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    Hair Loss?

    @MeadowLily Thanks! I'll check into it. -Shanda
  2. ShandaB

    Hair Loss?

    @MOboysgirl and @sarahascott Have either of you seen an improvement in your hair situation since completing the Whole30 program? I'm only on day 3 of the Whole30 program and I'm seeing more hair shedding than usual. My hair started shedding (a lot!) shortly after I stopped taking birth control pills almost two years ago. I've gone from long, curly hair to a very short hairstyle (think Halle Berry-ish). I miss my hair. I had hoped the program would be instrumental in minimizing shedding...preferably, stimulating regrowth. After reading your experiences, I realize that may not be the case. I will follow @jmcbn's suggestion to incorporate more fat and greens to get the needed vitamins and minerals my body requires, especially vitamin A and iron (of which I am definitely deficient...I'm anemic). Thanks, Shanda