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  1. RuthieZ


    Thanks for the well wishes! I am going to get some Bone Broth at this nutrition store near me. I've heard great things about it
  2. RuthieZ


    I am going to continue moving forward in hopes I begin feeling better. Thanks for the information!!!
  3. RuthieZ


    I am on day 8 and have a horrible sinus infection and bronchitis. I just feel terrible and am so bummed out. I talked to a number of friends who did Whole30 and they got sick the first week too. I don't understand why that would be since I'm eating so healthy. Any insight/encouragement would be helpful! I'm nervous I'm going to have this cold the whole time
  4. RuthieZ

    Celery Powder

    So is celery powder bad for you? Is it a natural nitrate? I keep reading contradicting information so I'm confused. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks