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  1. This is my fourth Whole30. Typically, I eat paleo, but during my last pregnancy, I derailed quite a bit (I get horrible morning sickness that lasts for months on end, and I do anything to survive). At the end of my pregnancy, I cleaned up, did a Whole30 and stayed paleo, mostly. My son is now 8 months old and the hormonal ride out of pregnancy hasn't been pleasant. I decided to try to correct it the way I corrected it after my first - by eating super clean paleo (i.e. the Whole30) for several months. This time, all I had to cut out of my diet to do so was Diet Coke and occasional gluten free bread like products. I have a long history of migraines, but they went away after I started eating paleo. They didn't come back in my pregnancy when I derailed either. I've had a couple postpartum this time, but I was induced, so I think they were related to that as they were shortly after having my son. But, sense I started this Whole30 (and I am only a couple of days away from hitting the 30 day mark), I have had a headache almost every day. There has only been five days I have not had a headache. In the last week, I have had a migraine every day, and this is not at all related to my monthly cycle or anything else I can think of. I've not had an easy Whole30. I'm still waiting for the magic to stick, but I think there is a lot of improvement going on. Despite constant headaches, I've stuck 100% to plan and home cooked all my meals. I'm wondering if anyone has experienced an increase in headaches before they go away on the Whole30, or if anyone might have some kind of input at all on this. I plan to stay on the Whole30 for a while, but the headaches and now migraines are torture. I don't understand why they are coming back when eating paleo has been my cure for them!
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    The crazy things people say

    "Quitting whole food groups is extreme and unhealthy." - said to me while they were literally eating a Little Debbie snack cake. "Oh, I quit sugar by using xylitol and stevia instead. Plus, xylitol is really good for your teeth." Oh, and the person who said the first quote also once said to me that "they" know hunter-gatherers ate wheat. When I started trying to explaining that grains off a wheat plant from thousands of years ago and bread are very different things, they said that of course they didn't just eat the individual grains. They collected them to bake bread. Yes, our pre-agricultural ancestors were building foil ovens and baking bread in the Savannah. Probably with the fresh butter they churned.