued to come off.
    On June 1st, I started my third Whole30 so I could finish off my (first) year of Whole 9 living. Now it’s July 1st, 2014, exactly 1 year after I started this journey of Whole 30/ Whole 9/ Paleo living. I have lost 80lbs and gained so much in the ways of confidence, knowledge of how food affects my body and most of all control over what I eat and when I eat it. I no longer have that left out feeling at family or friend gatherings if I’m not partaking in pasta and bread and sweets. I make the decisions now. I’m fully satisfied after meals and not hungry in between. I have inspired 8 friends and family members to give the Whole 30 a try and they are finding success in it as well. I plan to keep eating this way forever. I never thought I’d be someone who would say that I’ve changed my lifestyle, but I have and I’m not going back. In the words of a great quote I saw in the forums in June “I already know what giving up feels like. I want to see what happens if I don’t.”
    THANK YOU WHOLE 30!!!!
    Edited to add:
    In one year I've lost 13 inches at my waist, 10 inches at my hips, 5 inches off my upper arm, 6 inches off thigh and 7 inches off my bust/rib cage/back. :-)

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    jillian got a reaction from MeadowLily in can't.... stop..... binging!!!!!!!   
    I agree with Tom and Miss Mary. Try to find a good therapist to talk with in conjunction with feeding yourself plenty of nutrient-dense real foods.
    Also, with your past history of drug addiction it's probably not a stretch to assume you have delicate brain chemistry - good levels of dopamine, serotonin and endorphins are critical in your healing process. So DO NOT SKIMP ON STARCHY CARBS. Eat them at every meal - yes, every meal. You may gain a tad more weight to begin with while you heal (you may not - I eat starchy carbs all the time and I haven't gained any weight) - but isn's this better than living in a mental hell?
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    jillian reacted to Tom Denham in Is it true? White potatoes are now allowed?   
    But you could have my turnip salad... http://www.wholelifeeating.com/2012/06/turnip-salad-an-update-of-moms-potato-salad/
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    jillian reacted to Tom Denham in Sustainability of Whole30   
    My farmer works less than 2 acres and raises sheep, chickens, and rabbits for meat and grows enough vegetables to feed 10 people year-round. He does this while holding a full-time job that requires him to travel 4 days per week. He told me about an organic farm in Canada whose CSA includes 200 people and grosses $135,000.00 per year on 1.5 acres of land. That is the kind of intensive farming he aspires to do when he "retires" from his current job.
    The problem in our world is that the factory farm/monoculture systems that spit out corn, soybeans, and wheat are so much less productive than well-run organic farms. If you care about the earth, eat food produced by good organic farmers. There is nothing more efficient or kinder to the earth.
    To learn more about this, read books by Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms. 
    And here is a good intro to the issue by Salatin: http://grist.org/sustainable-farming/farmer-responds-to-the-new-york-times-re-sustainable-meat/
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    jillian reacted to AllyB in Do your kids eat otherwise-compliant sweet treats?   
    I agree with Tom.  We have gone snack crazy. It's part of our sugar addiction. What I notice is that kids don't eat their meals (or very little of it) and then complain they are hungry an hour later and want a snack.  Kids are being inadvertently trained to hold out for snacks cuz they taste better.
    If I feed my daughter a compliant meal, not only does she stop eating after a reasonable amount of food, she doesn't need a snack an hour later.  If she eats crap food, she can't stop eating it and then wants more and more.
    It's not rocket science.  We are cleaning up our eating habits but we feel kids are somehow exempt cuz they are kids?  What's up with that?
    When my daughter complains about being hungry and wanting a snack, I offer her a mini meal.  If she's truly hungry, she eats it.  If she isn't she'll say "Well I'm not hungry for that."  Then she's not that hungry.
    And now it's summer.  I'm having a really hard time with the generally accepted notion of 'An afternoon ice cream every day cuz it's summertime.' 
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    jillian got a reaction from corgicoconut in Bulletproof Pros & Cons   
    You're no longer hungry all day, every day since starting the Whole30? You can go 4-5 hours between meals without hunger? Then it sounds to me like you're getting plenty of fat at each meal. However, if you're hungry between meals, then it may be worth having some extra fat with breakfast. Do you drink coffee with breakfast anyhow? If you don't already drink coffee - I'd recommend not starting the habit. Otherwise, cheers!
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    jillian got a reaction from corgicoconut in Bulletproof Pros & Cons   
    You're no longer hungry all day, every day since starting the Whole30? You can go 4-5 hours between meals without hunger? Then it sounds to me like you're getting plenty of fat at each meal. However, if you're hungry between meals, then it may be worth having some extra fat with breakfast. Do you drink coffee with breakfast anyhow? If you don't already drink coffee - I'd recommend not starting the habit. Otherwise, cheers!
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    jillian reacted to Tom Denham in Do your kids eat otherwise-compliant sweet treats?   
    Cookies would not be a problem if they were eaten rarely. Like a few cookies per year. They were invented as treats. Something special for rare occasions like a holiday or a birthday or a visit to grandmother's house. If you serve cookies to your kids three or four times per year, that would be fine.
    The problem is that most people now consider cookies a basic food group. An entire aisle of the grocery store is devoted to crappy cookies that our great great grandmothers would have been embarrassed to serve. People buy and eat more cookies than fish or beef. And craziest of all, doctors warn us against eating red meat, but don't object to children and adults eating crappy cookies every day.
    Our culture has gone slap crazy buying into the marketing department LIE that you deserve a treat today, that you and your kids are special and that being so special should be "rewarded" with a cookie every day. You and your kids are special and what you deserve is a palm-size portion of protein and a plate full of seasonal veggies three times per day!
    I don't care what you use to make cookies. What matters is that your kids not eat cookies every day, every week, or even every month. Find some other way to tell your child that she or he is special. Saying it with cookies is ultimately murderous.  
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    jillian reacted to Tom Denham in Do your kids eat otherwise-compliant sweet treats?   
    If it were up to me, larabars would be banned during the Whole30. Despite our saying repeatedly that they are only okay as "emergency" food when stuck in a long meeting or in traffic, people keep eating them as a matter of convenience and preference as the paleo candy bars that they are. So you will never see me signing off on larabars. I think if you need emergency food in your purse or car, you should carry a ziploc bag of nuts.
    I said murderous for shock value. I am sure you love your children and actively work to make their lives as good as you can. However, I think our whole culture walks around with corrupt ideas of what is appropriate for children (and adults) to be eating. And I don't apologize for saying that feeding children cookies frequently is murderous. The problem is not an occasional cookie. Children can eat dirt or a bug every once in a while and be fine. The issue is what children eat day after day. Children need protein, healthy fats, veggies, and fruit presented as real food on a plate.
    Food related television commercials in America are sophisticated brain washing messages designed to make crap food products seem like healthy choices or at least acceptable and socially appropriate choices. We all grew up immersed in these messages and now progressive moms like you accepts eating "healthy" cookies on a regular basis as appropriate, normal, and maybe even essential. I have become a crazy man carrying a sign warning that snacks are dangerous and feeding your children cookies is homicidal. Yikes! But I maintain the warning. Our culture has gone crazy with snacks and it is harming the health of everyone who partakes. It is time to learn to eat more like our great great grand parents. 
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    jillian reacted to RaisingHaleX2 in Almost a year since I went Whole30   
    I have been following the Whole30 meal plan since July 19, 2013. Its been a long, hard road for me. I have dealt with weight issues since I was a little girl. I have tried a majority of those "lose weight" diets that promised weight loss, but never promised maintaining the weight loss once you have stopped the diet. After a scare which resulted in a hospital stay last July, I knew it was time to get serious with my health and weight because I want/need to be around a long time (God willing) for my 2 sons.When I completed the first 30 days, I was down 12 lbs. But that wasn't what surprised me. I had MORE energy than I have ever had before. I was sleeping better and getting in at least 8 hours of sleep where before that, i was lucky to get 5 hours. I was insulin dependent at that time but my sugar levels are within normal ranges now. We had an extremely harsh winter this year so my time at the gym was 0 (I didnt want to leave the house in 0 degrees temps - no excuse tho!) Since then, I have hit my first goal weight and working on my second goal weight . I went from a size 24/26 in shirts to 16/18 and 18/20 in pants to 14/16. I am still a work in progress. My relationship with food is healthier now. Instead of reaching for a candy bar due to boredom, i reach for my walking shoes and head out the door. Biggest thing for me? I have more energy to play with my kids now rather than just sitting on the bench watching my kids play.

    P.S. I aint gonna lie, its HARD and day 3 just about broke me, willpower-wise, but it is WORTH it!!

    P.S.S. My husband did the whole30 with me as moral support and has continued to do the whole 30 and the little stinker is down 40 lbs lol

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    jillian got a reaction from remybriscoe in Popcorn ?   
    I really love salted toasted coconut flakes in lieu of popcorn. I sneak it into the movie theater (shhh... don't tell on me!)
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    jillian reacted to Brewer5 in Ravenous appetites   
    I realize everyone's family is different...  But I've had my three boys living the Paleo lifestyle for about 1.5 years, and I don't think we have "food issues".  We started out with the book Eat Like a Dinosaur and I told them all we were going to try this out for awhile and see how it makes us feel.  We all felt GOOD.  So we have stuck with it.
    In my world, an apple IS "something carby".  We don't keep things like corn tortillas in the house, so they are not part of our regular diet.  You asked, "How do I get her to tell the difference between true hunger, boredom and cravings?" -- I think the same rule should apply to kids as it does to adults -- if you feel that she really, truly, should be FULL, then offer protein and veggies.  In the book and/or maybe in the Whole 30 emails, they talk about the "fish & broccoli" test.  If she is truly hungry, she will take a hard-boiled egg or some nuts, maybe some baby carrots.  I do this with my kids all the time, and they "get it".  They don't hate me, we don't have issues over it, it's just the way it is.
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    jillian reacted to Tom Denham in The anti-Whole30   
    The general public has way too much confidence in science. Someone in a lab coats tells you they can produce a drink that matches all the nutrition of cows, sheep, chickens, lamb, fish, broccoli, cabbage, kale, beets, carrots, turnips, arugula, etc., the rich soil, the sunshine, complicated biological processes, etc. and we buy it. The truth is that we cannot identify all the vitamins, nutrients, etc. in natural food, so how can we hope to match that food with artificial stuff. Science leaves out stuff it can't identify and says it doesn't matter because they can supply all the parts they do understand. It just doesn't measure up. And honestly, if you look at the studies of supplements, it is clear that people have a harder time getting nutrition from pills than from real food. 
    I'm really not an expert in any of this, but I know enough to be wildly skeptical of claims to offer real nourishment in a bottle.
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    jillian got a reaction from Tom Denham in 2 year old's birthday   
    Cake Police!!
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    jillian reacted to Tom Denham in 2 year old's birthday   
    Now is a good time to start the tradition of celebrating birthdays with something other than cake. You may think cake is important to birthdays, but your 2 year old has not been brainwashed. For that matter, now is a good time to start the tradition of celebration not being about dessert. Celebrate by going to the park, the beach, or the pool for the day. 
    You can have a special meal, but let it be special meat and veggies. You can have fruit. You can go to the store and get special fruit if that makes you happy, but don't perpetuate the myth encouraged by Betty Crocker and General Mills that you need cake to mark every new year. 
    Now let me be clear from a Whole30 standpoint. There is no recipe for cake or cupcakes that is okay during a Whole30. And, we do not permit people to share recipes for cake, cupcakes, cookies, etc. for after the Whole30 here in the forum. I am the cake police. I remove recipes and issue citations when I find them. 
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    jillian got a reaction from hockeymom in In the meal template, what are sweet potatoes?   
    How do you feel when you eat 3 sweet potatoes a day? Is your energy steady? Mood positive and upbeat? BMs regular? If so, keep doing what you are doing. Don't fret about what you are eating (so long as it's Whole30 compliant, of course). Instead, focus on how you are feeling. I have found that if I restrict starchy veg then I will hold onto weight - restricting carbs for me is a stressor. That said, there may come a day when you naturally just start eating a bit less than 3 sweet potatoes a day - and that's okay, too. Don't overthink it. I oftentimes eat 2 sweet potatoes a day for months on end and I haven't turned orange yet ...
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    jillian got a reaction from gunz in Day 29 Depression   
    My guess - you really need starchy veg right now - like at every meal. Give it a try. I had the same problem during my first Whole30 right at the very end. I was so down and negative that my boyfriend was a bit freaked out by it (totally unlike me). Then I had a lot of squash and sweet potato with my meals - and I felt like a different woman.