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  1. breaking the alcohol cycle

    I was looking for a thickener for a sauce, and I ran across this... I completed my Whole30, and I have remained dedicated not at day 42. I am afraid to reintroduce anything including alcohol. I feel so much better without it all, and I do not even want to know what reintroduction looks like. I do not miss the cravings and the feeling crappy... unclear head... and I attribute that to NOT DRINKING. I guess you can say I am on the fence of IF I will reintroduce it. I am so proud of the 42 days, and do not want to start counting over. Glad I am not alone...
  2. February 6'ers...

    @Carmen Azcona Congratulations for not giving up! I am still afraid to start the reintro, so I will continue on to 45. I would be very interested in your Plantains and Beef Casserole... I guess I can google and see what comes up. I agree with you about the artificial sugars. I think the only use for them is for those that may have diabetes???
  3. February 6th begins the new "us"

    What does NSV's stand for...?
  4. February 6'ers...

    I will look for you over there. I really like the accomplishments I have made and how I am feeling... I want to see what else is in store for being compliant!
  5. February 6'ers...

    @Georgina2 Good luck with the power. Stay safe
  6. February 6'ers...

    @jenpowell9 This thread was started for those reintroducing. I am not reintroducing, but I wanted to stay up with other... just for the journey. I plan to pop back and forth between the two. My husband I are still 100% compliant, but I think the beer may creep in for him on Friday. I really wish I wanted the wine, as it is my vice... but so far, I am still not missing it.
  7. February 6th begins the new "us"

    February 6'ers... I have started a new thread...I have names the thread February 6'ers...
  8. February 6'ers...

    Congratulations to all the 6'ers and the recent graduates of the Whole 30. I have started this here (I hope it is in the right spot) for us to continue our support of each other.
  9. February 6th begins the new "us"

    I am looking at it now... we could be the "sixers"
  10. February 6th begins the new "us"

    Have you tried the rutabaga fries with spicy ketchup? Your burger makes me hungry again!
  11. February 6th begins the new "us"

    Dinner tonight was Asian Salad and Scallops. Very yummy. I cannot say this is my last Whole 30 meal as we have the week planned. Tomorrow is Harrissa Salmon, and then on to the Mexican Twice Baked Potatoes. We have truly enjoyed the food, and think the recipes are amazing. I am looking forward charting progress tomorrow, but I am not done. I like the new me, and the eating three squares a day has been great. I do not think I am real excited about any reintroduction... I am happy where I am. So I think I will take this day by day. I actually feel a little sad that our 30 is over... where do we post after this? How do we continue to support each other. You all have been amazing... I ave enjoyed sharing this journey with everyone! Best of luck on Day 31- and life integrated with Whole30.
  12. February 6th begins the new "us"

    @Georgina2That is awesome... see, something is working! I want to know your response....
  13. February 6th begins the new "us"

    I was wondering what happened to everyone... glad to see that there are so many of us still out there. I cannot say that I am looking forward to this being over... I have really enjoyed ALL the food that I have had during these week, and I find that the Whole30 cookbook is pretty amazing. The food even turns out like the pictures. We do not plan to start the reintroduction phase immediately. I definitely want to wait at least for another week or two. To my advantage, I do not have kids at home, and my husband has been at home during this whole phase... he is an amazing cook, grocery shopper, and also helps prep and plan for the week, so I am definitely not alone. I am sure that makes it a little more fun to have someone to share in the journey. My husband and I are traveling together Thursday through Sunday to visit family, and we have our meals planned. I think the hard part may be, visiting family without wine! As far as Tiger Blood, I cannot say that I have experienced this, but I will say that getting out of bed is easy in the morning, and I wake up at a decent time even without the alarm being set (has been a mistake a couple of nights). I am looking forward to being able to weigh and measure at 30 days. I think I will then put the scales away for another selected period. I am the person in the book that weights every morning... sometimes through the day... and even if I get up in the middle of the night... so- not having the scales available has been like a little vacation. Then I beat myself up and criticize myself... all while being hungry. I can say, I have not been hungry after the first week eating this way- and I have learned I like may different and new vegetables! Congratulations to all of us.... we are no longer in double digits of days remaining, and we clearly have made some good choices to stick with this. Most of all, we embraced this journey with complete strangers who were (are) willing to support and cheer each other on. Keep it up team!
  14. February 6th begins the new "us"

    I am feeling really good... Day 19! I stopped my acid reflex medication this morning, and I am hoping I do good without it as it has really negative side effects for long term use, and I have been on it for YEARS! Decreases bone density! Last time I purchased Jeans, I bought a size larger than I was because of how my weight fluctuates... I am back in the skinny ones! Less than 3 weeks ago, I could not even get the buttons near each other. I can see a difference in my face, and my fingers and ankles are not swollen every morning or by the end of the night. I have not been thinking about the scales, but I would love to use that measuring tape! I am okay as I feel really good, and when I look at myself in the mirror I see a strong beautiful woman! @mcm I think I will stick with the strict eating for another week or so after the 30 days, just to see how it goes. I am really afraid to re-introduce foods as I do not want the cravings. This is the first time I have changed my diet without feeling hungry all the time. After the first 10 days, walking by food without an urge to pick it up has been EASY. I do not even miss my daily indulgence in wine!
  15. February 6th begins the new "us"

    @Georgina2 We has Italian Meatball soup with chard... have left overs for one night this next week. Prepped Asian Salad with grilled chicken, roasted almonds for the salad and walnuts for a future quiche, and baked salmon patties for lunches; This weeks dinner plans include leftovers, Jamaica Jerk chicken with plantains, coconut crusted cod... we also made 3 batches of taco meat for the freezer for "last minute meals". Also went through the freezer and made a list of the various meats that can be cooked to limit the upcoming grocery bill. We will be cooking from the list so we will only have to add the veggies. Gosh, after it is all written out, I feel like it was a successful weekend for being so tired! Hope everyone has an amazing week...hoping the energy returns soon!