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  1. ShandaB

    January 23rd start date

    @KNB I'll have to try a beet salad. I'm anemic and would probably benefit from the iron beets offer. -Shanda
  2. ShandaB

    Hair Loss?

    @MeadowLily Thanks! I'll check into it. -Shanda
  3. ShandaB

    January 23rd start date

    @MiraMira I had mild headaches on Days 3 and 4 and I felt snackish. I either ate an apple or a few cashews with a glass of water and I felt fine. Interestingly enough, I've yet to have cravings for anything. I believe that's because the Whole30 program allows me to eat good food and I'm rarely hungry. I sincerely hope this continues. Good luck to you! Drink lots of water! -Shanda
  4. ShandaB

    Hair Loss?

    @MOboysgirl and @sarahascott Have either of you seen an improvement in your hair situation since completing the Whole30 program? I'm only on day 3 of the Whole30 program and I'm seeing more hair shedding than usual. My hair started shedding (a lot!) shortly after I stopped taking birth control pills almost two years ago. I've gone from long, curly hair to a very short hairstyle (think Halle Berry-ish). I miss my hair. I had hoped the program would be instrumental in minimizing shedding...preferably, stimulating regrowth. After reading your experiences, I realize that may not be the case. I will follow @jmcbn's suggestion to incorporate more fat and greens to get the needed vitamins and minerals my body requires, especially vitamin A and iron (of which I am definitely deficient...I'm anemic). Thanks, Shanda
  5. ShandaB

    January 23rd start date

    Hi Kathy! Congratulations and welcome to your Whole30 journey! Well, the community group I've joined is on FB; however, it was started by someone in my neighborhood. Last time I checked, it has upwards of 180 members who are from all over the country. I find the group is a tremendous source of inspiration. Let me know if you'd like more information or would like to join us. Here's to a successful Whole30 journey! -Shanda
  6. ShandaB

    January 23rd start date

    I'm excited to start the Whole30 Program tomorrow! I found out about the program a few weeks ago and immediately purchased the Whole30 Guide book. I also tested a few recipes...I can't believe how tasty they actually are! In adhering to the Whole30 guidelines, I hope to balance my hormones, have some energy, and get out of my mental fog. I've found that over the last year or so, I've become mentally lazy, which is unlike me. I'm taking this journey alone; however, I have joined a community support group and they are an active bunch of Whole30 go-getters! -Shanda